Rise of an Emerald Son

Issue One: The Boy who was Once Someone

He had name once, he could recall it. Like most names it took on many forms for many occasions. His father sometimes called him Kenny Boy, to affectionately annoy him, in a fatherly manner.

His half siblings called him Ken. His mother's manner was one of his fondest to recall, she called him, in a way only a women who has spent a life times in professional radio could, Kenneth. Oh how he longed to hear her call him Kenneth pronouncing every vowel every letter of his name.

The ultimate expression of his name however belonged to his father. When he was in trouble his father would call him in a stern voice of iron and steel Kenneth Alan Mayne Scott. Never was there anyone in his memory who expressed his name with the authority of his father.

He remember from memory his father was a just man and had most certainly been in his full right to use his name in such a harsh manner. Kenneth liked to think that his father used his voice like some mystical blade of justice.

All recollections of his name where comforting, the last however was the only one that didn't make him weep if he held it for too long.

How long has he been in this place? The sun a sick bleeding thing here. It was not red but the light bled from it like a wounded animal limping across the sky, covering the grey stony country side in a bleak discomforting light.

When the bleeding sun sank below the jagged horizon darkness fell a thousand starless nights coming all at once.

He curled up, by himself in a small hole in the rock face. It wasn't really safe, but he'd learned that the less of his body left in the open the better.

Hugging his legs in the dark he recalled his father over a hundred memories and recollections that turned to one powerful voice saying his name.

The morning was unlike the night fall. The night fell like a broken window-blind that has nothing to slow it's decent.

The morning crept like water slowly forging a new path upon a flat dry surface, crawling up into a colourless sky.

His eyes were blue and he knew vaguely that they where the same as his father's. It was not that his father was anything more then a blur in his memory, however in his memory he could recall people saying how much like his father's his eyes where.

His hair was red, he liked to think he got this from his mother. Whether it was true or not seemed irrelevant in this harsh world.

He crept the rocks he had slept in, shaking dust and insects from his form as he went. Carefully he made his way to the watering hole.

Other animals where already there. Some thin five legged things with eyes on stocks waded into the water, while a herd of large round things with shells and nine large red eyes peeking out, gathered around the outskirts of the watering hole.

Kenneth dipped his lips to the water, which was an emerald green. The colour did not disturb him for what ever reason, he'd always found green extremely comforting.

There was confusion before the pain, something not completely like a bird started and before Kenneth could look for the source his hair was grabbed and yanked back.

The only creature in this world that was the same manner of animal as Kenneth stood behind him.

He had a name as well, something that separated both him and Kenneth from the other beasts, His name was Felix Faust.

Kenneth referred to him as Faust, bitterly and with a special kind of hate reserved for the person who tore him from his happy home, with his family and brought him here to his hellish place. Of course Kenneth never said Faust's name aloud, but he always thought it with the most bitterness and spite his mind could muster, that was suffice to say no small amount.

Faust never used Kenneth's name. When addressing Kenneth he always said, “You worthless maggot ridden urchin.” this of course was not Kenneth's name, but given how often he heard it used, Kenneth some times would confuse it for such.

Today when he called Kenneth this after grabbing his hair, Kenneth knew his full name to be Kenneth Alan Mayne Scott not Worthless Maggot Ridden Urchin.

Kenneth had escaped Faust for the sixth time, or was it the seventh? After awhile here all similar events seemed to melt into one.

When Kenneth had first arrived Faust's attentions had been constant and cruel. Once or twice Kenneth was certain his insides where being examined. The most common “treatment” was some manner of stabbing pain fallowed by what Kenneth could only describe as a shock or bolt of energy. There where other things Faust did to him half of which Kenneth was certain where out of boredom.

Slowly Faust Seemed to loose interest in Kenneth. Kenneth suspected Faust allowed him to escape when he was tired of feeding him and only came after him when he felt like hunting for sport.

He growled up at Faust his blue eyes growing cold and harsh.

Faust glared back pitilessly. Suddenly Kenneth ripped away to leap at his tormentor.

There was a sharp pain and a brilliant flash of light that seemed to hang in Kenneth head.

Kenneth was aware he was being dragged. Faust's tent, a great collection of fabric containing at least three rooms. Kenneth suspect the tent was erected and sustained by magic.

Never had Kenneth had any of these rooms as his own, he didn't wish to. Faust was the villain of his personal story and for him to show kindness would throw off the balance of Kenneth internal cosmology.

He knew Faust had dragged him into one of the rooms of the tent and was somewhat aware that his wrists and ankles where bound.

After he was certain Faust was out of the room, he opened his eyes then he saw it.

Sitting in the centre of a circle of strange symbols was a wretched creature, black and bloated with proportions almost like an infant, it's eyes where deep set and brilliant, burning orange.

“A demon,” Kenneth exclaimed and stared.

“A boy,” replied the demon and stared back, “Most likely a clever boy who could let me out.”

“You must not think I am very clever.” Kenneth narrowed his eyes and moved so that he could keep aware of the creature. “If you really want out I will make a deal with you.”

The demon leaned forward and leered at Kenneth with interest, “Go on.”

“Firstly, after you are released you will cause no harm to me in any form, mentally, physically or spiritually or in any other way, shape or form I have failed to mention.”

“Why would I wish you h...” Kenneth cut the demon off.

“I am not a fool,” Kenneth said firmly, “If you do not agree you can stay there.”

The demon only nodded to Kenneth words.

“Next,” Kenneth searched his mind for one of his father's friends who might run into and know how to handle a demon. “Tell the Phantom Stranger...” This time the demon cut off Kenneth.

“No, no, no, I refuse to deal with that traitor.” The demon almost spit as it spoke.

“Careful that's a friend of my father's your talking about.” Kenneth said narrowly.

“Then your father is a fool.” The demon said laughing.

Kenneth felt the anger rise into him. He was taken by the urge to strike the creature. Kenneth forced down the desire to cause violence to the demon, if he broke the circle and realised it, the demon would agree to nothing.

“Make certain Dr. Occult knows the thing once called Kenneth Alan Mayne Scott is here and where here is.” Kenneth picked his words carefully as he spoke.

“The thing?” asked the demon with far too much interest for Kenneth to be comfortable.

“I'm afraid I am starting to forget myself.” It had been the wrong thing to say, he knew he had made a mistake when the demon's eyes lit up.

“Forgetting you say?” asked the demon, “Why not give yourself to me then? If you are forgetting yourself what use are you to you? To me on the other hand,” the demon licked it's lips. “you will no longer have to suffer this place.”

Kenneth felt a shiver of fear, maybe dealing with the demon had been a mistake. He knew stopping now was giving up hope, so he pressed on. “No .You have my conditions.” He spoke firmly, trying to sound authoritative. “Agree to them or stay here.”

The demon pressed it's lips together and watched Kenneth in a most unpleasant manner.

“Faust will be back. Then you can be left to his 'mercy'.” Kenneth lets the bitter sentence pas his lips and the demon knew mercy wasn't exactly the correct word.

“Fine . I agree.” It said in a extremely unpleasant tone.

“Say the agreement and promise to it,” Kenneth said, keeping his voice firm.

“What? No trust now that we've made a bargain?” The demon knew the look on Kenneth's face, the boy has no trust for him. The demon was terribly disappointed, not that he deserved trust but Kenneth had been a bit less swift he could not only escape but have the boy's heart and blood filling his bloated belly.

“I will go deliver the message to Dr. Occult, where the thing that was called Kenneth Alan Mayne Scott is and how to get there, to this I swear and promise.” The demon watched Kenneth, with luck he'd forgotten his first condition. It would be delightfully fun to go to Dr, Occult and tell him, Kenneth Alan Mayne Scott was in his belly.

“And the first part?” the demon's face fell as he heard the words.

“I will not harm you in any manner,” Said the very disappointed demon. “To this I promise and swear.”

“Alright.” Said Kenneth and then he moved over and dug his heel into the circle breaking it.

To Be Continued...

Rise of an Emerald Son

Issue Two: Void in the Family

Jennie-Lynn finished placing the decorations, the entire celebration had been planned with the greatest of care. It was her step mother's birthday and everything was going to be perfect. Everyone had worked so hard to make it perfect, Jennie-Lynn's twin brother Todd, Her boyfriend Kyle and her father Alan, had all worked hard so that Molly Mayne Scott would be surprised.

“Kyle!” She called into the kitchen where the boys where suppose to be cooking, “How are you and Todd coming with that cake?”

“We think we have it,” Kyle's reply came floating out from the kitchen.

“You think so?” Jennie said in an annoyed manner, giving all the planning no one would really blame her for the annoyance. She moved towards the kitchen in the dangerous manner of a daughter who's plans for a loved parent are going wrong. “You better be certain. Dad and Molly will be home from the station soon.”

Kyle had a bright smile on his face, the kind that never allowed Jennie to be angry with him for long. Followed by a large birthday cake supported by a green glowing disk created by Kyle's power ring. Her father had a similar ring one that conjured up what the wearer wished for at will.

Todd came out behind Kyle lighting the candles as the cake floated towards the table.

A smile crossed Jennie-Lynn's green face and she shook her head as she crossed her arms. Then she heard the sound of a car pulling up into the driveway. She waved to Kyle and Todd then exclaimed in a harsh whisper, “They're here.”

Kyle finished placing down the cake down gently, then ran to hide himself behind the couch. Todd looked around and being unable to find a better hiding place he scrambled into the kitchen.

“Has it occurred to either of you, that for superheroes we're pretty bad at hiding?” Jennie had a laugh on her lips as she spoke the words, right before diving behind Alan's smoking chair.

The door open and Molly entered, Alan standing grinning widely behind her, “Oh goodness Alan. Did you do all this?” Molly grinned, she was a women of advanced years, her white hair was done up in a respectable manner, her clothing was equally respectable for a day at the office.

Alan continued to smile behind Molly. He placed an affectionate hand on his wife's shoulder.

There was a cry of, “Happy Birthday!” and Molly jumped back into Alan's arms in surprise, when her step children jump out of hiding along with Kyle.

Soon there was laughter and presents, all this however ended with the last gift Molly was given.

Todd and Kyle brought it out, it was 24 inches by 30 inches. Wrapped in bright paper. It was flat and the two men placed it in a chair so Molly could open it without problems.

Molly pulled away the paper and her face lit up when she saw the picture. It was a large beautiful pencil sketch, a light splash of colour had been added with pencil crayons.

Molly placed a hand over her face as she looked at the picture she had never posed for.

“We haven't had a family portrait for a long time so Kyle drew one.” Jennie said smiling proudly looking to her right where Kyle stood beside her one arm placed around her shoulders.

Molly delicately reached out and touched the glass between her and the paper. “It's lovely.” She spoke in a soft voice, “We're all here.”

Molly and Alan where sitting together, standing behind them where Jennie-Lynn and Todd smiling pleasantly.

