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Day 1
Talk With My Teacher

My most honorable and respectible teacher Isawa Sadato has suggested I enter the Topaz Champion ship to both proceed through my Gempuku and end my time trainign with him.  He inisit that he feel I will do well I know most Shugenia don;lt get to far through the terniment I feel I shoudl talk with my parents.

Mood: Concerned

Music: Til the day I die by Garbage

Day 1
After a Talk With Rents

Mother like's the idea, father hates it, Quiet (Bayushi Kiyoshi) Loves it. I am so enterign the Topaz champion ship :) *Yee!*

Mood: Determined

Music: Bring Me Back to Life by Evanesnces

Day 5
Word On the Champion Ship

I'm going! Yeah!  I have a Shiba Yojimbo to go with me and Quiet said he found a Dragon to take me along with him too his names Togashi something.   I can harldly sleep I am so excited! 

Mood: Enthusastic

Music: Paint it Black Incubus remix!

Day 7
Quiet Exit

Queit has to go back to Scorpion lands! This really sucks. At the very least he promised me he'd see me at the termament.   I told him a better.

Mood: Saddened

Music:  Leave it Alone by Moist

Day 35
New Icon & Travel!

Sorry for not writing in so long, but I've been very busy with my studies. I have a New Icon for a new Journey,   I'm heading out today with my new Yojimbo Shiba Isei.  He seems very nice I am so Excited!   I also canlt wait to see Queit again.  I see too much of my father.   Quiet has always been like a father to me and I miss him liek one.

Mood: Joyful

Music: None

Day 39
Kentaro - San

I met Togashi Kentaro today, and I understand how he got his name (Kentaro mean big boy), he's huge I wonder if all Dragons are that big? probably not.   He does on the other hand seem very nice.

Mood: Thoughtful

Music: none

Day 41
New Traviling Companion

We have a new travling compaion her name's Otoku Hikoma, she's a Unicorn he has the biggerst horse I've ever seen.   She seems really nice and friendly, a little strange but that's to be exspected.

Mood: Joyful

Music: None

Day 46

Me and Hikoma are getting along so well.   We make fun of each other all the time, we don;t insult each other really.  We're just goofing around I think Kentaro Kun thinks we're crazed, but I believe both me and Hikoma are determind to enjoy the very last of our childhood.

Mood: Goofy

Music: None

Day 49

On our way into town today we met a very nice old man.    poor grandfather fell in the mud.  we all went and helped him Kentaro-Kun helped him up.    He gave Kentaro-Kun a sword as a gift and performed the tea ceremony with us.

funny thing was he was a peacent and said he was carrying a kitana for his master.   No one else saw anythign wrong with it so i guess it was okay.

There was a Yasuki trader outside the city *yuck* !   Hikoma didn;t seem to mind him she even went back to buy more thing from him.

When we go into Tsume we stopped at the temple  Kentaro-Kun drew the most beautiful picture for an offering.

Oh yeah Grandfather (the old man we met) it letting us use his house yeah!

Me and Hikoma-Chan went shopping it was so much fun!


Mood: Enthusastic

Music: The Passenger by Micheal Hutchence

Day 49
Kakita School and the Hantei QUIET!

Hikoma took me to the Unicorn House of the Exotic. it was so cool.  I got these two knives held together by a pin.  they where called "Sheirs".

I have a new icon in honor of us arriving in the crane city. :)

Kentaro-Kun wanted to go see the Katika School,  I got to meet Doji Hoturi and Doji Kuwanan.    Doji Hoturi  was very kind to me.   He told me My mother was missed and it was good to see her face again.   It was incredibly sweet, he's also as hansome as they say.

Doji Kuwanan was a little less refined.   He gave Hikoma-chan such a look. 

Later the Imperial Barge arrived.   We all went out to see it.      It was liek watchign a star sailing on the earth.

I got to see the Emporer and the Imeperial heir.   Also the Scorpion Daiymo and his wife Kachiko.  Kachiko had her nephew Bayushi Sugai.   He looked us all over.  I start to worry abotu how badly I'll be beaten.

I started to look around for Quiet when a Scorpion came up behind me :P He asked me who I was looking for.   I told him a friend of the family.   I bet you can guess who it was. :)   Quiet said he couldn;t have dinner with me tonight I hope he will some time soon I am so glad he's here.

He gave me the most beautiful war fan.   it's in the shape of a Phoenix.   I love it so much I must give him something wonderful in return.

Mood: Joyful

Music: Heaven is a Place on Earth Techno Remix!

Day 49

AhG! Crabs. I forgot to mention one looked at me funny and said he thought I was a Crane when the Emporer arrived. Kentaro-kun told Quiet the same Crab insulted the Imperial Heir.   We decided to get dinner at the geisha house and this Crab asked us to sit with him.

I have never drunk so much in my life.   I bowed out as soon as I could but I had to fix Kentaro-Kun and Hikoma-Chan.

gettign all messed up before the Ternament! what where they thinking!

Mood: Annoyed

Music: NONE!

Day 50
The Championship

I got to see all the other contestants.   the first test was wrestling.     Somethign I know very little about I think I did rather well.

I know I did much better at the Heraldry.

I had to use it.   I mean I didn;t want to use it my teacher keeps tellign me how careful I need to be but... I couldn;t just loose the contests.

I did pretty well in the foot race Kentaro-kun told me I would have won if I hadn't lost my sandle.

The race Hikoma was in was rigged, and it looks liek someone used a rope to by pass part of the course.

During our intermition I perpared spiritualy by meditating.

I think I did okay in the Horsemanship.    I did have to use it again.    No one's seem to have been effected thus far so that's good.

during the Law, Etiquette and Bushido contest they gave the two Shugenjia a Bushido question :P I can't say I was impressed.

Anyways guess who's in first place!

Mood: Joyful

Music: None

Day 50
Party and Murder

There was a dinner held by Kakita Yuri our host. I enjoyed myself very much.   Quiet couldn't walk me home he had to take his Daiymo's wife back to where the Scorpions where staying (I bet he was morrtified.)

We where walking back to Grandfather's House along with one of Hikoma-Chan's family members.

We heard the clash of blades and ran to where we saw members of the Badger Clan murdered.   

Bayushi Sogai came over the bridge. his katana was covered in blood. He told us that he had caught the criminal and killed him while he tried to escape.

Me and Sogai went to fetch the guards.

On our testimonay and what was found,   Sogai was awarded Honor by his Daiymo.

I don't know what he did or if he had something to do with it.   It was not my place to say so I hid behind my walls, safe inside myself.

Hikoma's Cousin could not do so.  the Otoku spoke out. Hikoma stood at her side and slmost got herself in as much trouble as the other Otoku and yet I stayed behind my walls.

The woman died for what she believed, killed in a duel by Sogai

Yet I stay behind my walls.

Something is here with me behind my walls.   It conferts me and tells me to bide my time.   It whispers to me that Sogai will make a mistake.

So I stay safe behind my walls and I wait.