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the September 11 2001 attack in New York and Washington !!!

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December 26 2002

Prophetic Visions of E. R. Lindsey: Warning to America
By Daniel Carlson
Jan 1972, "Heartbeat" pg 25,26
E. R. Lindsey, even as a child, was blessed with visions from God. At the age of 12, a vision, in which he saw a boy in danger of drowning, was responsible for saving a child’s life.

He was frequently visited by an angel of the Lord. When he was 16, he went camping with three other boys. They pitched their tents in a dry stream bed under a bridge. At midnight the boys were awakened by strange lights flooding the camp. Though still a lad, he recognized it as "the Angel of the Lord" and told his companions that they were being warned to move at once, for in the nearby mountains a sudden cloudburst would soon transform the dry stream into a raging torrent.

A half hour later, the bridge, which had sheltered them only moments before, collapsed as an angry wave of churning water smashed into it.

After marrying and starting a family, he went to Hawaii as a missionary. On Nov. 15, 1941, while conducting a prayer meeting, a breeze filled the room even though the windows and doors were closed and the lights grew dim until they went out. But a brilliant light bathed the person of Dr. .Lindsey.

Within moments, everything was back to normal. Dr. Lindsey revealed to the prayer group that the Angel of the Lord had warned him to leave for the U.S. on the very next ship, for in the first week of December, Japan would launch a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.

He immediately contacted the military authorities at Pearl Harbor, but their opinion was that there was not a chance that Japan would attack, and that surely he must have had a bad dream. He returned with his family to the U.S., and true to the Angel’s timely warning, the surprise attack came right on schedule.

In 1947, a storm in southern Georgia completely destroyed a huge Gospel tent Dr. Lindsey was using in his evangelistic work. He was critically injured when one of the center poles knocked him off the platform. During a four day hospitalization in which physicians regarded him as well as dead, he experienced one of the strangest events of his life. To all appearances he was lifeless, with no sign of pulse or breathing: however, he remembers being aware of all that doctors said and did, although unable to move even an eyelid.

During the second day, through closed eyes, he saw a beam of sparkling white light streaming through the ceiling, which immediately lifted him out of his body. As he looked back, he could see his physical form lying on the hospital bed, and he thought that the end had come for him. However, he was aware of new freedom. All the pain was gone, Peace flooded his soul. Thus began an amazing tour which took him into the realms of the beyond, with an Angel of the Lord as his guide and teacher. He beheld indescribable grandeur’s and beauty beyond mortal understanding.

From this vantage point, he could see the earth below and observed that in all of God’s creation, it was the only planet out of tune with the melody of the Universe.

Among the many glorious truths revealed to him during his tour of the heavenlies, he was shown the catastrophe soon to befall our beloved country and the entire world.

Simultaneously atomic explosions covered the earth. Intense heat swept the land, destroying most of the civilized world as we know it today. But this atomic fire had a cleansing effect upon the earth as well, purifying it of much that was harmful.

Only too soon it seemed, Dr. Lindsey’s unusual journey was over and he saw himself returning to his physical form lying on that hospital bed, but now the injuries were miraculously healed. He could see the doctors standing around amazed and dumbfounded. Not a trace of his wounds remained.

In September of 1958, Dr. Lindsey was ministering to the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Sacramento, California. He had been fasting and prying for several days. He suddenly felt a flood of power saturate his body . His mind became clear as crystal and his vision expanded until he beheld the planet earth spinning in space. Events of the future unfolded before him.

That evening, God gave him a prophetic message specifying coming calamities, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves and many scientific and governmental events.

He indicated that a new day was dawning and "soon the kingdoms of this world shall become the KINGDOMS OF OUR GOD AND HIS CHRIST." (See Rev. 11:15). But before that glorious day is ushered in, many events are yet to take place. He then quoted the prophecy of Jesus.

"For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there shall be famine, and pestilence’s, and earthquakes, in diverse places."(Matt. Chapter 24).