Molly started to frown and she covered her mouth with her hand a look appearing upon her face as if she was horrified. Tears filled her eyes. “No. We're not all here,” her voice became soft and fragile. “He's still gone.” She knelt in front of the portrait and began to sob.

Alan knelt beside his wife and held her as she cried, he rubbed her back gently as he hid the tears forming in his own eyes.

Kyle looked to Alan when the older man walked out onto the deck.

“I'm sorry Alan,” He spoke in a guilty voice, frowning as he spoke to Alan, “I didn't think it would upset her like that.” He spoke sadly as he watched the older man.

Alan had a green plastic children's ball he played with it in his hand before looking down at the toy, then his gaze lifted and he looked out from his house. “It's alright Kyle. It was almost four years ago. Before you and Jennie.”

Kyle looked at Alan, in his time as Green Lantern he'd been through a lot, even though he had faced almost certain death many times he realised he had no idea how Alan felt. He had no concept of what it was like to loose your child. “What, can you tell me what happened to Kenneth, Mr. Scott?”

Alan looked down at the green ball in his hand. “He use to get home from school... Molly would leave a snack for him in the fridge. Caring women Molly, she loved Kenneth more then anything.”

Alan took a deep breath before continuing. “We think it might have been Felix Faust. That's what Batman said. When myself and Molly got home the house was in ruins. His school work was all over.” Alan school his head and squeezed the ball hard in his hand.

Kyle's voice came out a tiny insignificant thing “I'm sorry,” was all Kyle could bring himself to say.

“Don't be sorry. You aren't the one who couldn't protect his family.” Alan spoke in a bitter tone and as he clenched the ball something green on his finger glowed. “What good is it? All the power in the world, if those you most care for are in danger or harmed?”

Kyle had no answers for the man standing with him. Nothing to ease the pain the first Green Lantern was feeling. (Alan wasn't the same kind of Green Lantern Kyle was, Alan's ring manifested it's power through magic and Kyle's through alien technology.) All Kyle could do was leave Alan to his sorrow.

The smoke from his cigarette drifted into the cool air. Something was wrong, though he couldn't put a finger on it. The fabric of his long brown trench coat swished around his ankles as he walked.

“Dr. Occult,” said a small unpleasant voice from behind a bush.

He took a drag from his cigarette and looked to the demon, it was a bloated dark skinned thing with wicked orange eyes.

“Sorry mate, wrong sorcerer in a trench coat.” He said keeping a sharp eye on the creature.

“To which mystic do I speak?” Asked the demon licking his lips in a fowl manner.

“John Constantine,” John had a small sense of pride and a cocky grin appeared on his lips as the demon moved away slightly.

“The Constantine.” The demon tried to make his voice sound impressed not frightened. All things considered John through he was doing a rather good job.

“You're in the wrong country for Dr. Occult. What do you want with Occult anyway?” John watched the demon, it didn't seem like a particularly powerful, how ever it's good professional courtesy to let another man of magic know when a demon is looking for them.

“I must tell him where the Thing known as Kenneth Alan Mayne Scott is.” The demon turned to the dark purple smoke “Farewell the Constantine.”

“Bloody hell,” John mumbled to himself before preparing to catch a plane to the States.

To Be Continued...

Rise of an Emerald Son

Issue 3: Hope in the Shades of Green

“It wasn't his fault,” Jennie said to Todd in a frustrated manner as they walked together after the party.

“It wasn't Molly's.” Todd added, feeling a bit guilty deep inside. He could feel himself falling into one of his dark depressions.

“It wasn't yours either.” Jennie said firmly eyes on her twin. There was a silence, the one person to blame was whomever took Kenneth. Jennie worried what Todd might do if they ever met the person who took their baby brother, she knew he wanted to do something horrible. Deep down behind her gentle nature, it was what she wanted too.

That night neither of the twins slept.

He could hear the weeping from the depths of the old manor house, the wall paper was aged, the air filled with the musty smell of time.

He placed a hand on his fedora and swept around the corner, dress shoes clicking on the floor. What he saw startled him more then anything he could have prepared for.

Leaning against one of the walls, broken window behind him, was a man with short blond hair. He had a cigarette in his hand but he would have called it a fag.

The man who he knew, and that for some reason had always remind Occult of Sting in a trench-coat smiled.

“John Constantine.” Said Occult, “I was not expecting you.”

“Thought you and the Stranger had the monopoly on popping up like the bleedin' boogyman?” Constantine asked with a smug grin.

“Not exactly,” Occult grinned slightly, despite himself. “What brings you to the U.S. John?”

“Demon; little one. Looking for you, mate. Somethin' about some Kenneth Alan Mayne Scott.” John said taking a slow puff on his cigarette.

“Kenneth Scott? Is he alive?” Occult asked with slight concern John was not completely used to.

“You'll have to ask the demon, mate.” John said shaking his head slightly.

Occult nodded and then headed towards the basement, Alan would have to know there was news of his son, and it had been a while since Occult and Rose had been to Gotham.

The pain was not a dull thing or a sharp thing, it was a living burning thing.

There was a large wooden support in the middle of one of the rooms of Faust's tent. Kenneth was chained to this, the only metal parts of the shackles on his wrists where the locks the rest was solid wood, Kenneth had never understood why Faust always made his bonds of wood.

Faust had painted strange symbols on Kenneth's chest, and while they itched and burned, they didn't burn in the same manner as the pain Faust had inflicted upon him when he saw the demon was gone.

Faust was casting some kind of spell while Kenneth hung in a blurry existence of fiery living pain.

Kenneth was not completely aware of his surroundings. He knew Faust was casting some manner of ritual. He knew his neck felt tight when ever he tried to speak. Lastly he knew pain.

Time past and all Kenneth could tell was it that it was night. The few candles and lanterns in the room struggled to light the room through the suffocating darkness. Kenneth watched from his small universe of pain they lost tonight's battle.

When he saw it he thought the demon had returned and his heart sank, it sat uncomfortably in his stomach almost like a heavy meal it hadn't been such a good idea to eat.

The creator and Faust had words then the demon leapt upon Kenneth and balanced itself with it's feet, small claws digging into Kenneth's hips increasing his universe of suffering. Opening his mouth wide Kenneth gagged and choked when his scream was denied.

Faust was there with a smile upon his lips he was speaking, however Kenneth couldn't hear his words from the veil of pain he was experiencing the event through.

The demon licked his lips and plunged long claws into Kenneth's chest. What ever spell had been cast on Kenneth could not hold back his scream this time, and it shattered the boy's voice filling the room echoing his pain and terror.

He felt as if the claws where travelling along his veins pushing their way into his heart. When the demon's claws reach their destination Kenneth did not die though he desperately wished to. It was as if his very being was being rummaged through, clawed through.

On the other side of the room Faust laughed and poured himself another glass of wine, watching the show.

Molly softly cursed Alan when she saw her alarm clock, he must have turned the alarm off so she would sleep in. She wouldn't be in trouble after all her husband was her employer, but keeping busy had always helped her keep her mind off Kenneth.

He was always in the back of her mind. Her little miracle. She would get dressed and get ready as if she was going to work. There was comfort in her daily routine. She spoke a silent mother's prayer that Kenneth was still alive and slipped on her heels, before heading to her son's room.

Alan had once and only once brought up the idea of packaging up Kenneth's things and making his room into something else. Neither Molly or Alan could think of making the room into anything that didn't give them an odd sickly feeling or make Molly feel like crying.

Kenneth's room was a dark forest green, the bed spread curtains and trim was a navy blue. His pillow and some of the furniture a light yellow gold.

He had happily picked the colour scheme himself when out at a book store with his mother.

Molly went about the room cleaning and sorting when she got to the closet she went through the clothes.

Molly realised if her son was alive he'd be seventeen; not thirteen. He'd need all new clothes. “Stop it Molly. Just stop it,” she told herself in a harshly and began to throw clothes out of the closet, ripping shirts, pants and sweaters from hangers. They landed in a messy heap on the bed.

Only after the closet was completely empty did Molly placed a hand over her mouth. Her eyes where full of tears but she did not let out a whimper or a cry as she headed down to the kitchen to get a garbage bag for the old clothes.

When Molly came to the kitchen she stopped a women with short dark hair in a pretty red dress was sitting across from Alan.

“Molly dear. Rose has brought us news about Kenneth.” Alan rose as he spoke, Molly moved to his arms and let the cry she had been holding in loose.

Todd Rice walked to his father's house. Todd was not the typical depressed hero. His past was a dark shadow that hung over him, but that was all it was- a shadow. Not a solid thing he could mould or change but a thing lingering.

Some times this was a curse, other times it was a blessing. His childhood was a dark thing, a dark thing that hung over him but was in the distance a thing that could no longer harm him.

His father who he hadn't known until adult-hood, had called a family meeting. The situation with Molly and the portrait had dug up dark depression Todd wished there was some way to bury.

Jennie was at the door when he got to the Scott house. Jennie she was more special then Todd could tell her. Kyle was luckier then he knew. Todd's twin had a much happier childhood then him. She was his anchor and he didn't think he could ever exactly what she meant to him.

“Do you know what this is about?” Jennie asked Todd as he arrived.

“Dad didn't say, Just told me to come to the house,” Todd looked to Jennie and stepped up to the door.

Jennie reached out a cautious hand to the door much in the same manner as a child reaches for a closet door when they believe the boogyman is behind it. Todd didn't blame her. Once this had been a happy place. A place of love and family. Ever since the incident four years ago it had become a place of sorrow. Even when happy events took place the shadow of Kenneth's kidnapping always hung over the home.

Jennie and Todd stepped over the threshold of the unhappy home together. “Dad?” Jennie called into the eerily empty house.

“We're in the kitchen!” Alan's voice travelled through the house.

Jennie moved toward the kitchen and Todd followed thinking a bit absent mindedly to himself. Maybe they where selling the house, he mused to himself, moving to a place with no memories of Kenneth. Todd secretly wished they wouldn't.

Before stepping into the kitchen he wondered how all the memories of his baby brother had become unhappy ones. One event had cast a dark shadow over everything Kenneth had been part of.

Sitting at the kitchen table with Molly and Alan was a man Todd knew only vaguely. He wore a light brown fedora and a matching trench coat.

“Sit down both of you and hear what Doctor Occult has to say.” Alan said seeming oddly chipper considering the events at Molly's party.

“It seems, there is a demon looking for me who wishes to tell me the location of one Kenneth Alan Mayne Scott.” Jennie's face lit up at Occult's words.

Turning to the man Jennie asked, “Do you know if he's alright, or if he's alive?”

“I have no idea, I have yet to see this demon, however myself and Alan have been discussing capturing the demon when it arrives.” Dr. Occult smiles as he watched the twins.

“I want to help.” Said Todd firmly.

“We all do,” Said Jennie taking Todd's hand and looking concerned to the quiet Molly.

Molly spoke up looking at the others and speaking with conviction in her voice, “I don't know anything about magic or demons, but if you are going any where to go get my baby, and even think I am staying behind, You Alan Ladd Wellington Scott are thinking of a different Mrs. Scott.” Molly crossed her arms defiantly.

