Revan Second Age Game Master's Notes

    Warning: These are resources for someone running a game in my world... including me, If you are not running a game in my world and are playing in a game in my world turn back now.   Further more if you are in one of MINE games then Howell will do horrible, horrible things to you while your character sleep.


    The Truth about Sagus

Sagus is a Godless One from Ezra forest.    He has joined forces with Mlaire to attempt to gain power enough to devour the Serpent King and become a new god for his people.   Sagus doesn't have very much regard for human life,  and will eliminate the PCs with extreme pregdess if they bother him.      Sagus true form is a large demon cat with green eyes and black fur,  he can also take on a larger scarier form that looks like a strange cross between a human and a cats, with long claws and green fire surrounding him.   Sagus can also take on a form a very innocent looking house cat.     One of Sagus's other abilities is to copy any humanoid form he sees (PCs, friends of the PCs ect ect..)   Sagus' favourite form is a human child though his innocents is really only a personally quark.

    The Truth about the King's Daughters

Mlaire did kill all the King's daughters in a ritual after she gained his trust.  The Ritual has made her immortal and very deadly.   Mlaire can now inhabit any prepared female body.  She will live as long as she baths in the blood of beautiful young women every fifty years.   Mlaire has decided that their lives are expendable for her ends of living forever. 


Mlaire is a truly powerful wizard, who gained the knowledge of magic though pure force of will.   She started off as a human slave and seduced, stabbed and black mailed her way to where she is now.    Mlaire cares very little for anyone she views as weak or dumb (she over came her weakness to live if they can't why should they be allowed to live?)  She wish to bring the wise and the strong to the place they deserve in society.