He reminded the congregation that it is the function of the Holy Spirit to open our understanding of not only the past and the present, but the future as well. "When He, the Spirit of Truth is come, He will teach you all things, and show you things to come." (John 16:13)

He then detailed scores of specific events to be fulfilled from year to year for the following ten years up through the year 1968. Many of these prophecies have been literally fulfilled in precisely the year indicated. Verification of the fulfillment of these prophecies has not yet been obtained, for in many cases they deal with scientific discoveries which because of their nature, would be immediately classified "top secret" in the interest of national security.

Beyond 1968, two major events are predicted: however, Dr. Lindsey was not given to know just when they would occur. In previous ages God in His mercy warned these who loved and served Him of coming disasters.

Surely the Lord God will do nothing except he revealeth his secret to his servants the prophets. Amos 3:7

In the day of Noah, God’s warning was heard, but the people refused to heed the message. Likewise in this day God is warning his people through these visions and revelations, the clearest warning of all will come exactly one year before the greatest disaster of modern times strikes the earth.

This prophetic warning will come in the form of three signs. These three events will occur in different parts of the world at the same time.

Australia will experience its greatest earthquake. A volcano will erupt in the Mediterranean Sea, resulting in a huge tidal wave. A minor earthquake will occur in California causing only negligible damage, but it will crack walls in both the city halls of Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Exactly one year from the simultaneous occurrence of these three events, a great convulsion will shake the whole earth. In California, the San Andreas fault will spit and the land west of it will sink into the ocean. This will create 150 feet tidal waves which will encircle the world, inundating most coastal cities of the earth. Huge cracks will appear in the ground. Many volcanoes will erupt. The whole earth will shake. Believing that the United States is helpless to defend herself, the Communist Block will launch their atomic rockets upon the free world. The attack will last for three-and-one-half days.

The combination of these terrifying events will annihilate a third part of the human race, as well as a third part of all that grows.

In the aftermath of this calamity, out of Syria will come a man with a plan of peace, which the whole world will accept and total peace will reign for three and one-half years, with undreamed of progress being made in the greatest reconstruction program ever undertaken by the human race.

A relatively small group of faithful followers of Jesus Christ have come through all these calamities unharmed, for the protecting hand of Almighty God was upon them. Now they are free to proclaim the message of the Kingdom with great power and anointing with no interference.

At the conclusion of these three and one-half years, this man of Syria who is really the "Man of Sin", the "Anti-Christ" will impose Martial Law upon all nations. The identification mark, No. 666 will be required of every man before they will be permitted to buy or trade.

This, of course, will bring into clear focus this small group of faithful servants of Jesus Christ, numbering one gross thousand, who are proclaiming the massage of the Kingdom. They will refuse to take the mark of the Anti-Christ and therefore will not be allowed to buy or sell.

But God will do with them as he did with the children of Israel in the desert. Heavenly Manna will feed them. Eventually, all who refuse to accept the mark will be persecuted. Many will die, others will flee to the wilderness and seek refuge with the company of the True Church, where she has been established by obeying the warnings and signs prior to the great disaster. Here she abides secure under the shadow of the Almighty.

The Man of Sin, will declare all-out war upon these two groups, the Man-Child group of the one gross thousand and the True Church in the Wilderness.

These two "witnesses" will be slain and left lying in the streets for three days, after which time the Spirit of God will enter into their bodies, and raise them up into IMMORTAL CREATURES of God’s Kingdom.

Because of this resurrection miracle, millions will obey the message of the Kingdom.

At the conclusion of another three and one-half years, Jesus Christ will personally return to this Earth to sit upon His rightful throne as King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. The dead in Christ will be resurrected and those who are awaiting His coming will be caught up to meet Christ in the sir.

The forces of Anti-Christ will be chained and helpless while God’s faithful witnesses will help restore the Earth to its Eden-like paradise, as God originally intended it to be.

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December 23 2002

Date sent: Sat, 09 Mar 2002 19:53:36 +1300

The Raising Of The Titanic
A Prophetic Dream

-Martin Banner

In the beginning of my dream I found myself floating in a small row boat in a vast sea of water. This large body of water seemed to have no boundaries and appeared to be a large ocean. I was floating for some time when I noticed what seemed to be a large vessel just beneath the waters surface. I proceeded to step out of the row boat into the water and onto the surface of this vessel. I was able to walk around upon the deck of the vessel wading in waist deep water, as I walked I was able to make out that it was a large ship just under the waters surface. I then climbed back into the row boat and floated off in another direction and seemed to float around the sea for some time.