Alan blinked for a moment taken back a little by Molly's statement, then his face cracked into a grin and he chuckling placed an arm around his wife.

The hope that had been brought to the home soon spread through the entire family.

To Be Continued...

Rise of an Emerald Son

Issue #4: Dreams of Escape

Escape was the most wonderful beautiful idea anyone had ever had. Kenneth was awake; how long he had been drifting in and out of his pained sleep he didn't know. There was a jerking sensation and Kenneth didn't realise what was happening until he hit the floor.

Faust stood over him and shoved first a plate of food and then a bowl of water in front of Kenneth. Still chained he eat and drank. There was no pleasure in the ritual, only primal need for sustenance.

“You are broken,” Faust spoke, Kenneth was never entirely certain if when Faust spoke he was talking to him or just talking to hear the sound of his own voice. “This is not entirely your fault.”

Kenneth bit back the urge to react. His fault? If anyone had damaged him it was Faust, Faust and this place.

“This means removing what I need to will take some time.” Faust looked over to Kenneth as he continued. Kenneth backed against the pole Faust was excited and it horrified Kenneth. He tried to fight Faust off but he was too weak and all he could manage was to kick over the bowl of water.

He was dragged to a wooden box, Faust threw him down on his stomach planting a foot firmly on Kenneth's back. Kenneth's ankles where clamped between two pieces of wood. He struggled pitifully when Faust locked his head into some kind of box only with a large hole for his neck and several small ones for him to breath.

His hands where released only long enough to be locked in their own little box behind his back. Kenneth felt it as Faust fastened each of the compartments inside the large wooden box in an extremely uncomfortable manner.

Tears started to fall and Kenneth sobbed. Something metal was shoved into his chest and he heard the sound of the box above him being locked. He screamed and begged for help, his voice would fall silent before any would come.

Alan Scott's family sat in his library. Todd sat flipping through a book, Molly and Jennie Lynn stood by the door way talking nervously. Alan stood with Doctor Occult, Stood and waited.

Sure enough the bloated dark skinned demon popped up into the silent library. “Are you Dr. Occult?” The wrecked thing asked.

A ring on Alan's right hand came to life with a blast of green light arcane symbols sprung up around the demon. Todd leapt to his feet, Jennie and Molly held hands and moved a bit closer.

“Damn you Sorcerer!” Screamed the demon.

“I am Dr. Occult,” Stated Occult stepping forward. “What do you have to say to me?”

“Ah yes, I must tell you where the thing once called Kenneth Alan Mayne Scott is and how to get there.” The demon bobbed his head as he spoke.

At this Molly placed a hand over her mouth and walked to the back of the library with Jennie keeping a hand on her shoulder tightly.

“Thing?!” Todd said angrily, he took an aggressive step forward.

“He wants you angry so you're easy to manipulate,” Alan said waving Todd back.

“Where is he?” asked Occult, the demon was there for him after all best he ask the questions.

“He is in a world we call Pi'Gora'Keen'eh it is a desolate place.” the demon watched everyone and licked his lips, enjoying reactions to this.

“How do we get there?” asked Occult watching the family mainly Todd closely.

“I do not know. Ask the Stranger. He would know.” said the demon looking at the circle.

“Why did you call him a thing?” Asked Occult.

“I don't need to tell you. It's not part of the deal, I fulfilled my end of the bargain.” cried the demon in an annoyed voice.

“You aren't getting out of here until you tell us what we want to know.” Occult said with authority.

The demon grumbled and stomped around the circle furiously. “Very well.” It spoke at last. “He told me he was losing himself.”

Molly took in a sharp breath and Todd looked unsure weather he should take a jab at the thing in the circle.

“What bargain where you speaking of earlier?” Occult continued his questioning.

“The thing once called Kenneth Alan Mayne Scott let me go if I would cause him no harm and tell Dr. Occult what I have.” He looked around the room and the demon's eager orange eyes settled on Molly. “You're his mother aren't you? He cries for you in his sleep, lovely mother caring mother.”

Todd growled at it angrily. “Don't you dare talk to her about Kenneth!” He screamed.

“Is he a prisoner or just trapped?” Occult asked hoping that continuing would keep Todd from doing anything rash.

Todd went over to Molly and placed an arm around her, he stared narrowly at the demon. His step mother placed a hand gently on his shoulder, not just for his comfort but for her own as well.

“He is a prisoner of one he calls Faust.” Replied the demon.

“Do we need to know anything more Alan?” Asked Occult.

“I will call Dr. Fate and hope that the Stranger will show up.” Alan said his blue eyes almost narrow slits. “We're done with this creature.”

Todd stepped forward and put out his hand. Black symbols formed from shadows creating a second circle around Alan's.

“That's right son just like we discussed.” Alan said with a small grin.

“No!” Screamed the demon as Dr. Occult began to chant, there was a burst of light and the demon was gone.

“What happened to it?” asked Molly rubbing her own shoulders.

“Banished back to whatever plane of hell it came from.” Said occult looking around.

Jennie looked over from the books she had taken down while the others spoke to the demon. “Dad. I found it.”

“Excellent. Maybe if we know what kind of demon this is well know what Faust is up to,” Said Alan walking over to Molly and trying to comfort his wife.

“I'm going with you.” Kyle told Jennie following her around their apartment.

Jennie sighs, she wore the white black and green costume that made her the super heroine Jade. Dr. Fate and Zatana had arrived with the speed only magic could provide to help Dr. Occult with the portal. Jade had come home more to see Kyle before leaving then anything else. He was this Earth's Green Lantern and though she was worried to death about Kenneth she didn't know if it was right to drag him along. This was Family business.

“I don't know.” She said and looked at him. “Alright, lets get going we don't want to keep everyone waiting.”

Kyle smiled at her as he went to get ready for the two of them to head to the Scott House. They held hands all the way there.

There was a man standing on the front step of the House wearing a cape, a fedora and a suit all in dark blue, he wore a white turtle neck with some manner of gold pendent.

“Excuse me,” said Kyle as they walked over to the man. “Who are you, can we help you?”

“I am,” said the man in a voice that was not young or old, “Merely a Stranger, and I am here to aid you, Kyle Rayner or should I say Green Lantern.”

Jade smiled and opened the front door for all three of them.

“Well then.” Said Kyle scratching the back of his head, not completely certain what to make of the situation.

Everyone was gathering in the library. Alan in his old Green Lantern uniform. Todd dressed in his alter ego Obsidian. Kyle now dressed in his own Green Lantern uniform. Jade in her uniform and even Molly in her Harlequin Costume.

Molly's hair appeared to be red and full once more, her body that of a twenty something year old. It was just an illusion caused by her power, however the old costume just didn't seem right without her old figure.

“Again.” Said the Phantom Stranger, “Are you certain you wish to go Mrs. Scott?”

“Why do you keep asking?” The Harlequin snapped. “Superman couldn't hold me here.”

“ A mother protecting her child isn't something to underestimate.” Dr. Fate said beneath his helmet to the Stranger.

“Zatana will open the portal, and we will stand vigilant to make certain only yourselves and Kenneth come back through.” Dr. Occult said standing ready.

Zatana stood back and raised her wand her lips parted and she spoke the words in her way that invoked the magic within. “!denepo eb he`neeK`aroG`iP ot latrop eht teL”

There was a rush of energy, a swirling portal of blue and white opened upon a plane of jagged grey rock below a colourless sky with a bleeding sun.

Alan picked up Molly and put his right hand forward his power ring glowing to light and in a flash of green light he rose up and flew with her through the portal.

Alan didn't like this, there was one sign of civilization; a large tent. It looked like something from a medieval fair, it was bright, red with gold trim, arcane symbols, in gold adorned the outside.

“Alright. He'll have defences we can't see.” Alan said looking the area over. “We're going to go in the front. Obsidian your powers will allow you to slip away and go find Kenneth. Jade, Green Lantern stay with me to fight Faust and what ever else he'll try and throw at us.” He then looked to the Harlequin “There is something important I need you to do.”

They came to the tent Alan in the lead, followed closely by the Green Lantern, Obsidian and Jade. As they approached the ground around the ten began to shake, rising out of the ground where four large stone creators. They had the bodies of well built men and the heads of Lions or some other manner of predatory cat.

Faust exited the tent throwing the flap aside in a grandiose manner, a wicked smile upon his face. “Ah how sweet but the family has come too late.”

The four superheroes met the statues head on. Green light of power rings flying at the statues in various different forms. Sword formed in Alan's hand as he fought against his opponent. Crushing Green Chains from Jade forcing two of the monsters together, Green Lantern bashed the statue that came at him head on with a giant mallet.

When Todd saw the green light was winning out over the stone, he went to find his brother. Becoming one with the shadows Obsidian flew across the ground and into the tent, away from Faust's notice. The tent had three large rooms and at a cursory glance there was no sign of Kenneth.

“Kenneth!” Obsidian called out taking a chance that Kenneth could hear him let alone answer. The only sound Todd hear was the sounds of battle and Faust's laughter. Todd turned to go to the battle then he heard it.

It was a pitiful crying sob that came from the far room, “Todd?” said the voice that only sounded vaguely like Obsidian remembered.

Obsidian flew into the room scanning it quickly with his eyes. “Kenneth! Where are you?”

“Here!” Came Kenneth's horse scream, from a large unassuming looking box of wood, sitting in the corner. The box shook slightly. “Don't leave me Todd please don't leave me!” Kenneth cried and sobbed in panicked voice.

Obsidian was by the box in a moment and with his power ripped away the lock. He opened the box lid carefully in case it might be trapped and Kenneth harmed.

What Obsidian saw made him shake with anger. Kenneth's feet and hands where locked into their own little boxes and below his body. His head was locked into a box with holes drilled into it so the boy could breath. Each of these boxes had been locked into the bigger one.

He lashed out cracking the box on Kenneth's head open, the face he looked at was barely unrecognisable as his brother's. When he saw his brother's face, the sorrow and anger that filled his heart was almost unbearable.

The moment the last of Kenneth's Bonds where broken Obsidian had his brother in his arms.

“Don't leave me Todd, help me,” Kenneth choked the words in a desperate manner.

Obsidian took off his cape and wrapped up Kenneth cradling him in a manner, Kenneth hadn't felt in more then four years. “Kenneth listen.” Obsidian said carefully. “You need to be quiet until I say it's alright.”

Kenneth sobbed and nodded against his brother. Obsidian flew with his brother to the front of the tent when he saw what was going on he was forced to stop and blink.

Alan, Jade, The Harlequin and Green Lantern all stood around Faust, the old wizard was beating the air with a long wooden rod. Everyone was yelling like Faust was not only fighting Alan but killing him.

Kenneth trembled and Obsidian tried to comfort his younger brother, allowing him a peek out so he could see what was really happening.

Alan put an arm around the Harlequin and made a motion to everyone to be ready to go. Obsidian grew angry he wanted to not only kill Faust but make him feel just a little of the suffering he had made Kenneth live through. He had some certainty after seeing Kenneth , Alan would want something similar.

