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The Story of Cloudy Emptiness

This is an old story my son, a story of pain, power and the sea. This is the legend of Ching YunXu, Cloudy Emptiness.

There Once was a lady it is said she was the most beautiful women in all of China, it is said her hair was like the sparkling night sky on a moonless night, her eyes where like polished onyx, her face was so loverly it was said flowers would open at night just to look upon it.

This Beautiful Maiden was being sent to a Lord who was said to be so Noble and so honorable that the clouds parted so that where ever he would walk it was said amount the People of the great land of China that they where a match so perfect that their union would bring a eternal spring to the lands.

I regret that we do not live in eternal spring that we are not in perfect prosperity, that the heaven do not weep sweet wine and many other thing that where said would come about from the union of these two perfect people. The Terrible and Wicked Pirate, who has been called by many names, defiler of the Oceans, terror of the seas, Doom to Sailors, the evil man known as Han Lao.

Han Lao took the Maiden from the ship she has been on and ravaged the vassal before sinking it too the ground, it is said if she was a women of light he was a man of darkness.

The Maiden bore Han Lao a son, she called him Cloudy Emptiness, the child of her sorrows, she however did not turn from this child as he grew he became the only true companion she had upon the ship. When YunXu was 2 the Maiden bore Han Lao a second son who was named ShuiHai by Han Lao.

YunXu helped his mother raise ShuiHai he and his younger brother became close friends. There where no other children aboard the ship so the two boys became fast friends playing where they could find the space, however Han Lao took a liking to ShuiHai and often took the youngest boy to do things with him far more often then YunXu.

the Maiden became with child once more however this time Han Lao seemed angry far too often, and often he would beat her. The Maiden though a lovely creature was not willing to stay with the continues abuse and the harm to the unborn child. One of the worse event was YunXu had started to stand up for his mother which bore him more and more abuse from his father.

The Maiden planned her escape, she meant to take her sons with her however when the time of opportunity came Shui Hai was with his father. Broken Hearted she was forced to leave him and fled home with YunXu to her father.

The Maiden's father welcome her home however he was slightly disappointed and her dishonor broke his head. He however was unpleased that she had brought the boy, he had been partly raised by the wicked Han Lao and this made him tainted in mind and Blood.

The Maiden was said to wear white and walk as a ghost in her father's palace. He loved her an allowed her to stay but in so many ways she was dead to him. Silent Wood, Mu Jing, the Maiden's only daughter was born in her father's castle.

Silent Wood was considered a Joy though she had the Blood of Han Lao he had not raised her and her grandfather loved her dearly as his own daughter.

YunXu was left to himself in most cases he had teacher who where arranged by his mother. Often he would read and study and dream of the day he could leave those suffocating walls. He also dreamed of his brother missing the one and only friend he had, had for some time.

I could go into the Stories of what YunXu faced at home and how he out smarted many of the children of the Nobles, I could talk about how he became a predator among men at a small age and that this was not the making of Han Lao but of his Noble Grandfather. However this would take up much time and is not the story I wish to relate to you now my son.

YunXu left the moment he was a man, the only people he said goodbye to was his Mother and Little Sister. he left like a shadow in the night and did not look back.

YunXu had little but the clothes on his back and two swords he had become quite proficient with. His clothes where fine and his demeanor noble many a bandit tried to take riches from him which did not exist. Soon he had the things which the bandits had before him. He cared for himself this way as he sought Han Lao's Ship the Storm Star.

On the Way during his Adventures on land YunXu met a Man named Bohai, Elder Brother Sea, The two of them traveled the seas in a small ship with a small crew in search of the Storm Star. YnXu in this time became a great Sailor and picked up a small crew, before finding his father's ship.

When YunXu returned to his father only intending to retrieve Shui Hai, YunXu fought his father and was defeated at the hands of the wicked Han Lao. Again and again being struck down by YunXu refused to leave without at least seeing ShuiHai.

Bohai removed YunXu after he could no longer stand or hold a sword and the two of them returned to their ship. YunXu and Bohai left in defeat.

The Next Night However ShuiHai appeared on the ship with little explanation to how he arrived. He came with a Black Jade and gold star the Black Jade Star was said to have Magical power that would allow their ship to move at ten times it's normal speed.

The Next Ship that the group gained was in fact called the Black Jade, the Daiyu. The three of them served on the same ship for some time to come. Bohai as the First mate, ShuiHai as the cook, however there are some rumors he had a more sinister purpose.

Later they would be Joined by many other people of Legend including MuJing, ShuiHai and YunXu's little sister, along with the rambunctious Forever Lucky, YunXu's clever adopted son Li Rong, and two lovely exotic lady's, Girl Flower and Beautiful Autumn, however these are all stories for another time my son.