This is a Game set in a night club called Bewitched, it's a club mainly for Mages, though on occasion a few unawakened wonder in.    The owner of the Club is a Cultist of Ecstasy and is her own bouncer.

The Club itself has three different entrances from different cities, Los Angeles, Toronto and Paris.  The doors will lead you in, some people think they shift, some sleepers have visited the club for the doors to never appear in front of them again.

Basic Sheet


Thing I am Really Good At
Things I am Very Bad At

Arete Rating:

How Character Creation Works

Change Name to your character's name, this is really up to a personal choice.

Under Player Record Your Actual Name or an Approximation there of.

Under Tradition Put one of the 9 Traditions Hollow Ones also excepted.

Under Essence list Dynamic, Pattern, Primordial, or Questing these should be the very core of your character,  Dynamic and Pattern can be easily likened to Chaotic and Lawful.   Primordial is a Primal Ancient feel, and Questing is searching always moving and completely new quest after new quest.

Pick three things you are very good at and two things you are very bad at, these will define your character.

Arete Rating, Starts at 3 and can be bought down for extra dots in Sphere to a minimum in 1 your sphere ratings cannot exceed your Arete rating.

Everyone Starts out with 5 Spheres, those belonging to a Tradition with a Speciality Sphere get a sphere of that specality. If a Group inside your tradition have an option for a different Sphere you may Substitute that one.

Sphere Level Chart (Or How I learned to break reality)
o Immediate Spatial Perceptions
o Sense Thoughts & Emotions/ Empower Self
oo Sense Space/Touch Space
oo Read Surface thoughts/Mental Impulse
ooo Piece Space/ Seal Gate/ Co-locality Perception.
ooo Mental Link/Walk among dreams
oooo Rend Space/Co-locate self
oooo Control Conscious Mind/Astral Projection
ooooo Mutate Localities/Co-Location
ooooo Control Subconscious/Forge Psyche
o Sense Fate & Fortune
o Etheric Senses
oo Control Probability
oo Weave Odyllic Force/Fuel Pattern
ooo Affect Predictable Patterns
ooo Channel Quintessence
oooo Affect Life
oooo Expel Base Energy
ooooo Affect Thought
ooooo Alter flow
o Perceive Forces
o Spirit Sight/Spirit Sense
oo Control Minor Forces
oo Touch Spirit/Manipulate Gauntlet
ooo Transmute Minor Forces
ooo Pierce Gauntlet/Rouse & Lull Spirits
oooo Control Major Forces
oooo Rend Gauntlet/Seal Breach/Bind Spirit
ooooo Transmute Major Forces
ooooo Forge Ephremera/Outward Journeys
o Sense Life
o Time Sense
oo Alter Simple Patterns/Heal Self
oo Past Sight/Future Sight
ooo Alter Self/Heal Life/Transform Simple Patterns/Create Simple Patterns
ooo Time Contraction/Time Dilation
oooo Alter Complex Life Patterns/Transform Self
oooo Time Deteraminism
ooooo Transform Complex Life Patterns/Create Complex Life Patterns/Perfect Metamorphosis
ooooo Future Travel/Time Immunity

o Matter Perceptions

oo Basic Transmutation

ooo Alter Forms

oooo Complex Transmutation

ooooo Alter Properties