Then on the horizon their appeared a large ship which was floating in the water with no passengers. I pulled alongside the vessel and climbed on board. After walking around on the deck I realized this was the same ship I had seen which was just under the waters surface and it had now been raised above the waters surface. The deck of the ship still had about a foot of water running around upon it and it had the appearance that the ship had just come up out of the water. I then realized that their was someone else on board walking around on the deck of the ship. I noticed that they were looking for artifacts upon the ship and I began to realize that this was an old ship and that it had been raised from beneath the ocean.

At this point in the dream I began to join in the hunt for artifacts from the ship. I went into a small room which could have been the pilot's house and continued to search. Suddenly something caught my attention and I leaned over to take a closer look. I found a huge padlock which was hanging on a hinge opened, I removed the lock from the hinge and again took note that it was strange that the lock was unlocked. As I examined the giant padlock I turned it around and saw the word "Titanic". At this point I realized that the ship I was on was the Titanic and that it had been raised from the ocean floor and was now floating.

As I examined the lock further I noticed that their was a compartment inside the lock with an opening to it. I then opened the compartment to find it full of very large gemstones and expensive jewelry. At this point I took one of the pieces of jewelry which appeared to be a very large diamond ring and inspected it more closely. As I examined the ring I looked inside the band and found a name inscribed upon the inner side of the ring which was "Rees Howell". At this point I assumed that the owner of this ring must have been someone named Rees Howell and that He must have been a passenger on board the Titanic. At this point some other people came onto the boat and we all had to leave. I showed them the unlocked padlock I had found and the jewels that were inside and we left the ship and then the dream ended.


When I woke up in the morning I remembered the dream vividly and as I recalled the dream I told it to my wife and daughter Elizabeth Joy. As We spoke of the dream I told them that I was going to go on the internet and look up the name "Rees Howell" and see if He could have been a passenger on board the Titanic when it sank. I noted that the name Rees was a strange name and wondered if I would find any listings for such a name.

To my surprise when I put in the name "Rees Howell" I came up with a number of listings referring to a Man of God who lived in the 1800's who is known as a great intercessor and has been spoken of as having been led by the Lord to pray for the great revival which has come to be known as the "Welsh Revival". At this point I knew for certain that the Lord had given me a prophetic dream and that the Lord had a deep message within this dream for the Body of Christ. I will now, to the best of my ability, try to interpret what I believe the Holy Spirit is saying through this dream.

1. There is coming a great move of the Holy Spirit throughout the entire world that will eclipse all other moves of God and will emphasize the resurrection power of Christ.

The raising of the Titanic represents this awesome move of the Spirit of God. This raising of that which was lost will be the culmination of the restorative power of God in a move and demonstration of the miraculous that will raise the dead, heal the sick and restore the lost.

This move of God is symbolized by raising the Titanic, a ship that was lost and sunken and could float no more, but is now floating. This represents the impossible becoming possible "for with God all things are possible". Our God has declared "is anything to difficult for me?" and during this move of God it will become obvious that nothing is to difficult for our Lord. Not only will the dead be raised but we will see a restoration of all that we have looked at as lost in our lives, but was really the will of God. That which we have deemed hopeless, that which we have given up on, that which we have looked at as dead, shall suddenly live again. Broken relationships, broken marriages, lost loved ones, visions that have long since been given up on, shall suddenly come alive again! All that which we have looked upon as being lost, shall suddenly spring to new life, as the awesome breath of God reaches that which we thought unreachable and resurects that which we thought to be lost forever.

Nothing shall be out of the reach of this move of God. In this move of God that which the world has looked at as worthless and hopeless shall be the target for the miraculous. This move of the Spirit of God will be marked with the "Resurrection power of Christ" and even as the apostles stood in awe when they saw Him appear in their midst after He was raised, so shall we stand in awe, as suddenly, He appears in our midst and resurrects that which we thought was beyond hope.

