Falcon's Children
    This is a Page Giving a brief exsplination of Houses and Lodges for players who wish to play Silver Fangs.  As the Ones Chosen to lead the Garou Nation the Silver Fangs are Located all over the world in many different places influencing many different tribes.
    Each House has it's Own History Part of the World it tends to come from and special totem.   In the days closer to the Apocalypse some of the Houses are in danger of becoming extincts.

Wyrm Foe          House Wyrm Foe
 Regions: North America
 Totem:  Eagle
 Ruler:  King Jonas Albrecht
The Newest of the Silver Fang Houses, and the ruling House of North America.   Members of House Wyrmfoe tend to rely on their wits far more then tradition.  Quick Witted Wyrmfoe addapts easily to new situation, WyrmFoe tends to be regarded as "New" Blood.       
 Merit: Members of House Wyrmfoe always know where they are in North America.   They may also  reroll wits rolls once they must however keep the new total and any WP spent during either roll is lost.
   Clan Cresent Moon  
 Regions: Russia                        
 Totem: Buzzard                         
 Ruler: Queen Tamara Tvarivich
The Oldest and Most Traditional House of the Silver Fangs.  Hailing from Russia the home lands of the Silver Fangs.  There is no House as close to Fang Tradition as this one.  There are Some members of this House who came over to North America after the Iron Curtain Rose.      
 Merit: Clan Crescent Moon members make any rolls involving Purebreed with other Fangs as if they where one Purebreed Higher.
Clan Cresent Moon
Gleaming Eye         House Gleaming Eye
 Regions: Northern Europe
 Totem: Hawk
 Ruler: King Calvin de Provence
A House of Warriors Often Coming from Saxon Heritage the Gleaming Eye Seeks to Cleanse the tribe of taint.  Often seen as a bit as zealots, the House tends to be on the brutal side.
 Merit: Gleaming Eye Cannot Botch Intimidation Rolls.
   House Austere Howl  
 Regions: Britian                          
 Totem: Osprey                            
 Ruler: Queen Mary Cambpbell    
The House founded in Britain the House is growing small due to being eaten internally by the corrupt Hellfire Club Faction ruled by a phantom king who is unknown.  Members of the House fight to cleanse the house of the taint while being prosecuted by the likes of the Gleaming Eye.
 Merit: Do not take any negative penalties for being in water.
Austere Howl
Unbreakable Hearth         House Unbreakable Hearth          
 Regions: North America (Many Other Major Cities.)
 Totems: Harrier
 Ruler: Cyrus the Bald
Lords of the City, the Unbreakable Heart long ago adapted to ruling in the City.  Much like the Glass Walkers the Unbreakable Hearth doesn't shy away from Modern Devices, though you are more likely to find one of them on the city consul then programing computers.
 Merit: Member of the unbreakable Hearth do not loose Renown for Dedicating Technology Nor Communicating with City Spirits.
   Blood Red Crest  
 Regions: South Asia, China, India
   Totem: Merlin                               
King Palmarstan Nayar      
The Asian Nobility of the Silver Fang though in recent years there has been a decline in cubs who have managed to make it to the rite of passage it appears that the House is being destroyed by some manner of strange treachery from without or within.
 Merit: Due to Asia not being Involved in the war of rage the Blood Red Crest can communicate with totems and spirit that suffered during that time without repercussion, except for Bear.  this does not extends to members of the changing breeds.
Blood Red Crest
Wise Heart          House Wise Heart
 Regions: Italy, Greece, and the Middle East
 Totem: Peregrine Falcon
 Ruler: King Tariki
Mysterious Mystics Originating in Ancient Greece and Rome.  The members of this house are often dark and know great secrets.  The House is famed for knowing the Secret of Death.  and holding many members of the Secret Order the Ivory Priesthood.
 Merit: Members of Wise Heart cannot Botch Enigma, or Occult Rolls.

    The Silver Fangs are separated into two different Lodges.  Each Lodge comes with it's own Gifts and Resposbilities.
                                   Sun Lodge                                           Moon Lodge
   The Sun Lodge and Members there in See to the Physical Well being of the Tribe.  

The Sun Lodge speclizes in things of the material world, History, Current events relations between other septs and Tribes along with the tracking of enemy movement.

The Sun Lodge has different leadership method Each is called a "Court"  None of them must be followed they can be seen as helpful suggestions.  Some may also see these as factions.

Forthright Court: The court that most values honest dealings with subjects and allies alike. Subterfuge is seen as a coward's way in this court.

Conquring Court: Values Growth through Conquest, it is rarely practised int hese times.

Steadfast Court: Prefers to hold it's grown and cleave to tradition rather then grow or adapting new ideas.

Rightous Court: There is a Goal that must be met and nothing isn't worth sacrficing for it.

Sun Lodge Cermonies are done in the North or facing North.  Some Septs those belonging to the Wise Heart and Blood Red Crest mostly Perform their ceremonies in the East or facing East Rather then North.
   The Moon Lodge and Members there in See to the Spirital Well Being of the Tribe.

The Moon Lodge Specalizes in helping the morale of the sept and packs, while maintianing a good relationship with the spirits and renewing luna's favor.

The Moon Lodge has different method of Leader SHip or Different "Courts" these are not nessarily writen in stone and can be seen as suggestions some others may infact also see them as factions.

Subtle Court: The Subtle court attempts to hide it's light and allow traits other then divine right or blue blood to govorn it's relations.

Primal Court:  adheres to the most acient ways allowing animel instincts to rule. Favored by Lupus Fangs.

Empty Court: relinquishment of any standards or traditions and run on pure instinict

Charmed Court: takes the spirits as advicers in all things. rare in modern times.

Changing Court: Style adjust acording to whim.

Ceremonies for the moon Lodge are doen in the direction of the South, or in Eastern House the West.

The Camps:
Political Philosophies the Silver Fangs Subscribe too some times finding themselves at odds.

They Believe that the Tribe needs to have some manner of Spirital rebrith and prove itself to the Garou nation before the end times.  there are many different opions of what this means.  Members are often young and wanting to change or alter the way the tribe already runs.

Believes that there is never any reason to stray from traditions, the Silver Fangs rule by Devine right and there for all of the Nation should follow them through virtue of Blood and Heritage.

Secret Societys, SHHHH they don't exist.

Ivory Priesthood
a Group of Silver Fang who hold the secret of Death often wear white robes with silver gylphs.   Membership in the Priesthood involves Great Spirital Tests.

The Gray Raptors
Said to Pray on those they deem to violate the Silver Fang Divine right to rule the Gray Raptors appear as great shadowy winged creates or so the stories go to beat their targets and carve marks of SHame and Oathbreaker into them with Silver.

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