The Fire

Tamid sighed as he lifted the next create over his shoulder. The More he was around raw fish the more he disliked it. He stopped to put a hand through his hair and wipe the sweat from his face he knew he has about 30 seconds before his employers yelled at him.

All his long years of training hadn't prepared him for an unkind master and a job that though it was not nearly as physically straining as his training was certainly ten times more tedious. There was some comfort in the light saber at his side and he continued his work the reassurance that at one point he has been more then a man moving fish.

He looked down the street he felt a disturbance in the force, he could feel screams in the distance and knew something was horribly wrong.

“You lazy outlander!” He allowed the old man to hit him solidly on the back of the head.

“Something is wrong sir, can't you feel it?” Tamid suppressed what he really wanted to say, He felt one of the voices cry out and it was gone. He put his hand on his saber and his feet moved forward into a run.

“I'll fire you! You'll never have another job in this town.” The Old man screamed at him as he dashed down the street.

Soon he heard a different cry someone was coming down the street yelling “The School is on fire! The Children are trapped inside!” At this Tamid moved his feet forward faster and steadier, he almost flew over the distance.

When he arrived at the burning school people where all around it he heard someone say “They're probably all dead by now.” He felt the sadness and sorrow around hims and he opened himself up to the force to feel the lives of the children inside.

“No. Not dead.” He was going to regret what he was about to do, but how could it be avoided, He put a hand forward and concentrated everyone stared at his actions and when the door flew free they all gasped.

Tamid then ran into the building ignoring the murmuring from everyone outside he could have sworn he heard the word, Jedi on the wind but he ignored it.

Tamid allowed the force to lead him to where the children where the room itself was about to collapse but he raised his hand forcing it to stay up while he got the children to help one another out. He was almost glad Kiran was there to help him keep the other children calm.

He moved them out into the hallway the teacher had died that was what he felt, he used the force to hold the ceiling when ever it was necessary, things seemed to be all too easy until he found his route blocked the front of the building had caved in.

“Kiran take care of them.” He held the ceiling with one hand and with the other he took his saber and it poured into a blue glow. He cut an exit for them and then forced it open and held it with both hands saber still glowing.

“Go get out.” He called and the children did not disobey only Kiran stopped a moment like he might stay but soon joined the others. He exerted himself making certain the children where outside before he let the building fall he dove out and landed tumbling to a couch.

“Dad are you alright?” Kiran asked helping him to his feet.

He shut off his saber and hung it at his side and then he heard the whispering and talking behind his back. “Jedi.” was the word he heard used again and again.

“For now, let's go home to your mother.” He took the boy's hand and moved quickly to get away from the others. He'd have to leave again, He'd have to run. He looked over at Kiran and he almost began to cry thinking of leaving the family that had adopted him.

Jordana was cleaning the house when they got home and she stared at the two of them rushing in the door. “You are both a mess what happened?”

“Kiran go to your room me and your mother have to talk.” Tamid used the tone letting Kiran know this was not the time to argue. Kiran headed for his room but the boy looked hurt.

“What's going on Tamid.” Jordana asked moving over to him.

“The school was burning down, I rushed inside to save the children.” He started packing his things as she spoke to him.

“What? What are you doing You can't just leave us, isn't saving the children a good thing?” Jordana asked walking over to glare down at him. “You just can't leave us, Kiran...”

“I used the force and everyone saw me do it.” Tamid said looking up at her he acknowledged that he was angry and hurt and let it move by. He could never be angry for long with Jordana, she was far too good of a friend. “I need to leave you and Kiran, Jordana. I need to go I won't get the two of you in trouble.”

“I'll get my things and Kiran's packed.” She said and headed to get herself a bag.

“What? Jordana I can't take you with me I can't..” Tamid felt the frustration growing inside of him this time it stuck Jordana and Kiran in danger he couldn't stand that.

“You are my husband and Kiran's father, I am not just going to let you go out on your own. You have no idea how hard things have been since Kiran's biological father walked out on me, we depend on you, you are the man of this house and I will not abandon you.” She was starting to cry and she went over to him hitting him solidly yet feebly in the chest.

“You can't leave us you can't.” She sobbed against him.

He put his arms around her and just held her and then the tears came on his behalf. “I love you both of you. Tell them I used some kind of evil Jedi mind trick on you to make you think I was your long lost husband. Please Jordana let me protect you.”

She went to say something but there was a knock at the door she looked at Tamid nervously and walked over to the door looking out. “Governor this is..”

“Jordana where is our hero?” The city's Governor let himself into the small house and smiled at Jordana and Tamid.

“Hero?” Tamid said and blinked, didn't he mean imperial fugitive? He searched the man's face with his eyes and his emotions with the force trying to discover if he was being deceitful.

“Mr. Naal, this community almost lost all it's children.” The Governor said looking him over. “What else should I call you? Jedi? Fugitive?”

Tamid felt that his hand was already on his saber yet he did not draw it. “I don't care what you do to me ju...”

“Mr. Naal, I think we can all agree this is nonsense. You just happened to be extraordinarily lucky and talented, Jedi...pffffttt. Everyone know they where wiped out a year ago.” The man walks over and placed a hand firmly on Tamid's shoulder. “And all the witnesses agree, there is no such thing as a Jedi.”

Tamid began to chuckle a little. He became a bit relaxed. “And if they don't? Would a hero be allowed a transport somewhere else with his family?”

“I do not think you will have that problem Mr. Naal, now I must go I have work to do, I wish you good night. You as well Jordana.” He then let himself out.

Tamid was aware that he was being stared at as he walked to work, when he arrived the old man that employed him wasn't facing him, “Sir?” He asked and startled the old man, “I realize that I didn't finish my work load yester...”

“Oh no son You deserve some time off.” The old man said a bit nervously.

Tamid blinked at this and then he heard someone calling to him, “Hey Tamid! Come work on my boat I will pay you double what the raisin is.”

He wasn't picking up any malice or dislike from any of the people around him, and what seemed oddest was that they where using his name. Not outlander not outsider not hey you.

“Hey Tamid can I ask some advice?” someone walked over and proceeded to talk his ear off for the next little bit. He answered best he could His day was full of speaking interacting and by the end of it he had a new job aboard a ship.

He came home that day starting to feel truly at home in this small fishing village. When he walked in the door he smelled fish cooking and Kiran was sitting at the table. He stopped in the door way to look at them.

His family one of the prettiest pictures he could have to keep in his mind. Jordana looked at him questioningly, he just smiles at her and sat down so she could serve dinner. He was really starting to love fish.