2. The key to unlock this great move of the Holy Spirit is intercessory prayer.

The unlocked padlock in the dream represents the key to unlocking or "releasing" this move of God. The padlock had the name Titanic on it which was what was being raised. The key to releasing the resurrection power of Christ upon that which was lost is intercessory prayer. Within the padlock were jewels "the saints of God who are intercessors" who were used to pray in the moves of God from the past. One of the pieces of jewelry had the name "Rees Howell" inscribed upon it. Rees Howell was an intercessor used by the Lord to pray for the great move of God known as the "Welsh Revival".

The Lord is now calling for his intercessors to assemble themselves and intercede for the greatest move of God known to man. This move of God will touch and reach that which we thought was unreachable and will be the culmination in the Lord's Harvest before His return. The key to this move will be intercession and prayer and now is the time for the Body of Christ to sow for this visitation with fasting and intercession and for ALL TO RETURN TO THEIR PRAYER CLOSET AND SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH THEIR LORD.

3. You can be used by God to usher in this great move of the Holy Spirit.

Within the unlocked padlock their was a compartment that held jewels. These jewels were the great intercessors from past moves of God. I believe that the compartment represented that they held a special place in the heart of God and that in God's eyes these intercessors were looked at as jewels "precious" to God. You also can be one of those jewels, you can be used to help unlock "release " the next move of God. How, you ask? By returning to your prayer closets, by beginning to intercede for and believe God for the impossible, by spending quality time with your Lord and submitting to the Spirit of God.
As you seek the Lord ask Him how to intercede for what He wants to do in this generation and whatever He tells you to do, obey Him.

4. This move of God has already started and some have already walked in it.

The first visit to the boat represents a prior visitation of the Holy Spirit. When I first came to the ship it was completely submerged under the water, yet I was able to walk on its deck, waist deep in the water. The ship was under water "hidden from the view of the world" and out of site, yet I was walking on it. This represents a prior move of the Holy Spirit which only a small remnant will walk in. Those who are truly prophetic have already seen and walked into this great outpouring even though it is still hidden from the masses.

When I left the ship for some time this represents that this prior move will seem to subside for some time only to return in a much greater measure, when I came back to the ship it was now breaking the surface and visible and this second visitation will be the full outpouring of God's Spirit in a much greater measure then the previous visitation. Although it will appear as coming in two waves of visitation, this will all be part of the same move of the Holy Spirit.

5. Only a remnant of the Church will enter into this move of God.

During my first visit to the ship while it was yet under water, I walked on it alone. Myself being a prophet of the Lord, would take that to mean that during the first wave of this visitation, only those who are prophetic will enter into it. During my second visit I noticed someone else walking the deck as well and would take that to represent the apostolic move, possibly. Then later we were joined by others which I would take to represent the remnant church. But overall their were not many that had seen the ship and I believe that only a small remnant of the Church will enter into this move of the Holy Spirit. Those who do enter in will be used by the Lord to bring in the final Harvest before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ to rule and reign from His throne in the New Jerusalem.

6. The Titanic also represents America and the American economy.

When the Titanic left on its maiden voyage many claimed it was unsinkable, they later found out they were wrong. The Titanic represents America and the American stock market. In recent years the stock market has hit all time highs and many have thought that America and the American lifestyle are unsinkable, just like they did about the Titanic. They will again find out that they are wrong. The Titanic breaking the waters surface represents that America is now in the same danger as the Titanic was when sailing through the many icebergs that were all around her. Soon one of those icebergs will rip through the American economy and it will go down just like the Titanic. America and the world are now in danger of a total economic collapse, which will soon be triggered without warning, much like what happened to the Titanic.

7. At the same time as the collapse of the American stock market, there will come a mighty move of the Holy Spirit to bring in the Final Harvest.

We are now to intercede for the souls that God will bring to Himself in the troubled days that lie just ahead. With the collapse of the economy people will be looking for help and looking for answers, we need to now intercede that during the troubled times ahead that the church will be empowered by the Spirit of God to minister to the lost and bring in the Final Harvest.

