The country of  Cavalia is ruled by the family or a Ranger known as Ransom.   Ransom was the General who lead the allied forces to defeat the Wizards during the Wizard Wars.   Successfully rescuing the heirs to  Faolan, Lexine and Norgin  Ransom was awarded two of the fallen counties taken by the Wizards.     Ever since then the King has been called King Ransom and then the present kings own first name.

    Even though the Wizard Wars started in Cavalia the Wizards Guilds are still located there.    King Ransom the first was part of issuing the rings Wizards are forced to wear.  These rings allow the ruler of any one of the allied countries to turn off a wizards powers.    All wizards are regarded with fear, Sorcerers with hate.   Bards are welcomed with open arms the people of Cavalia always looking for a way to forget their fear that a new Wizard War will start.