Kenneth clung to Obsidian and shuttered against him. His younger brother must have been feeling Obsidian's dark anger rising.

Obsidian held Kenneth close let his power wrap around and catch them, moving them up into the air.

He felt something on his shoulder and turned to see Jade flying right behind him her hand just resting on him. His anchor.

After the wizard's cry of anger drifted away Faust left Obsidian's mind. All that was left was to get Kenneth home, get him safe.

Was he dreaming? The thought made him want to cry, if this wasn't Todd holding him, if this wasn't his family around him. The thought was a horrifying nightmare. He looked up at the sky and had a terrifying realization. Night was coming.

He pulled on Todd, he needed to warn them he needed to speak, “Kenneth?” What's wrong?” Obsidian asked.

“Night it, it chokes light Dad... Jennie.. and who ever the new Green Lantern is... their powers..” Kenneth was quiet, he just rested against Obsidian in silent terror.

Obsidian looked forward, “Dad! We have to hurry! The night will dampen your powers! We need to hurry!” Todd called up to his father.

Alan focused on moving forward the ring burned with power and propelled him forward towards the portal. Jade and the green Lantern followed his lead.

Kenneth bit his lip until is bled like the portal that glowed in the distance and the setting sun of Pi'Gora'Keen'eh.

The darkness of a thousand nights was coming.

Alan carrying the Harlequin was the first to return to the library followed closely by Obsidian, Kenneth held close in his arms. Jade flew through as a thousand nights fell down on the Green Lantern.

To Be Continued...

Rise of an Emerald Son

Issue #5: In Darkest Night

In brightest day, in darkest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evils might, beware my power, Green Lantern's light!

Kyle Rayner thought he knew what darkest night was. Thought he had seen if before, face it before. He had never seen this.

The blackness fell around him, even the light from his power ring started to fade, he started to fall. He forced himself, his will into the ring, it began to glow slowly regaining it's light.

When he pushed his way through the portal the light in the Scott's home was so bright he had to cover his eyes. He felt his feet touch the ground then Jade's arm around him.

He didn't blame the rest of the Scott family for where their attention was. He focused himself away from the portal leading to darkness. He didn't even look behind him when Zatana said, “!esolc latroP”

They cleaned him up together, bathed him, cut his hair, trimmed his nails. While Alan went to get Kenneth something to wear to bed Molly helped him dry off and wrapped a bath rope around her son's shoulders.

She wrapped him in a mother's hug lovingly and spoke to him with the gentle beautiful voice he remembered. “Kenneth, baby it's alright we wont leave you alone, not tonight.”

“Please, say it again mom,” Kenneth Said leaning into her.

“We won't leave you alone.” She spoke to him softly.

“No say my name again. Make me me.”

“Son?” Alan walked over to the boy who was standing just inside the door way of their family home. Kenneth refused to leave the house, after what the boy had been through Alan had complete understand of Kenneth's anti social behaver.

Todd had sat with his younger brother browsing web sites and picking out clothing to be ordered and delivered to the house.

Jennie brought some store catalogues and did pretty much the same thing.

Kenneth turned and looked at Alan with haunted blue eyes. The boy was solemn and gloomy, no longer the cheerful thirteen year old Alan had known and loved. “How are you doing?” Alan placed a hand on Kenneth's shoulder. This boy was his son as well, he knew he'd love this boy with the intensity the had loved him with before.

“So many people. I...it's a bit overwhelming.” Kenneth looked up at Alan then back outside.

“Yeah. I suppose it would be.” There was a sound of a bell distantly across the street. “Do you hear that?”

“I do, what is it?” Kenneth asked turning blue eyes towards his father.

Alan looked out into the street. “An ice-cream truck shall we go get something?”

The red haired boy looked down at his feet. “I don't know.”

“You're a strong boy Kenneth, there aren't a lot of people who can even imagine what you lived through.” Alan looked to his son and patted him gently on the back. “After all that this will be easy.”

Kenneth looked to Alan, eyes so much like Alan's own looking up at him, the boy nodded and took his father's hand. Father and son left the house together.

The silence of the Scott house was broken by a scream It echoed through the darkened hallways and resonated off the walls. Alan was out of bed and at the door of his son's room in seconds. The boy was in tears and tearing at his blanket, making small panicked sounds.

Molly arrived shortly after, she moved to Kenneth's side and put her arms around him, holding him tight and rubbing his back.

Alan went and removed his son's hands from their death grip on the blanket carefully.

“Kenneth what's wrong? Hush now it's alright, I'm here, your father is here.” Molly spoke in a comforting tone.

“Mom, it's...” Kenneth paused as if trying to put what had happened into some kind of sentence, finally his lips parted and he blurted out, “It's raining blood in my head.” At that Kenneth burst into tears.

Molly looked at her husband in a concerned confused manner, all her husband could do was look back with a similar expression on his face.

He hadn't expected the scream, he'd never had someone scream at him when he'd entered the Scott residence before. The chair was a surprise as well the only thing that had saved him from being seriously injured was his super speed combined with his super human reflexes.

“Mr. Garrick!” He heard Alan's youngest son exclaim and saw Kenneth drop the chair he was brandishing. “I am so sorry I. I didn't know it was you.”

“Worse then it looks Kenny.” Jay smiled trying to calm the poor boy down.

“I am really, really sorry Mr. Garrick,” Kenneth looked around the kitchen. “Let me get you a seat or something.” Kenneth's face paled when he realized what he had said. “Not like I gave you the last one.”

Jay chuckled a bit and walked over to the young man, “Easy Kenny. It's my fault for not knocking. Is your father home?”

“Yes Mr. Garrick, He's in his office I'll go get him.” Kenneth said solemnly and headed for the door.

“Don't let it bother you so much Kenny. Listen, in a couple of days we'll be laughing.” Jay smiled trying to be reassuring. He placed a hand on his bruised shoulder and grin wider, “Remind me not to get into a bar fight with you.”

Kenneth smiled at this before going to get Alan.

“It's not your fault Jay.” Alan pouring his old friend a drink. “He's very sensitive.”

“I'm not blaming him for that,” Jay said excepting the drink. “On a slightly selfish note I guess our fishing trip is cancelled.”

“I should have called.” Alan sat down across from his old friend. “How is Joan?”

“Joan is good she wants to have you and the family over for dinner. When Kenneth is better of course.” He sipped his drink and looked back to Alan. “How is Molly coping?”

“She's taking things in strides. I don't know if I could handle this without her.” Alan took a drink from his own cup smiling slightly. “She amazes me some days.”

Jay frowned and nodded, leaning back a little he said, “I'm happy for you I hope things get easier.”

“I have faith they will,” Alan smiles lightly, “I'll give you a call when Kenneth's a little bit more adventurous. We'll all go fishing then,”

They sat together in a quiet comfortable understanding that only two long time comrades who have faced danger and hardship together can share. Until Alan spoke, “Are you staying for dinner Jay?” He asked in an absent minded manner.

“Is Molly making her Potatoes?” Jay asked.

“I believe she is.”

“I wouldn't miss it.”

When Alan found Kenneth he was met by a pleasant surprise. His son was lying on his bed silently listening to a young women singing on the the radio. Alan walked over making sure his steps where soft.

“Kenneth?” He spoke softly.

“Dad could you be quiet? She's singing to me,” Kenneth spoke in an apologetic tone.

Alan moved over to listen to the rest of the song with him son, “You know,” he said after the song was over, “She doesn't actually know you.”

“I know, but the way she sings she understands, to an extent, what I went through. I can tell from the way she sings. She's not singing for all the people out there who don't understand. She's singing for me and her.” Kenneth smiled sadly and reached out to touch the radio. “I know it sounds weird dad.”

“No Kenneth. It doesn't sound weird at all.” Alan said gently looking at the radio. “Say what station is that?”

“Yours.” Kenneth replied smoothly.

“Why don't you come down stairs and talk to Jay some? I need to call your mother and tell her we're having a dinner guest.” Kenneth smiles and nodded to Alan's words before rising to head down stairs with his father.

That night Molly stood Alan's arm around her as they stood together watching Kenneth sleep peacefully.

“How did you know Alan?” Molly asked, looking over at the cheap CD player and the Music CD Alan had told her to pick up on her way home.

“He said she was singing to him.” Alan said squeezing Molly's shoulder a little, “Come on let's head to bed.”

“Can we. Can we just watch him sleep peacefully, just a little bit longer?” Molly looked up hopefully at her husband.

“Alright,” Alan put his arms around Molly's waist and stood behind her. “We'll both stay a little longer.”

To Be Continued...

Rise of an Emerald Son

Issue # 6: Learning to be Human Again

“Do you think Kyle will be alright?” Jennie asked Molly from the kitchen table. Molly was finishing setting up dinner to cook while they talked and waited for the boys to return.

“I don't see why not. Your father, Jay, Todd and Kenneth are with him.” Molly said wiping her hand upon her apron and moving to sit down with Jennie.

“I remember Kenneth came back from his first trip soaking wet.” Jennie said eyeing the door.

“It's just fun. Kyle is also a super hero and I am sure he'll survive being a little wet.” Molly said trying to be reassuring.

“I know you're right, but,” Jennie began except Molly cut in.

“In all their fishing they've never come to harm. I will admit they've had to save the world a couple of times but it was never anything my boys couldn't handle.” Molly said with a smile and pride.

“You're right,” Jennie said smiling back at her step mother.

“Let's talk about something more pleasant.” Molly said grinning, “Kyle looks like something else in that Green Lantern Uniform doesn't he?” She smirked watching Jennie's reaction.

“Molly!” Jennie said in a slightly embarrassed, slightly shrieking voice. “How would you react if I said he looks better then dad in his costume?”

“I would have to say no one on earth looks better then your father in his costume.” Molly spoke in a voice that was almost a giggle.

Jennie burst into laughter, soon Molly joined her. “It's good to see you happy again.” Jennie said smiling to her step mother warmly.

The bad singing at the door heralding the return of the boys caused them both to laugh again. Jay and Alan lead the group into the house followed by Todd and Kenneth, bringing up the rear was a dripping wet Kyle.

Jennie shook her head and went over to Kyle “There are some clothes for you in the powder room.”

“You knew about this?” Kyle exclaimed.

“I had my suspicions.” Jennie said grinning widely as she shrugged.

This response issued laughter from the others.

“Sorry Kyle it's a family requirement.” Kenneth said grinning, “Now after your harrowing initiation you proven yourself worthy of the Scott Garrick fishing trips.”

“Did you just make a joke?” Todd asked looking at Kenneth.

“Might have not entirely certain.” Kenneth grinned widely as he spoke.

“Kyle.” Alan said after dinner was done, Jay had gone back to Keystone city and the rest of the family was in the sitting room.

“Yes?” a now dry Kyle asked looking at the older Green Lantern.

“I want to thank you for being such a good sport.” Alan said in a serious voice.