Dreams and Visions Supersite-

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November 22 2002


11-17-2002 by Judy Curmi

Events in the world are soon going to start becoming very "tough". I will shake and shake. People are going to shake and tremble for what is about to come upon them. Knees will knock and grow weak. Teeth will chatter and people’s blood will run cold. Great evil is about to be released according to Satan’s very own "end time plan."

You are not to participate or get involved in this fear. You are to follow me! You are to listen to my voice and seek me diligently.

Satan has one set of plans and I have another. He thinks he can check mate me, but it is the other way around. Soon I will check mate him for good and he will be washed up-finished.

In the meantime many things will be happening, often at a dizzying pace. There are many end time prophecies to be fulfilled and not nearly as much time remaining as people think. It will even seem as though time is compressed.

Events are going to spin out of control- out of and beyond the hands of certain men who think they can use coercion or otherwise manipulate the world to get what they want.

I know those who belong to me and those who are determined to never serve me, no matter what the final cost to themselves might be. I am "lining up my ducks" so to speak for a grand display of my majesty and my power. This will be the first of many displays. It will be sudden and unexpected.

No one can coerce me into doing what they want, nor can my timing be changed. YOU HAVE ENTERED INTO THE FINAL SEASON PROCEEDING THE RETURN OF MY SON. It will seem in some ways like an eternal winter, with howling winds and lashing waves. All of creation will groan and the earth will tremble in travail. The powers of the heavens will be shaken. I will bring down governments and I will bring down nations.

I am going to make myself known among the heathen and the pagans. Eyes will open and mouths will drop in astonishment at some of the things that I am going to do. My own will recognize it is ME doing these things, as others flounder and feel that they are about to sink.

Emotions will run very strong. You must keep yours under control. Do not dwell upon those things which are meant to cause fear, but feast on me in your chamber instead. I am always available and I am not going to go away.

In fact, as the return of my Son draws closer, my Presence on the earth will intensify. There are those who will recognize it while others will be so caught up in what is happening in the world they will not be able to think clearly at all. They will be able to neither see nor hear, but only react.

Guard your heart will all diligence!

Your Loving ABBA


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November 02 2002

judgment of God is rising against America

The prophecy number refers to: year month date.number that day

2002 10 29.1

For the judgment of God is rising against America. Canada shall not
escape. Many nations shall be judged in the next few days, months,
and years. I have delivered many nations to be judged.

Now, says the Lord, is the time to call for the repentance of a
nation. There are those who call unto Me to say, "forgive America,"
but I say judgment will fall. Only repentance can save a nation.

Calling on Me for protection, but not repenting, does not bring
protection; but rather judgment. For only a true cry unto Me, and a
turning from sin, can change the course I have stated.

Thomas S. Gibson <>
1125 - 6 Ave, Wainwright, AB, T9W 1G2 Canada
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October 27 2002

Coming will be a day in which discrimination
and persecutions against My uncompromising people will grow to
frightening proportions

The prophecy number refers to: year month date.number that day

2002 10 26.1

For thus says the Lord. Coming will be a day in which discrimination
and persecutions against My uncompromising people will grow to
frightening proportions. There shall come in both Canada and the U.S.
a persecution that will never be equalled in these two countries.

Never before will the people be so strong against those who call
themselves by My name and hold the Bible as the true and
uncompromising Word of God. Never before will there be such power
against My people.

But during this time My people will rise up in the strength of their
Lord and do might works and deeds. For this will be the time of true
revival, and I will be in their midst, says the Lord.

Thomas S. Gibson <>
1125 - 6 Ave, Wainwright, AB, T9W 1G2 Canada
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October 25 2002

