Training Dinner

Kiran sat at the kitchen table focusing on the serving dish that was floating above the table. He moved the scoop inside to sever his mother carefully though the itch to use his hands to aid this endeavor was slowly growing inside of him.

Suddenly the dish started to slip out of his gasp and the floating object started to slide and fall “Hold onto it Kiran,” He heard his father's firm but smooth voice. It didn't help he drop the dish.

Kiran sat eyes closed tight waiting to hear the dish smash as it poured all over his mother and hit the ground. The sound never came and Kiran opened his eyes slowly to see his father grinning slightly and the dish putting itself back gently on the table.

“More careful next time Kiran. Now tell me what you where thinking right before you lost control.” a serving dish floated over to his father and his father plucked it out of the air to serve himself.

“I was thinking about how much I wanted to be able to use my hands...” Kiran admitted a bit guiltily. And stared at his empty plate.

Kiran's father placed food on his plate and then put the dish down, “What should you have been concentrating on?”

“The dish” Kiran replied sheepishly.

Tamid smiles at his son and places the dish down. “Very good now try again this time serve me some of the fish cakes. We don;t want to traumatize your mother.”

Kiran grinned slightly and looked at the fish cakes mentally moving three off them carefully to his father's plate. “Thank you Kiran. Now the Force is to be used with care the only reason we are using it tonight at the dinner table is to teach you control.”

“Right. Use the force with care.” Kiran said and picked up his fork beginning to eat his food.

“So there won't be Jedi training at the dinner table every night?” Jordana Kiran's mother asked.

Tamid looked up and over to her “No.”

“Thank goodness” She said and began to laugh.

Tamid and Kiran looked to one another and they both slowly broke into smiles and laughted.