Kyle chuckles a little, “No problem. Actually it was good to hear him laugh. Even if it was at me.” Kyle smirked.

Alan patted Kyle on the shoulder and headed back to join the others.

The concept of going out was no longer as intimidating as it had once been. He was beginning to enjoy going out. He always went out with a family member or family friend. He was finding his father had a lot of friends. He was always kept in the super hero circle of friends, those who would be better equipped to understand and deal with his trauma.

Today however he had taken what he considered to be a safe yet important step. Todd had driven him to the station and then left him there. The plan was to surprise his mother for lunch. It has taken a lot of convincing but finally Todd had let him stay at the station by himself.

He wandered the halls of the station taking it all in. he watched the people, though he spoke with none of them walking like a quiet shadow.

There was a pretty pale skinned girl sitting in one of the rooms by herself. Her brown wavy hair was in what most would refer to as a mess. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she looked up at Kenneth with haunted eyes.

“Why are you staring?” She asked in a choked voice, “Do you like watching me cry?”

“No. It's just, I know you. Your eyes the pain, they understand.” He turned for the door, he was all to aware she was now staring at him. “I'm sorry I'm being creepy.”

She laugh a little which surprised him, “Yeah. You are being a little creepy, but,” She paused a little. “I think you're someone who understands how much I hurt without me having to explain myself.”

“We're in a place others can't understand.” He said moving to sit beside her. “It's like you know, what it is to only have your name.”

She sniffles and shook her head, “How did you do that?”

“What?” He asked perplexed.

“Understand,” she said simply and looked at him.

“Because we're standing to the side where away from where all the normal people are.” As he finished his statement the door to the room opened and two people entered.

One of them was a very serious looking dark skinned woman with sensible black hair. The other was his mother Molly.

“Sweety.” Said the dark woman, “What are you doing? We need to pull ourselves together and do this interview, not be talking to strange boys.”

“It's alright Aggy, this is my son, Kenneth.” Molly said smiling in that calm enthusiastic manner she had.

“Oh umm. Yes Aggy. Hello Mr. Scott.” the girl said nervously getting to her feet.

Kenneth stood and looked away from her, “Kenneth,” he said as she walked away. “Kenneth is fine.” He never knew is she heard the last part.

He then turned to a slightly confused looking Molly. “Hi mom, I um, came to have lunch with you. To surprise you.”

“Well I certainly am surprised,” Molly said smiling, “Did you come here all on your own?”

“No, I didn't feel ready for that, Todd drove me and he'll be picking me up.” Kenneth said in a shy manner.

“Let's go watch the interview and I will drive you home after lunch.” Molly said heading for the door.

“Interview?” Kenneth asked, then saw the shy girl who had been crying in a glamour shot, one of the many the station had hanging on the wall all singers and radio personalities. Somewhere a picture of his father hung like that. The name Canens was printed on the poster he was now looking at.

He felt like he shoulder have known her the moment he laid eyes on her, after all she sang him to sleep every night.

“Dad?” Kenneth looked over from a book he was working on cataloguing for Alan, a job he had done back before Faust had kidnapped him and taken him to his dark world.

“Yes Kenneth?” Over the months following Kenneth's return Alan had gotten into the habit of using his son's full name when addressing him, for some reason Kenny no longer suited.

“Do you think I'm a burden?” Kenneth asked as he looked down at one of the pages in a sulking manner.

Alan's face fell as he looked over at his son. “No why on earth would you say something like that?”

“I use to be ahead of my class, now I'm four years behind. I'm jittery, antisocial. You have seen me in public a child does better socially then I do.” Kenneth looked away from his father, blue eyes filled with tears.

“Kenneth.” Alan went to his son and placed a hand firmly on his shoulder. “You've been through a lot. More then anyone at any age.” Alan places a small green object in Kenneth's hand, “I want you to do something important for me.”

Kenneth looked at the green ring which proudly displayed an old lantern in it's centre. “This is, dad...” Kenneth looked up at his father almost in disbelief.

“Taking a page from the Batman and made myself a back up.” Alan smiled to his son. “Now make sure that ring makes it into the vault some time tonight. The code is you mother's birthday.”

Kenneth stood after his father left him, he felt the weight of the ring in his hand. He thought for a moment, a moment that was an eternity. Then he took the ring and placed it onto his finger. Alan had said the ring had to be in the vault some time that night. The night was young.

The ring glowed with a brilliant green light the moment Kenneth placed it on his finger. The light crept up his hand and up his arm until he was bathed in it.

Some in Kenneth's position might have panicked. Green had always been so comforting to Kenneth, he felt the light growing and filling him his feet even began to lift from the floor. He had always thought using the power ring must be a difficult task, however he found himself floating where he will with less effort then he used to walk.

After getting use to moving about by floating Kenneth focused on one of the books on the desk the light was a part of him and he could feel it. He extended that part of him and reached out taking the book easily.

He formed the light into many things, it formed as easily before him as idea form when an artist is inspired.

When he felt he had mastered the shapes the ring could make for him he found his feet leading him to the balcony. He lifted his ringed hand into the air and allowed the wondrous light to engulf him.

The ring glowed with it's amazing light and Kenneth soared up into the sky.

Kenneth had no words for what he saw. He had decided to try and see how high he could fly. Soaring upward with ease he had viewed Gotham as if had become a tiny speck in the distance, the farther he had travelled the bigger and bright the distant lights he knew as the stars became.

Soon he was alone, except for the stars and the moon bigger and brighter then life. The earth lay beneath him like a large children's toy, he felt like he could reach out and hold it in his hand.

He wanted not for air or warmth the fire itself that covered his form sustained him. With in it's flickering green flames he was held safe. He closed his eyes savouring the feeling like being held by a loving parent.

The roof tops of Gotham soon became Kenneth's playground. He didn't do anything of significance, he always made sure his father's ring was returned by morning. However the freedom of the power ring was not something Kenneth wished to give up. Always upon it's return he felt like he was returning a part of himself to the vault.

Kenneth felt trapped. Cooped up. He didn't want to be at this party, around all these fake smiles, these people who where nothing more then masks. Masks with nothing behind them.

He turned to leave. He'd apologize to his parents later. He couldn't take the atmosphere, these people, any more.

As he passed a table there was a bang and something covered him, he panicked and went to lunge at the offender.

Kenneth didn't know the man who caught him. He had dark hair a cheerful smile as fake as the others and eyes that marked him as Kenneth's kind, someone who knew suffering. “Hold on there Kenneth,” said the man. “Hallmen you should know better. Didn't you hear?”

There was a rather horrified man sitting there with some kind of party favour noise maker that shot confetti and steamers. “Heard Bruce? The man who Kenneth had almost stuck asked.

“This is Alan's Scott's son. He went missing for four years in Africa. Apparently it was dreadful, wasn't it Kenneth?” the man who must have been Bruce said to the man who must be Hallmen. As he let Kenneth go he patted him gently on the back.

Kenneth has never been to Africa, however he had a feeling Bruce's version of events would be easy for the man he had almost throttled to understand. “It was awful, I couldn't describe it if I tried.” It was true, he has never been to Africa and couldn't describe it.

“I'm sorry Kenneth. I hadn't heard, I'm glad you're back please except my apologies.” The man Kenneth had almost hit said.

“Of course I'm sorry for flipping out.” Kenneth said before turning to Bruce. “Thank you for stopping me.”

Bruce guided him away from the others and spoke softly to him. “No Problem. Bruce Wayne. I know your father. Why don't we send you home and I'll let Alan know where you are?”

Kenneth looked Bruce over and almost told him he wasn't the sort to be easily kidnapped, at least not any more. However the name Bruce Wayne struck a chord of familiarity. He let Bruce lead down stairs to a long black stretched limo.

There was an older man inside the limo, who Bruce introduced as Alfred. Alfred called to Kenneth as young Master Scott, in a manner that was oddly comforting.

“Mr. Wayne.” Kenneth said looking at the older man. “Thank you again. I didn't want to embarrass my dad.”

“You're welcome.” Said Bruce with that fake smile, before closing the door.

Kenneth turn to the front after the limo had pulled away, and asked Alfred, “Why does he wear such a silly mask when he knows suffering?” Almost as soon as he had said it he wished he could grab the words back and shove them into his mouth, swallowing them down.

Alfred only laughed. “Master Wayne is a complex man, young Master Scott.”

To Be Continued...

Rise of an Emerald Son

Issue # 7 Humans Who Hate Humans

Kenneth soared above the city streets, enjoying one of his night flights. The air filled his lungs and the freedom was almost intoxicating. Then his eyes saw the break in the tracks for one of Gotham's trains.

A cold, sick feeling filled his stomach. His mind had wrapped around what he was seeing and he had a horrifying moment of realization. The person who was driving the train had no idea the track was broken. Kenneth wasn't a superhero, in fact he was still having problems dealing with people, but he was Alan Scott's son and he would not stand idle and watch this.

He flew closer and examined the track quickly. The green light came forward from his ring filling in the hole in the track just as the train got to him. The loud sound of the train make him wince and he focused himself on sustaining the patch as he landed on the ground below the track.

Kenneth heard the laugher before he saw them. They where his age, dressed in blacks and reds each with a bandana with a green skull on a black background. Kenneth knew instantly these boys where nothing like him; and he took a step back in fear. His gut screamed to run, but he had to maintain the patch or the train would fall.

“Oh cool,” One of them said grinning in a manner Kenneth didn't like. “Let's see if he can hold it up with bullets in him.”

Kenneth closed his eyes as his body shuddered in horror. Faust had been an evil man, but he has been a wizard driven to corruption. These were normal humans with nothing to gain from his death but cheap amusement.

Kenneth heard the gunshot as the train began passing above. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth to scream but he couldn't find his voice. When Kenneth's eyes opened he saw the green light from his power ring had spread over his entire body and it held back the bullets.

The strain caused Kenneth to fall to his knees, he tried to just focus on the train, if he focused on the train he could leave as soon as it was gone. Then the gang surrounded him. Kenneth put his left arm up to defend himself, the weapons they had bounced off the green glow the ring produced until one of them pulled a wooden baseball bat.

He cried out in pain when the bat ripped through the power of the field protecting his body. They laughed and the sound of their voices echoed in Kenneth's ears. He looked up at the train, it was a passenger train, all he could think about was all the people.

He lifted his right hand into the air so the gang member beating him with the bat couldn't do anything to interrupt his ring's maintenance of the track. He focused himself on his creation, all that existed for him was the train, the track he created and the pain from the bat.

There was another gun shot. The gang's attention moved from Kenneth. From the haze of his pain and concentration Kenneth hear a new voice, “Gotham PD, put the weapon down!”

Opening his eyes Kenneth saw the police officer holding his gun on the gang member, the train was almost over the broken part of the track, he felt relieved as he watched the end of the train quickly coming to his green track.

Then the gang's gunfire was heard again when Kenneth saw the police officer fall to the ground. Maybe he cried out “no!” maybe he only heard the word screamed in his head; but the tears rolling down his face where there.

