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"Death borders upon our birth, and our cradle stands in the grave. Our birth is nothing but our death begun. " --Bishop Hall

I can't seem to fine a good guild to making Wraith characters online.   So I made my own.

Character Creation Chart
Step One: Character Concept
  Nature and Demeanour, Life, Death, Regret, Faction

Step Two: Select Attributes
Prioritize the three categories: Physical/Social/Mental into primary, secondary, tertiary.
Choose primary (7 points)
Choose secondary (5 point)
Choose tertiary (3 points)

Step Three: Select Abilities
Priorities the 3 categories:  Talent/Skills/Knowledges into primary, secondary, tertiary
Choose Primary (13 points)
Choose Secondary (9 points)
Choose Tertiary (5 points)

Step Four: Select Advantages
Chose Arcanos (5 points), Backgrounds (7 points), Passions (10 points), Fetters (10 Points)

Step Five: Finishing Touches
Record Beginning Pathos (5 + Memoriam) and beginning Willpower (5)
Spend Freebies (15)