During the Age of Rebuilding

    Revan was really formed at the beginning of the Second Age.    A Wizard name Mlaire over threw an island kingdom, people says that she killed the king's daughters in some ritual.   though no one knows for what.  Mlaire appointed a  strange child Sagus, to her council.  People say the Sagus is some kind of vampire, though these accusations are only whispered.

     The People of Revan are not pleased with the changes.  Rebals and freedom fighters are popping up all over Revan though no attempts have been made on the castle after the last attempt on Sagus's life, witch rumour say ended very badly.

    Revan is a dark place during this time, Mlaire grasp is choking the last bits of  free will from the country (or trying too).   People are leaving Revan or at least trying but the Wizard Queen's power seems to strech from ocean to ocean.