The gang turned back to Kenneth as the train moved off of the green part of the track. Kenneth was shaking but no longer in fear, he was angry. He let the light from above dissipate and he stood there as the gang moved to surround him fist quivering.

The one with the bat ran at him again but the green light from his power ring shot out. Now, his will freed to focus on the task, it formed into a blade connecting with the gang member's legs and causing him to fall to the ground screaming.

These weren't human beings. These where animals. Less than the beasts back in the world Faust had forced him into. His father had almost died countless times defending the world for people like this. The idea made him somewhat sick inside.

He hear the sound of one of them shooting at him and he turned glaring glowing green eyes on the gang member. He formed the rings light into a shield and walked toward the one shooting at him when the gang member was near panic he formed the shield into a globe around him.

The bullets ricocheted around in the green orb, and Kenneth ignored the screaming from inside as the gang member was tore to bits by his own bullets.

The remaining gang members turn and ran in terror, however Kenneth was unable to control his action the energy from the ring lashed out at one of them into thin lines of razor sharp green wire and with a pull Kenneth turned his target into chunks of meat on the ground.

Kenneth fell to his knees and started to sob, his body shaking from the actions he had just taken. He started to vomit as the smell of blood around him filled his noise. He had killed before but never anything human, never like this.

The groans from the police officer caused Kenneth to look over, if the man was still alive Kenneth wanted to help him. Moving over to the man Kenneth knelt by his side and check his neck for the beating of his heart.

Taking the man's radio into his hand Kenneth spoke into it nervously. “Hello I am at the Train tracks over First Street, the elevated track here is broken.” He knew he couldn't deal with someone now, he was far to shaken to be capable so he ignore the voice that responded and picked up the officer with the glow of his ring, making him a comfortable stretcher to rest upon and flew towards the hospital.

Kenneth dropped the man off when no one was looking and flew home as quickly as the glowing green light would allow. He though he hear someone call him Green Lantern and he focused on moving home not on the tears dripping down his cheeks or the feeling of shame in his gut.

Kenneth sat up by the side of his bed listening to the news on the radio. He hadn't actually paid too much attention to the world outside his family's home. He was on the news but his act was just one of many in the horrors that Gotham city seem to hold.

He closed his eyes breathing in and felt the shudder. This was the world he had longed to return to, a world without a sky so dark it choked the life from light. People seemed to take the blue sky above them for granted.

Pulling the covers over himself he curled up trying to make sure his mother didn't hear him crying. His father had almost died for all these people, given his life to these people and they acted like beasts attacking one another.

Falling into a fitful sleep he hugged his pillow close the smell of blood still in his noise.

Kenneth walked down the streets of Gotham city. Black buildings with leering gargoyles looked down at him. The streets where deserted the only sound seemed to be from his own feet. Looking about paper and other trash travelled past him.

Then he heard the scream and his heart began to beat in his chest, his feet pounded against the pavement and he rushed toward the sound. He knew the voice and his heart was gripped by terror as he rushed towards the sound.

His mother and father, sister and brother where tied to a large pole in the middle of Gotham city square. Wood was gathered around them and it was burning. He cried out “No!” and put his hand forward going to use his ring but then very suddenly from all sides the gang members attacked him.

The bats struck at him wood slicing through his shield like knives. He fell to his knees and cried out for his family as he lay helpless, a victim again. He reached out and crawled toward the fire body beaten and bleeding crying out for his mother, his father, his brother, his sister.

It was several moment after he was waken by Alan that his screaming finally stopped.

Slipping away from Todd and Jennie hadn't been easy. He didn't want to have to tell anyone what had happened or what he had done. He walked into the hospital gift shop and paid for some flowers before going to find the police officer who had saved him from the gang.

Kenneth move into the room with the man and placed the flowers down. The police offers was asleep unconscious if nothing else. “I'm sorry. If I was better at saving people you'd be alright.”

Hanging his head Kenneth stayed watching the officer until a nurse came and asked him to leave.

Rise of an Emerald Son

Issue # 8 A new Dawn an Emerald Dawn

If he was asked what was wrong one more time, he was going to explode. His family knew very well something was wrong, it wasn't hard to see. He also knew they realised he wasn't home as often as he said he was.

It was a matter of time before they did something about it and he was getting nervous. He wasn't looking forward to having to tell any of them he had killed. What made things worse was that he didn't feel that guilty about it. In a way he firmly believed that those gang members deserved death.

It wasn't even that he felt his father or the rest of his family where blind to the evil side of human nature. They knew it yet they still put down their lives for them. It made him feel sick inside.

He sat at the top of one of the buildings in Gotham city looking down at it. The city looked so peaceful from above. It make him sad when he landed in an alley to have to see it close enough to see the scars his father's city bore.

Then he saw her, a familiar face trying to become just another part of the Gotham city crowd. After a moment of hesitation he walked over to her. “Canens?” He walked over to her and she looked a bit shocked to see him.

“Kenneth?” She said shocked, but shortly the shock was gone and she smiled.

He looked at her nervously before smiling back. “What are you doing wandering around Gotham city?”

She continues to smile looking him over. “I could ask the same thing myself, I needed some fresh air if I had to be stuck inside any longer I was going to explode.”

“Actually that sounds a lot like why I am wondering around.” He trailed off a bit and looked down before looking to her. “Did, um would you.. go to lunch with me?”

She looked to him for a moment as if trying to read him. Then she looked at him with those eyes that held suffering just beneath the surface. “I think I'd like that.”

Todd stopped at the door to the restaurant, he felt relief wash over him when he saw Kenneth sitting there. His little brother was not only sitting there but sitting there with a girl. It all suddenly made sense to Todd.

Some how his little brother had acquired a girlfriend. Maybe they had met on the Internet or something. It explained Kenneth's disappearances and his unwillingness to talk about what was going on.

Leaving before he could be seen Todd slipped back into the street to go call the family, he knew his parents and Jennie would feel much better knowing what was going on with Kenneth.

“Oh wow, that's pretty horrible do they know who did it?” Kenneth asked watching Canens as the two of them shared a meal. For a moment he tensed thinking he saw Todd but it couldn't have been because the man who looked like his brother headed back outside.

Canens looked at the door then back at Kenneth, “I don't think so. He was the second. The first was some Opera singer, they found her with her throat pulled out.” Canens shivered.

Kenneth winced, “Two singers dead no leads, should you be wondering around my yourself?” He asked concerned.

She sighs and played with her food. “No probably not. I was a prisoner of fear for so long. I can't stand to be a victim any more.” She looked over at him their eyes meeting. “I'd say that you wouldn't understand, but your eyes say you know exactly what I mean.”

He nodded and smiled slightly. “At least let me walk you home? Please.”
She took in a breath. “Alright. Yeah. I'm working on a new CD.”

“What's it called I... I know this will sound creepy but I'm a big fan.” Kenneth gave her his nervous smile.

“Where I Only Have My Name.” She smiled at him across the table. “Someone I know inspired me.”

Kenneth felt his cheek flush and was all too aware of her giggling at him. Allowing himself to relax he forgot the past week's events and enjoyed the rest of the meal with the acquaintance that had quickly and easily become a friend.

Kenneth was somewhat aware that he and Canens stayed out far too late. She should have been home ages ago and he technically didn't have permission to go out. They had a similar life experience and even though neither one talked about it they could both tell.

Wandering into an alley Kenneth left is power ring pick him up and lift him up into the air. Allowing himself to be swept up into the air he started the journey home. He knew now he'd have to face his family and explain. That didn't seem like such a horrible fate at the moment. When he told them what had happened they could work through it together.

Then he saw the rising pillar or smoke coming up from Gotham city sirens had started, why did he head towards the smoke, he knew very well he couldn't do much if the building had a lot of wood in it.

The first thing he saw when he arrived where people hanging out of window as the fire blazed around them. He extended his ring's power forming a women in flowing robes who he made strong enough to pick each of them up gently brining them to the ground.

He tried to keep some distance between himself and the bystanders the last thing he wanted was for them to know who he was.

“Green Lantern, please my little girl was in her room, please save her.” a women begged using Kenneth's father's name.

“Same apartment as you ma'am?” He asked trying not to look nervous as ever. She sobbed and nodded. Kenneth took flight like an emerald green shot and was inside the building. He created a field around himself to keep out the smoke.

Luckily for Kenneth the child's door had been decorated for her in bright colours. Entering he saw a metal futon bed, wall posters and wooden dresser and draws.

The building cried out as the fire consumed it. The ceiling was wood and plaster Kenneth knew he couldn't hold it up if it decided to come down on his head. “Little girl?” He called out in hopes she'd answer.

The child's cries came from the closet and when he opened it Kenneth saw the horrified little girl there. He reached out gently and picked her up. The ceiling grave a horrible creaking screaming sound and began to fall down on the two of them.

Kenneth has to think quickly before he really understood he was holding the girl and a green four winged angel had formed holding the metal bed up to protect them from the falling debris. The bed wouldn't protect them for long Kenneth moved himself and the girl to the window.

He forced the bed through the window but part of the window was made of wood and the frame splintered and part of it shot at him he moves to protect the child but there was a sudden shooting pain in his shoulder.

He moved out the window as quickly as he could and return the child to her mother. The fire fighters has arrived by then and Kenneth sped off leaving them to do their job. His shoulder ached and his arms was a bit numb and he had no idea what he was going to tell his parents.

Christin stumbled towards her car. She was dead drunk and still crying her eyes out. She was dropping quickly in the charts and the stress was starting to get to her. If she didn't get a new hit out soon she'd be another failed singer, another one hit wonder.

The man step out from behind her car and smiles to her.

“Who are you?” She asked stepping back.

“I'm a fan.” He said with a pleasant smile. “You seem upset is something wrong?”

“I... I'm just going to be another one hit wonder I'm going to be a failure.” She sobbed out the words drunkly.

He walked over and placed an arm around her. “I won't let that happen.”

He would be the last person Christin would ever see.

When Kenneth return his mother immediately went to his side and moved him into the living room . She gasped a bit at the blood and headed for the bathroom. Kenneth watched the living room his father was slowly getting to his feet.

The Scott TV had the news which was talking about a fire that was raging in Gotham City. He saw himself though he was really a red headed blur on the TV set. They where saying, “Green Lantern saves innocences from burning building.”

Kenneth almost gulped as Alan walked up to him, he was shaking and felt he'd break down into tears. Alan put his arms around his boy and stroked his hair, “Good job son. Good job.” Kenneth relaxed against his father.

“Now let's get your wound seen to. Maybe we'll have a talk on how to properly do these things.” Alan lead Kenneth towards the bathroom.

“I..I though you'd be angry.” Kenneth said letting Alan lead him into the bathroom.

“Well I figured it would happen sooner or later.” Alan said with a bit of a smile. “It's really the family trade. I will admit me and your mother are worried, but the last thing we want is to clip your wings.”

