Legend of the Five Rings: Clan Status year 907

Crab: (Clan Proud Warrior)
Current Clan Champion is Hida Iwao also known as the Stone Crab, he is said to have a demeanour like carved marble, he is notable because he tends to not react with emotion or with action, it is said when he was born he was not breathing and was near death as the living can be, he was revived by his clan Shugenjua and has been strong as any Crab.
Kaiu Mamoru is the current Kaiu Daiymo, he's young for his position and is regarded as an artist when it comes to metal craft.

Recently the Crab have been making arrangements for men from crab lands to travel Rokugen the reason given by Hida Iwao for this is that men should know the world they are to protect, there are some other suspicions however none of them are spoken openly.
Crane: (Clan Magnificent Bastard.  - john will accept this edit, but fixed the Scorpion label)
Doji Renjiro is the current Crane Clan Champion, he is a excellent courtier and swordsman, he is the face of the Crane Clan.  He is said to have trained with the current head of the Kakita Duelling Acadmeny Kakita Hiroshi.
Recently Renjiro's wife fell ill and passed away, she was pal and sickly for some time, after his wife death there has been much talk of Renjiro retiring and leaving the Clan to his Eldest son Hisoki, however Renjiro seems determined to put his house in order and marrying off his daughter Akina first.

The current Kakita family Daiymo is Kakita Kimihoshi.  She has been called the sharp Tenjikubotan or the Sharp Dahlia.  She is a keen duellist and one of Kakita Hiroshi's best students however often others are more then willing to fight her battles for her due to her pretty face. 

Asahina Toshio, Asahina Daiymo the Shugenja was looking for his missing little sister who vanished after being held Hostage by a Scorpion Family.  Asahina thinks very poorly of the Scorpion Clan and will aid any who wish to act against them.
Other then that Asahina Toshio keeps the code of his family for not causing harm very seriously and tends to throw himself into studies for the benefit of his family and clan.
Daidoji Sanyu Daidoji Daiymo the Laughing Spear, a serious man at most time Sanyu is loyal and firm, however the man has a tendency to laugh at the oddest times, it has been thought that he has some form of shock however this never seems to slow him down it does take his opponents off guard. http://psychcentral.com/lib/2009/involuntary-emotional-expression-disorder/
Kakita Hiroshi is the current head of the Kakita Academy and renown as one of the best sword trainer in Rokugen. It is very rare he currently shows his skill and is mainly an administrator.  Hiroshi was the second child and was not expected to inheritance any lands however his brother ran off to become a farmer leaving Hiroshi the unexpected duties over his family lands.
Hiroshi had a young man named Seiko come to him, the boy said he was his brother's son and indeed resembled Hiroshi's brother, Hiroshi took the boy in despite having six children of his own at the time Seiko was one of Hiroshi's greatest student and is currently one of the best teachers at the Kakita Academy also known as the Peasant Crane.
The Crane Daiymo is old and tend toward preserving what they have in the courts.  There is some expectation that this will change when the Champion's Son takes over, the Crane Clan now seems to act as if holding their breath.
Dragon Clan: (Clan Ice Cream Koan)
Togoshi Shou is the current Diaymo of the Dragon Clan, he is said to be a great Warrior who always wears heavy Armour, there are rumours of what he looks like under his helmet though no one can truly says what he looks like for certain.
Mirumoto Makoto is the current Diaymo of the Mirumoto Family, he has twin daughters who often travel in his stead, Mirumoto  Amaya and Mirumoto Youko, both are said to be beautiful Amaya was born at night and is a master with the Katana, Youko is a talented courier and said to have been born after the sun rose.
The Dragon Clan is reclusive as ever, often the Mirumoto are the ones travelling out of Dragon Lands and dealing with other Clans.
Lion Clan: (Clan Honor Before Reason)
The Lion Clan is in Mourning, Most Notably the Lion Clan Daiymo Akodo Katsumi is mourning the lost of his wife and daughter, on a trip to the Shimizu land to visit a cousin the Diaymo's wife and the newly born child of the Daiymo where killed by Bandits. 
As a result there has been major champaign against both bandits in the area and any local Ronin. 

