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Book One:    The World

Chapter Two: The Town

Many years later another came and another. They all wanted to rest and so the town way built on silent land and became the tired travelers resting ground; to stop his travels and live in peace. And it was like that for many years until a group of dark elves came up to see why so such bustle happened above their land. The elves were angry and destroyed most of what was there. However a few survived and through the years built up again. More then once the elves came up and destroyed what was there seeming to keep the land from becoming to inhabited; to keep it from building into a city to keep it from growing. And so Naemmric stayed a small town limited in resources and magic. Anyone the lived the was slightly on edge knowing that the dark elves could strike again on only the bravest of adventurers decided to stay there these days.

To this day there is a cave leading into the Under-dark at the corner of the town surrounded by the ruins or the original town where bone are yet found. No one ventures towards the ruins unless they are drunk on wanting to die. Magic users are very scarce in this town due to what lay beneath and not wanting to draw the attention to them and so magic users are limited and far between and most are seen as a hindrance and not wanted. Though one did risk setting up a small magic shop is it risky and now and the owner doesn’t receive much business form town folk only from travelers passing through.

There is also a small chapel held in the town that allows worshipers from far and wide come as symbols of many religions are founds there. Though in the back of the chapel there is a locked room with a dark door and a handle barring the symbol of a spider.

Everything else in the town seems welcome though slavery is common within the walls. No one is sure when it started and no one seems to like asking question though most of the ones baring slaves are female and all the males seem a risk of becoming slaves. The rare master however is found and though they tend to be feared in wonderment of how that position came to be.