Kenneth looked down how could he bring up the fact that he had killed people after all this. He couldn't bare to see the look on his father's face.

Jade hated crowd control. It was the worst job for a superhero to have. She would much rather be asking Todd more questions about Kenneth's girlfriend. She would rather be anywhere then using her green field to keep panicking people from running out into the way of a rampaging super villian.

The pain was sudden she didn't even really notice it until it had pieced tough her skin. Someone in the crowd had a sharpened stick and during the shoving it had ended up in her chest above her heart. She fell and mentally she cried out for Todd as the crowd ran over her.

Kenneth arrived at the hospital with Molly, Alan was already there sitting by Jennie's bed. Rushing over with his mother Kenneth took her hand and held it. “Jennie will you be alright?”

“Yeah I'll be fine I think the powers that be just like to remind me from time to time why I hate crowd control.” She smiled faintly at this and squeezed his hand.

“How did you get hurt?” He asked concerned.

“Normal people did this to you?!” Kenneth stood back and bit his lip until it bled.

Molly went and took Kenneth's shoulders. “Sweet heart people don't always fully understand what they are doing.”

He looked to his family, Kenneth knew they wouldn't understand. They where too good. They where just too good for this world, these people. “I'm sorry. Jennie can I get you anything?”

“A smile.” She grinned to him and he couldn't help but grin back.

Wandering the street of Gotham by himself Kenneth stopped to look at a suit on display in a window. The suit itself was black but what had caught his eyes was the emerald green vest and tie that had been placed with it. He found something alluring about the combination.

He took one of his father's old masks out of his pocket and played with it in his hand. He liked it's feel and it's shape but it made the hole that seemed to be opening up inside of him bigger. How could he tell his father, his family that the human race sickened him.

He put the mask away he couldn't bare to look at it any longer. Leaving the store front he put his hands into his pockets and walked back towards home.

The women's scream sent Kenneth into a run and he ran into an alley way a man was smacking a women who was dressed in a short skirt and painfully high heels. Slipping on the mask Kenneth moved over to them “Leave her alone.”

“This your new boyfriend?” the man asked and the women just whimpered.

“No more victims. Leave her alone.” Kenneth said firmly.

“Or you'll what?” the man said and then his eyes opened wide as the light of Kenneth's power ring lashed out slamming the man's head into the alley wall.

“Who..who are you?” the women asked moving away from Kenneth.

“I'm the new dawn.” he said simply clutching the hand with the glowing power ring, the green illuminating lighting up his masked face.

To Be Continued...

Rise of an Emerald Son

Issue #9: Leaving Home

The man looked over the family's home he had entered while everyone was asleep breaking the lock easily. He had tied up each family member and now it was time for him to have his fun, as he moved towards the father, the rest of the family whimpering, as his excitement rose with their terror glass shattering in the kitchen.

Raising the knife he had the home invader moved towards the kitchen. It was dark he saw one figure standing in the kitchen glass lay around his feet.

“You didn't think anyone saw you.” Who ever it was took a step forward he was wearing a black suit, black fedora, an emerald green tie and emerald green vest. A green band was around the black fedora and he wore and emerald green mask of an odd cut.

The man shook a little then noticed this was no man this was a teenager. He laughed. “That's alright. Cute costume kiddo. Did your mother make it for you?”

The costumed man continued to walk forward. “No my mother doesn't know I'm here. Does yours? Does she know her son's a murder that tortures people in their own homes?”

Scowling the man rushed forward the knife he had stabbing towards the costumed teenager, “I don't need to take crap from you!?” He screamed.

The knife never hit it's mark the teenager was covered in a green light that the knife bounced off of. The man only had enough time to gasp before the light from a ring on the teenager's hand turned into tendrils and seized him.

“How many!” the costumed teenager demanded. “How many family's have you made victims?!”

“I erh..I.. none!” He man stammered.

The teenager glared and shook the man, “Do I look stupid! How many?! I will know if you lie to me!”

“Five! I've done five!” He said struggling a bit against his bonds.

The green light began to form into multiple sharp blade of different designs all coming from the bonds themselves. “Then even this is far too good for you.”

The man cried for the mercy he had denied others. It was not given to him.

“Emerald Dawn strikes again.” Gordon threw the paper down for his friend to see the headline. “On top of that the singer killer claimed a fourth victim and a fifth singer is missing.” Gordon turned around in his chair to look over Gotham he heard the paper being picked up.

“There aren't that many people who can make green light into object. Only two of them live in Gotham.” The speaker watched Gordon turn to look at him.

“So it's one of them or an out of towner. Knowing you, your already pretty sure who our Emerald Dawn is.” Gordon said unhappily. “What about the singers?”

“There has to be some kind of connection. I'm going to keep looking for it.”

Gordon looked to the window, “For now I'm going to ..” he stopped speaking when he realised he was alone, Gordon hated when that happened.

Kenneth ditched his Emerald Dawn costume including the mask on Canens' balcony, it was the safest place to leave everything when he went to go see how she was doing.

The first thing Kenneth had done when he decide he couldn't stay at home any more was to drain the bank account his father had set up for him. He didn't want to be tracked by it or have the account frozen.

Next he had found himself a place to sleep where he wouldn't be found. The place he found had at one time been an attic apartment. Now it was simply used for storage and most of what was in there seemed to be long forgotten.

He had called home once, but when he heard his mother's voice he couldn't bring himself to say anything but “I love you.” and hang up.

Canens had been the only person he'd kept contact with, his only tie to other human beings, slowly he had come to visit her more and more often. He flew down and then walked to the front of the building.

She let him in as soon as she heard his voice and he smiled a little. Hearing her voice in any form had always been such a comfort.

“Hey Kenneth,” she sighed a bit and moved to go sit down.

He frown a little and went over to put a hand on her shoulder. “What's wrong?”

“Another dead singer and a singer missing.” She looked down at the floor. “Aggy is having me leave, she said I have a week to prepare for the flight.”

Kenneth moved to find a place to sit down. “Can I call your phone to get a mailing address from you?”

She moved to go and sit beside Kenneth sitting close to him but not touching him. “Promise to call?”

“I do.” He said honestly and looked to her.

She looked to him. “Then I'll get you the number.” She smiled a little and he smiled back a small smile.

“Where is Kenneth, Alan?” Alan Scott turned around to see who was speaking to him, he hadn't slept recently and it showed on his face. The Batman looked at him unhappily. “I am asking again where's Kenneth?”

Alan sighed, “I don't know. I assume he's Emerald Dawn. How it happened I have no idea.” Alan moved to sit down and put his head in his hands. “We've been searching for him but we have no idea where to look.”

“I know this has to be hard for you.” Batman said in a rather unsympathetic tone.

“Do you have any idea how it feels to wake up an realise your child is gone and you have no idea why?” Alan looked up at the Batman the worry of a father on his face. “Any idea at all about what is could possibly be like to realise something was wrong with your child and you didn't notice?”

The Batman turned to leave. “I'd better go before Molly gets home.”

“I think that would be best.” Alan said looking out the window. His son was out there and maybe in pain, maybe insane. He was filled with the same helpless feeling he had, had when Kenneth was kidnapped, but this time the kidnapper was Kenneth himself.

Emerald Dawn flew across the clouded sky low enough to keep his eyes on the city below him high enough up not to be seen. The air was cold but he didn't care. Night was his cloak and the ring he held was his sword and he had become a hunter among beasts.

He heard the scream and he dove for it, when he was out there he became a beast himself it was like surviving in Faust's world, and here all the beasts all the creatures had names, just like him.

The cry came from a little boy who was being wrestled away from and older man, father, older brother maybe? Emerald Dawn wasn't sure which it was, but the man was fighting valiantly to stay with the boy.

This gang wore red and blue. Emerald Dawn had gotten better at recognising the gangs that plagued Gotham.

The child saw him first as glowing green he lowered himself into the alley. As the light that covered him filled the alley the other looked up at him, there was a moment of awe from everyone in the alley.

One of the gang members screamed and charge Emerald Dawn swinging a bat towards him. The bat was made of metal and the green light from Emerald Dawn's power ring caught it easily throwing not only the bat but it's owner into one of the alley walls.

“Didn't your mothers tell you it's not nice to gang up on someone?” Emerald Dawn asked in a scornful tone. The gang only paused for a moment before rushing toward the costumed figure. “Good I was hoping that she hadn't.”

He smiled and formed green metallic armour about himself and drew two swords with a cry he flew toward the approaching gang.

Canens looked out at the cold dark evening. Aggy had decided that the two of them should leave early just in case and had gone to the bathroom after purchasing their ticket to Metropolis. Canens now waited for her to return impatiently.

She had been told to stay where others could see her but she couldn't stand to wait any longer, so she picked up her carry-on bag and headed for the women's bathroom. There was a changing area, for changing babies, to the left that was it's own little room and a row of stalls to the right.

Canens saw Aggy's body lying in the end stall and she ran over to her manager.

“Aggy! Aggy!” She called the women's name then saw the large red mark around her neck. It was too late for Canens to run when the man who had been hiding in the changing area walked up to her and cornered her in the last stall.

She went to scream but he put a cloth over her face and soon she saw nothing but darkness.

To Be Continued...

Rise of am Emerald Son

Issue Number Ten: Emerald Sunsets

He had heard the news, when he heard about her disappearance his heart fell into a dark place of pain. Canens gone. He could barely believe it. Putting his hand through his red hair he walked into Aggy's room at the hospital.

Aggy looked up at him from where she was lying bandage wrapped around her head. Her eyes looked up to him and she sobbed a bit as she spoke his name, “Kenneth...”

Kenneth walked over and sat next to her taking her hand gently. “Yes it's me Aggy, It's not your fault.” He patted her hand. “You care about Canens like your niece. You didn't do this but you need to give me a description of the person that did alright?”

Aggy nodded to him and told him, he held her hand all the time she hold him exactly what she knew.

“What are you going to do Kenneth?” Aggy asked in a mournful tone as she finished telling him what she knew.

Kenneth stood up looking determined. “I'm going to go get her back and make sure he doesn't ever hurt anyone again.”

“I can't let you do that,” a deep voice came from the window.

Kenneth turned and he saw the Batman. He hadn't recalled Gotham's Dark Knight being this intimidating before, this hostile, slowly the realization sunk into his mind. He wasn't a twelve year old any more he was a criminal and a dangerous one.

He stared a bit, there was definitely something familiar in the eyes of the Bat he was just having problems placing it. “You should understand.” He said he saw the pain in the Batman's eyes and knew he was standing aside from the rest of the world like him and Canens. “She's like us. I am not going to let her be hurt.”

The Batman came into the room he was mostly dark cloak, he began towards Kenneth, “I know you are confused. I know you don't completely understand this world. You need to stop this before it's too late to turn back.”

Kenneth laughed bitterly. “Why would I want to understand a group of narrow minded, spoiled, whiny little brats who take everything for granted and act like animals when they don't need to.” Kenneth began to glow when he saw Aggy's look of horror he made for the door in a sudden sliding movement float back and out.

