During the Wizard Wars

        Revan makes another push having successfully taken a foot hold on the main land.   Revan pushes on Maia  taking one of here towns completely by surprise in the middle of the night.    Revan's King is a unforgiving wizard name Risel whos is massing a horrible army that's walking on Maia, having no choice Maia declares war 

    Maia has fallen into a time of  despair.  There was no one left in the towns that Revan over took, none escaped to tell the tale of what had happened.   Revan's Army of horrible monsters began to march alerting Maia to what had happened.  The Maia, King Eilif  gather troops to protect the cities and towns in Revan's path, the battle was long and horrible, when it was all over the Maia stood victorius.


    The bodies of the creatures turn back into the children that had been take from the villages Revan had conquered.   The Maiaens realised too late  what they where dealing with.

    Revan is now run by it's signature Four Princes, all of whom have strange titles.   Some say that the People of  Revan worship them like gods.  Prince Sagus: the Demon Cat and Prince Gow: the Breathless One  hold the main land in an Iron grip.   The island Principalities belong to Prince Lethe and Prince Rolf  Kohar.

    All of the Princes are either fiercely loyal to Risel  or horribly afraid of him.   

    Rumour say that Lethe has gained himself an insane bride who mopes around his castle. The only reason he can stand the women is that he's Risel's General on the battle field. 

    Rumour says that Sagus is a vampire and that he eats some of the prisoners Revan takes.

    Apparently the Kohar family where given their position for betraying a member of their family.

    There a whispers that there if a Fifth Principality that spans underground, where the taxes are paid in blood.