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Chapter Three: The Guilds

"Knowledge that does not generate achievement is a pale and bloodless thing, unworthy of mankind. "- Will Durant

The wraiths of Cleveland have come out of their haunts  and only those with power and the knowledge to use it can possibly survive in the Wastelands.   Lady Athela a women of breeding and education is Guildmaster of the Chanteurs Guild of Cleveland and self proclaimed Head Guildmaster (a title no one has successfully challenged.)

Lady Athela has set about reuniting the Guilds and helping to found the new guild known as the Gondoliers.    The Guilds have decided to back the Host and aid them in the ruling of Cleveland.    Trying to make Cleveland a Necroplis not only built on Faith but learning as well.

Lady Athela: Head Guildmaster of Cleveland


The Lady Athela is a disciplined, educated women.   She can be kind but kindness doesn't over run her senses.

Some people call her the Lady in White,  some people say she was the bride of a wealthy Doctor murdered on her wedding night.

Another rumour says lady Athela was a women taking gentlemen's schooling and was murdered for being too smart for her own good.

where ever she came from in the Shadowlands knowledge can be power and she used her knowledge to it utmost potential, in all things.


Taylor Evens