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Clans of the Forest Elves


I am a stag of seven tines Clan Beith
I am a wide flood on a plain Clan Luis
I am a wind on the deep waters Clan Nuinn
I am a shining tear of the sun Clan Fearn
I am a hawk on a cliff Clan Saille
I am a fair amongst flowers Clan Huath
I am a god who sets the head afire with smoke Clan Duir
I am a battle-waging spear Clan Teinn
I am a salmon in a pool Clan Coll
I am a hill of poetry Clan Muinn
I am a ruthless boar Clan Gort
I am a threatening noise from the sea Clan Ngetal
I am a wave of the sea Clan Ruis

Who but I knows the secret of the unhewn dolmen?