The Ivory Priest Hood
Priests of Death

For Generation the Silver Fangs have Protected the true Secret of Death inside a secret Society called the Ivory Priesthood.  Here are some House rule for them including Special Rites, gifts along with Fetishes and Talons.


Reaper's Face (Rank One)
The Priests have looked into the Dark Umbra and come Up with a Strange Knowedge of Death.  They can focus this to let off an aura of knowedge of that which lies beyond the Garou rolls Charisma + Intimidation, only one success is needed to effect a none  Garou or a Garou of equal rank.  When effect a Garou of higher rank the Garou Must Scroe double the rank difference.   The Garou gains - 1 diffculty to all Social Rolls Allies and friends see him as holding a strange but imporant knowedge.  Enemies feel a sense of impending Doom.

Omens of my Brother's Death (Rank One)
with a successful Perception + Occult Roll difficulty 7, a Priest may know if a packmate is alive or dead. a failure is inconclusive and a Botch will always show the packmate to be dead.

Sight of Pluto (Ranks Two)
The Priest Makes a successful Gnosis roll to piece the Gauntlet and they may look into the Dark Umbra For a Scene.

Ghost Pack (Rank Two)
As the Wendigo Gift in the player's guide to Garou.

Speaker With the Dead (Rank Two)
The Garou Makes a Successful Gnosis Roll to Pierce the Gauntlet and they can hear the Spirits in the Dark Umbra for a Scene.

Death Track (Rank 3)
As the SIlent Strider Gift see Player's Guide to Garou.

Walk through the Broken Mirror (Rank 3)
Allows the Priest to side step through a broken Mirror into the shadow Lands.  the Priest can only venture there himself.

Spill the Life Blood (Rank 4)
The Garou Understand Death Intimately and know how to cause it.  the player spends a Gnosis Point and rolls Strength + Medicine Difficulty 7.  If the Garou's next hit is successful then the Target will Bleeding Loosing one Health level per turn equal to the success scored these Health levels are considered Leathal. A shattered Mirror Spirit teaches this gift.

Slow Charon's Aproach (Rank 4)
The Priest Spends a Gnosis Point and rolls and rolls wits + Occult (Or Medicine).  Each Success gives the target an extra Incapacitated level thus keepin gthem alive.   The Priest cannot use this gift while Incapacitated.

Death's Veil (Rank 4)
The priest appears to be dead to all those who see him, when he spends a Gnosis and makes a Staminia + Stealth Roll diffculty 7, as long as he makes no major movements it takes a  Perception + occult diffculty 9  roll for anyone even using supernatural powers to tell he is infact alive.

Ingore Death Blow (Rank 5)
Once per Scene the Priest may Ignore all damage from a single attack by spending 1 Willpower.

Wraith of Hades (Rank 5)
The Priest may Call Upon the wraith of the God of the underworld to damages his Foes, this pulls part of the Dark Umbra into the real worls making all living creates  Confused feel chills and to possibly take Damage.

The Priest rolls Staminia + Occult Diffculty 8.  the number of success expresses the Health Levels and the effect.

Success  Effect
1 Victium is functional, but may have head aches, Joint Pains, chills and diffculty concentrating.
2 Victium is Injured, experiencing fevers, sprains and cramps.
3 Victium is Wounded. Convulsions wrack his body as his Muscles tear him apart.
4 Victuim is cripples none supernatural cereatures will likely withjout aid die at this point.  For Supernatural creatures the Wounds becomes Aggravated.
5+ Victuim is cripples with Agravated damage if supernatural none supernaturals die instantly.