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Step One:

All Traits and Rings Begin at 2.

Add Bonus from Family and School.

Step Two:

Add skill from school and Honor From School.

Step Three:

Spend Charater Points 45.

Traits ----- New Rank x 4

Void---- New Rank x 4

Skill ---- New Rank

Advantages ---- Listed Cost

Step Three:

List Techiques Based on School and rank.

Shugenja also record spells listed under school technique.


Asako ---- + 1 Perception

Isawa ---- + 1 Willpower

Shiba ---- + 1 Stamina


Shiba Bushi School ----- + 1 Reflexes

Honor 2.5

Skills: Defense, Kenjutsu, Kyujutsu, Meditation (Void Recovery), Spears, Theology, any one High or Bugei Skill.

Isawa Shugenja Shcool ----- + 1 Intelligence

Honor 2.5

Skills: Calligraphy, Meditation, Spellcraft (Character's Elemental Afinity), Theology, One Lore Skill, any two high skills

Asako Courtier School ---- + 1 Awareness

Honor 3.5

Skills: Courtier (Politcal Manuvering), Etiquette, Lore: History (any Empasis), Meditation (Zanji), Tea Ceremony, Theology, any one High Skill

Asako Henshin School ----- + 1 any trait

Honor 2.5

Skills: Calligraphy, Jiujutsu, Lore (Elements), Medicine (Zanji), Theology

Character Sheet