Revan's Culture

    Revan is a place infested with horrible supernatural things. The people of Revan have little rituals they perform to keep themselves safe.   Nobles don't bother with shuch things because most of them have wizardly training.     The peasants leave offering to the creatures, normally in the form of a small animal or blood.    Some times villages will scarifies women or children by leaving them out in the woods.   Most people from Revan where proactive charms or talismans, to keep bad things away.    A lot of them where symbols stating that they worship one of the rulers of the county.   They hope that these will keep anyone afraid of the rulers away from them.

    The Nobility is mostly wizard with long traditions of teaching their schools to their heirs.   Normally the other children are left out  of the teachings and end up as consolers and servants to their siblings.   this can soem times cause some nobles to end up dead, but normally the fear of magic or the fear of not having magic can be enough to keep knives away from one's back. 


    Revan's Dark Elves

    Revan has it's own Dark Elf Culture separate from the Dark Elven Empire.  They are considered barbarians by the other Dark Elves and like it that way.   The Dark Elves of Revan are a Matriarchal system.  a Man has to prove himself by  trial to be treated as a women.  The area is also inhabited by humans, brought down as farmers to help thicken out the small Dark Elf population when this Principality was started. 

    The humans, work and pay taxes, the Dark Elf leaders are the ones in charge, but the human's are not required to join in any of the Dark Elf rituals or rites (in fact they prefer it that way.) The humans of the underground aren't quiet as frightened as the humans above, but only because they know what lurks outside their door.  

    Vampires do as well live in the Underground and most of them are considered nobility,  though their ranking and land ownership is different from the Dark Elves, they do however all have to Princess Levania.  The Vampires have a system of Counts and Barons... ect ect...

    The Dark Elves have a more tribal system.  They don't quiet pay taxes normally,  They give to their higher ups the best of what they find.  Weather it be a new type of stone of the best furs.   This Chain goes all the way to the top.   Humans are more or less peasants and surfs  and left out of many of the rituals whitch would make them considered part of the tribe.   Barbadian warrior women patrol and keep tabs on the town, village ect. . . a human never steps out of line twice because the Dark Elves don't give three strikes.