Shimizu Otori is the Daiymo of the Shimizu family.
Mantis Clan: (Clan BRIAN BLESSED-D)
Arashi is the Mantis Clan Champion.
Phoenix Clan: (Clan Unadulterated Awesome Incarnate-D)
The current Clan Champion of the Phoenix is Shiba Haru,  He is renown for his kindess and generosity, anyone who has spoken directly with him says after leaving his presence they feel as if they have just visited a loving parent.
The Isawa and the Clan as a whole is still mainly Governed by the Elemental Masters, The current Elemental Master of Earth is currently being held on suspison of Murder which is terribly shocking.
The Major moving and shaker on the Council is the Elemental Master of Fire, a women who is mainly a possitive figure, however she is said when made angry her temper burns brightly.  Her younger brother seems to be under political assault from the scorpion Clan and Rumor has it she is drawing close to her wits end.
Lady Isawa Mizuki is the current Elemental Master of Void and said to be a calming force on the council.
Asako Kenta is the current Asako Daiymo, several members of the Asako family have currently been murdered including her own son, she has recently reached out to the Lion Clan Champion to offer her sorrow at his loss and share in the two parents sadness.
Recently the Asako have brought a new technique for creating scrolls, developed by Chukan Fuyu, Fuyu has been betrothed to a bride from the Asako Family the Asko hope to have him married before they host winter court at Kuyoden Asako.
Scorpion Clan: (Clan Vicious Bastard: a.k.a. Clan Harkonnen - Good try, but no I just realised.  Clan Xanatos. -J Clara is in support of Clan Xanatos. That's one of those Brian Herbert additions, isn't it?)
Currently run officially by Bayushi Yori most consider the clan to be run by him and his brother who are known as the Three Sons of Bayushi.  Yori is a soft spoken yet extremely compident Bushi, his younger brother Kioshi was the bastard son of some of his family's servants who was adopted by his father, Kioshi is an excellent Bayushi courtier however he seems to strike at the brother of the Elemental Master of Fire when ever he has the chance.
The Youngest brother of Bayushi Yori is Manabu who appears to be the quiet one, he makes most none Scorpion the most nervous.
Yogo Eri is the Current Daiymo of the Yogo Family.  He formally had done much work to make ties with the Asako family believing he could heal the wound that existed between the two family despite his efforts it appeared there where some wounds that could not be healed and Eri has busied himself with Clan and Family business since.
The Scorpions seems oddly chaotic recently, the Bayushi seem to attack the Isawa in court and then back off many believe they are seeing how many times they can stab at the Phoenix before the Clan of Mystics strike back.
Unicorn Clan: (Clan Funny Foreigner)
Shinjo Fikri is the current Unicorn Clan Champion he is renown for being a renown tactician and possibly one of the finest Go players in the empire. Despite the Clan's almost foreign nature he has taken the Crab Clan's Request for the other Clan to play Host to them as a wonderful opportunity to form an alliance and have asked the Crab to visit Unicorn Lands as his personal Guests.
Imperial Family: (Clan God Emperor)
Emperor Hantei the XXIII was said to see a Silver Fox in the Eye of the Needle Forest, he has had a strangely long life however he has become more and more deranged in his older days.  Hantei the XXIII's grandson stepped forward and Challenged him for the Throne.
The Emerald Champion not wishing to Slay any member of the Imperial Family fought Kakita Hiroshi who was acting as Champion of the grandson, after receiving a cut that permanently scared his face the Emerald Champion succeeded and Hantei the XXIII cheerfully stepped down.  Hantei the XXIII does not always remember he is no longer Emperor.
Hantei the XXIV is the current Emperor and despite his young age is renown for his even handedness he often tries to make certain all Clan interest brought to him are properly balanced. It is said he is blessed by the Fortune of Wisdom.
Hantei Kotone is the current Emperoress she is the oldest daughter of Kakita Hiroshi and said to be as skilled as a Kakita Duellist as she is beautiful.  She has born the XXIV emperor a son who has been recently born and is named Hibiki.
Seppun Hansuke is the current Daiymo of the Seppun Family and Emerald Champion, he still bears the scar on his face from facing Kakita Hiroshi and there is speculation that he will be replaced shortly.  He is however fiercely loyal to the current Emperor and his family.
Miya Natsu is Diaymo of the Miya family.  He attempt to keep his family neutral in dealings with the clans for the Emperor it is said he is impossible to bribe.