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"There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls." - George Carlin

Born on a Shadow Earth to a simple family, after he mother left she was raised by her father who was the limousine driver for a rich family.    Even with their social difference Gwyn was fast friends with the daughter of her father's employer.    She was always a shy girl who was extremely intelligent.

In her world she went missing after going out to a vacant lot on a school assignment.     She was never seen again except in dreams.

Gwyn was contacted through dreams and told she was a Werwolf.    The Werwolf who contacted her  woke up what ever was in her the wolf.  Gwyn wandered into shadow to realise what she truly was.   Neither man nor wolf  yet both.    A predator who hunts in shadow.   Generally keeping to herself.

Gwyn often travels dressed in baggy clothing seeming as a homeless individual passing like a ghost  from place to place.


  Gwyn Valentine (110pt)
Height: 5.6 Weight: 118 Build: Thin
Hair: Brown Eyes: Green
A lovely looking young lady with a determined face,   enchanting emerald
coloured eyes, looks out from rich brown hair, cut below her chin but not to her shoulders. Her skin is a soft creamy colours chin pointed and proud, she carries herself in the intelligent straight and decisive manner of a predator.
Clothing Colours / Style   Dark Blue and Light Gold
Personal Symbols  Moon and Wolf
Psyche 11
Strength 17
Endurance 15
Warfare 5

Shape Shifting

Animal Form (Wolf) 5pt
Great Wolf Form 5pt
Regeneration 5pt
Claw and Teeth 5pt


Entering Dreams 5pt
Altering Dreams 5pt
Dream Walk 10pt

Shadow Walk

Shadow Leap 10pt


Mentor 2pt
Kaila Amberite 1pt


Good Stuff 5 pt


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