Kenneth pushed himself down the hall, however the window had glass in them held by wood there was a shadow over him the sound of black cloth rustling and then the Batman had him on the floor.

Kenneth struggled but the Batman was far more skilled in combat then he, panic was gripping him tightly. Nightmares of being confined. Canens was going to die if he didn't do something, he went to claw at the floor in anger and frustration as he hand came down it went through the floor and screaming he fell leaving the Bat behind.

Batman stood and looked down at the floor where Kenneth had gone screaming and trashing like a drowning man. Turning for the window to try, all he could do now was try to catch up, though Batman could be certain now that Kenneth had all of Alan's neat little tricks.

Canens felt dizzy, her head spun and her hands hurt. For a horrible moment she thought she was with her father, then she took in gasping breaths as she realise she was on a bed and her hands where tied behind her back.

He touched her face she felt the man's hand caressing her cheek and she took in a tight breath. “Shhh, hush I'm not going to hurt you. I am trying to save you.” She hadn't though a serial killer would have a voice like that. Maybe a little meek, soft, with a slight touch of nasal.

“Save me?” She tried not to let her voice get too indignant.

He touched her cheek gently an act that under normal circumstances would be kind almost stereo typically fatherly. If Canens' father had been more typical maybe it would have been hard to find it discomforting. “This world is going to destroy you. Take your music and throw you out, like you where garbage and I can't let that happen.”

She felt a sense of deja vu, she had been in this position before except this time there was no where to go no neighbours to run to. No Aggy to come to her aid, all she could think about for a moment was Aggy, her legal guardian and manager, lying there on the floor of that bathroom.

“This is very pretty Canens,” She heard him say as he held but a green scarf she has sewen sparly odds and ends onto, in greens and blues. She was mildly aware that she had wore it because Kenneth had been there when she was making it, he had mentioned it was his favourite colour, She closed her eyes and almost sobbed why was her memory flashing around like this. The only answer that came to her mind was because she was going to die her was going to kill her, most girls would have broken down. Most girls would be in tears. Canens refused to let herself cry.

Taking in a long breath he let himself relax, Gotham was below, seeing the city layed out beneath him was always comforting. He trembled a bit as he recalled sinking through the floor. It had been terrifying at first until he realised he could control it.

He looked below, she was out there somewhere, she needed him and he wasn't going to leave her.

“Did you think it would be that easy?” When he heard the voice a shiver rose up his spine. He turn slowly to see the Batman perched on the roof behind him. “Did you think it would be that easy to get away from me Kenneth?”

Stumbling back Kenneth looked into his eyes, That mask it wasn't a mask, it slowly sunk into his mind, he knew this man he had met him before. His voice came out shocked and small, “Mr. Wayne?”

For a moment Kenneth though he might have caught Batman off guard, the man didn't move, still in shock Kenneth stumbled back and off the side of the building, he caught himself halfway down and utilizing the new ability he had gained swung into the building he had his second run in with the Bat on.

Canens watched the man from the corner of her eye. He was collecting things to do what she couldn't tell, though none of what he was gathering seemed particularly pleasant. Every now and then he would stop to touch her, not in any kind of sexual manner but like some feels a sculpture they have always wanted or some other manner of textile artwork.

“It's almost done. When it is done you will be persevered forever. Beautiful and eternal.” He spoke in the insane manner he had, more to himself then to her. He walk over and forced one of her eyes open holding up what looks to Canens to be some manner of glass eye. “Yes this one is perfect exactly your colour.

Canens choked a bit and almost screamed. What was he going to do to her? She didn't allow the cry inside out but she wished for this to be over soon, for someone anyone to come and save her.

The man muttered to himself feeling the scarf she had made in his hands in a manic manner playing with the beads from moment to moment, before shoving it in his pocket and leaving the room.

Only when she was certain he was gone did Canens allow herself to issue a soft whimpering and tears.

Kenneth kept to the busier part of the street. Most of his costume was in a bag. The Jacket with his personal symbol on the back, his tie. It was easy to get away with wearing the rest, no one was really taking a second look at him.

He had learned that hiding among the other named beasts was the easiest way to get around. Hopefully it would make it hard for the Batman to find him. The man bumped into him and the two of them looked at one another for a moment.

The man bore some eerie familiarity Kenneth couldn't touch on then he saw something in the man's inside coat pocket. It was a green scarf slowly his mind went back to where he had seen it last.

Kenneth's mind held almost perfectly the memory of him watching Canens sitting on her couch sowing the beads onto the translucent fabric humming one of the new songs she was working on under her breath. He had told her, “I like it. Green is my favourite colour.”

Canens had replied to him smirking a little, “I couldn't tell. Isn't it the only colour you wear?”

“Is black a colour?” He had asked watching her stitching.

“No.” She said to him chuckling.

“Okay so green is the only colour I wear.” He laughed and the two of them had laughed.

When he came to mentally the man was walking away from him. At first he moves after the man quickly, but his pace slowed when he realised that might put Canens in danger. He was going to kill that man. The worse shape Canens was in the longer it would take him to die.

This was a jungle full of animals the only answer to brutality was more. The want for violence had been growing in Kenneth, he would be patient he would stalk his pray. That man would know pain, before his end.

She was beautiful and she deserved to live forever. She would be the last, for now too many at once turned them into nothing more then a statistic. He couldn't have that. They had to become a legend a myth in their own right to live forever.

Canens was lovely but she would age and fade and she would no longer be lovely and she would drift out of the minds and hearts of her public, ungrateful retches they where, she gave them joy and they would dismiss her.

He tied her hands to the chair. She didn't say anything just sat in quiet disapproval. She was in a sun dress he had taken her shoes, How to preserver her that was the problem. Murders has gotten so mundane in Gotham there was nothing he could consider that would do her justice.

He took the needle and let it enter her skin if she was in too much pain it would be ruined. He had spent much time preparing this. He had even lied to get himself a job a the funeral home.

The idea had come to him when he had seen a cowboy who had been preserved and left as a monument at an oddities show. He would be more careful with Canens, so very careful he would make her the perfect Sleeping Beauty or Snow White.

His hands trembled a bit as he prepared the emoboming fluid, the idea of her in a glass coffin displayed so all could feel the sorrow of her passing, oh the sorrow oh the woe. It made him excited, he was very careful while setting things up soon he would begin to remove her blood, it would all have to be drained before he could proceed.

He stroked her hair as the fear flickered in her eyes, he hated to have to scare her so but it was necessary the only way to save her from this fickle world. The needle went to pierce her perfect pale flesh and at that moment there was a crashing sound and the room filled with a angry green light.

Was the man in the black suit an angel or a demon, all he could tell was that he was angry. Tendrils of green lashed out his equipment scattered across the floor.

He cried out as his masterpiece was destroyed.

Emerald Dawn hovered over the scene. He was angry. The man who was trying to kill Canens screamed at him cursing him. The emerald energy from his ring lifted Canens into his arms gently then he grabbed her attacker with no tenderness.

He flew up and up above the city's streets. “Canens?! Canens?! Are you alright?” He asked shaking her a bit worry filled his voice, it was obvious the man had done something to subdue her.

“Kenneth?” She looked up at him. “You.. You're the Emerald Dawn?!” He voice though full of shock was still a horribly lazy thing and this only fuelled the rage building within Kenneth.

He set her down on a roof top and looked at her, “I am and I am not going to let him hurt you or anyone every again.” Emerald Dawn rose up he was glowing in the ring's powerful light the man held up above the city street.

“Kenneth! Don't do it please!” She hugged herself and looked up at her friend, the murderous look on his face, it was like seeing someone she had never met. “You'll be just like him!”

Emerald Dawn looked at her not with Kenneth's eyes but with the glowing green eyes of the Villain. “Fine. Someone has to be like him, someone has to be willing to fight evil on it's own level. Someone has to be willing to make that sacrifice!”

Coils from the rings began to squeeze around the man he screamed as they began to crush him.

“No stop! If you... If you do this I won;t be able to speak to you again?” Canens said screaming at him from where she was, her heart sank when he looked towards her slowly and pained.

“You don't have to. Someone has to soil their soul so that the good people don't have to.” He rose up and the coils suddenly flew out turning into blades. Canens screamed dropping to her knees as the man was ripped to pieces.

Kenneth allowed the body to fall down to the street when the people below saw it they ran and panicked.

“I don't know who you are any more.” Canens screamed at Kenneth as he floated above her. “I though you where like me I though..” She dropped back into sobs.

“Canens...” Emerald Dawn's voice was full of regret he wanted to go to her but the deep voice he hear caused him to look over at the speaker.

“You stepped over the time one too many times Kenneth.” The Batman was on a building away from where Canens was waiting for him. Emerald Dawn could tell the Batman was waiting for him.

Emerald Dawn floated over towards the Batman, something was familiar something about those yes he had seen them before. Then he was struck with the memory of when he had met Bruce Wayne. “Bruce?”

The Batman didn't miss a beat he continued to talk. “Come with me peacefully Kenneth, you need help. You will get it one way or another. Do not make me hurt you.”

“No Bruce.” Kenneth faced the Batman, “Don't make me hurt you.” He then flew straight towards Batman green around him burning like a flame at full force.

What happened next would stick out in Kenneth's mind forever. The Batman had some kind of black ball. He held is back and threw it towards Emerald Dawn. It looked slick black, Kenneth had no idea it was made of wood.

The black object struck his head and soon there was darkness, as dark as the object that had struck him.

His head hurt, but she had written him. His lips curved into a smile as he read her letter.

Dear Kenneth:

I am sorry for the things I said on the roof top. I was upset and I was scared, don't mistake this for approval of your man slaughter.

I want you to know however I will always be your friend.

I heard you will be in Arkham for a long time. I hope they can do something to help you. I am working on a new CD. I am calling it 'An Emerald Dawn.' I hope you family is well and you will write me back.

Your Friend. Canens

He sat back on the bed and put the pencil he was allow to have between his teeth as he thought about tow to write her back. Finally he put the writing implement to the page and let his response flow from his hand.

Dear Canens:

I except your apology and I don't except you to agree with what I did. I like to think if you understood you would agree with me, but that seems a bit arrogant. The fact that you are still my friend helps me here.

For what it is worth my family feels similarly. I felt horrible having to see them, I had no place to run no place to hide no ring to help me escape them. They are disappointed in me and it hurts, however I still feel that I have do be and do what I have to do.

My parents still love me, I think if they didn't I would have just fallen back dead.

I am glad to still have your friendship, I will see you as soon as I get out. I hope you and Aggy are well and I will see you soon.

Yours Truly

Kenneth Alan Mayne Scott

Smiling softly to himself be packaged up the letter, it felt good to speak to Canens that she had not abandoned him to his existence in Arkham. He looked out of his cell out into the bleak corridor where he heard the moaning and cackling of the insane.

Placing the letter down on his lap his blue eyes began to scan the room, a smile grew on his lips. Yes he would see her soon.