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        Paladins of the Warrior Goddess Allia.   Norgin began it's existence as two countries Nils and  Audun.    Audun's leaders became corrupt and invaded part of Nils taking the King of Nil's only son hostage.   It's not spoken of what was done to the Prince of Nils at least not in polite society.  What is known is that the King of Audun's Captain of the Guard could not bear to know of what his league was allowing to happen.   

    The Prince of Nils was spirited home by the captain.  It is said Allia came to the Captain and aided him in winning the war when the Captain founded Allia's paladin order.  Nils and Audun where renamed Norgin to bring the two counties together under one great name.  

    Norgin goes through a revision every 5 years a senses is performed and the actions of all Nobles and Majors looked into and soem times investigations are carried out by the King himself.