>From: "Susan Cummings"
>Vision of The Throne and The Prophets
>I am walking down a long corridor. It is long and narrow and the walls are made of a clear substance. They are not glass, but they are clear. I cannot see anything outside of the walls as I am walking, but I know that they are clear. The floor is also, it seems that the whole hallway is a long tube of clear passage that is filled with Light. I have a sense of moving forward as I look around. I am not afraid or even concerned. I have a sense of purpose and that I am going to meet someone at the end of this corridor.
>As I come to the end of this corridor, I come to a door. It is a very tall and heavy door. It has very deep etchings in the door that I do not recognize. I run my hand over the etchings, and feel their shapes. I am aware of time itself as I stand there. The door is Time. The etchings are the generations that have passed, and the ones to come. I have come to the place of Time and am about to pass through it.
>When I thought about this, the door opened. Great Light filled the place behind the Door. I walked passed the Door and was amazed to see such brilliance all around Me. The Room I am standing in is full of Light that is shining everywhere all at once. The Light is like liquid Light that shines with every color flowing in everything and everywhere. It looks like liquid that is flowing in the air, but it is not. Like a substance that can be felt but it is not able to be held. The Living Light of the Lord is very real and is alive.
>As I am looking all around me at this Living Light, I feel that I am to continue walking. So I start walking and I come to a small room of sorts. It has a feeling of softness about it. I feel comfort here. The light in this room is soft and refreshing. The walls are covered in tapestries with designs in them. I walk up to one and it is very beautiful with small roses and leaves woven into the hanging. I touch it and it is warm to the touch. I am also stunned that it moves and has a life of it’s own, as I touched it. It is as if it responded to my touch. I run my hand over the tapestry and I feel peace and love and great delight as I feel it’s softness and textures. It is then that I realize that the Living Essence of the Lord fills everything here. I turn and notice that the door has shut behind me.
>I turn around and see that an opening is at the end of this room. A huge tapestry is pulled back and I am to go through that to the other side. I reluctantly leave the comfort of this room. It is like I step through the tapestry and I am immediately in an Immense Room. This room is full of Light and the Presence of the Lord. I am shaking as I look at the Beauty of the Room. There is such an awesome stillness that I am caught up, and I take a deep breath.
>In front of me is the Throne of the Lord. Around the Throne is a rainbow of Light that emanates from the Lord. It has the Living Colors that I saw in the Light of the first room, but these were very pronounced and very vivid. Each color of the Rainbow was singing. It was the colors were worshipping the Lord as they shone all around Him. The sound of their song carried throughout the room and filled everywhere. Not only did the Light fill everything, but the sound of their song did also. It was alive and of His Spirit. The Song filled me with awe and I was caught up worshipping the Lord also with them.
>The Lord was sitting on the Throne but I could not see Him for the Glory that emanated from Him. But I could feel Him, and I fell down and worshipped Him. I sang with the Living Colors and the Living Light. I worshipped and wept before Him. I don’t know how long I was there, but there was no other desire there than to worship Him.
>I then felt a strong pull to turn around. I turned and I saw many people who were standing behind me. They were men, women, and children, and they were all waiting before the Lord. They had garments on that were woven, and fell to their feet. There were garments of every color worn in the group. Many had the same color but all had a distinct color just for them. I noticed that they all had gold bands on their foreheads, and gold bracelets on their arm. I was curious about the jewelry so I asked one of them why they wore them.
>A man answered me and said, “ The golden bands on our foreheads and arm represent the complete surrender of our lives to the Lord, and we have become His bondslaves. He has marked us with His Mark and has placed His Token upon us. We are His Possession, and He is ours. We have chosen Him as our Portion.” I looked at His golden headband and I suddenly desired that I could also be the Lord’s bondslave. I felt such a hunger well up within me that I began to panic. The man said to me,” Do not fear. The Lord has already marked you. You could not pass through the Chamber without being His.” I was surprised, and I reached up and felt my forehead. There was a gold headband there! I looked and there was a gold bracelet. I could not figure out why I had not felt them before. The man said to me, “The reason you did not feel them is that they have become a part of you. They are not separate from you and do not move or can they be removed. When the Lord redeemed you and made you His own, you are fully His. What He places upon you becomes a part of you and is in you.” I was overwhelmed with a sudden feeling of gratefulness and of how human I am. I felt that I did not deserve this, yet, I had such a peace that I was calmed.
>Then the man stepped back into the crowd of people. I stood there, and I wondered what to do. As I thought about the Lord’s provision for the people there, I heard a sound of wind blowing begin to stir in the room. I turned and saw a wondrous sight. In front of me was a Living Whirlwind of color and wind. It was swirling before me. I was not afraid, yet I sensed that it was Holy and that I could not come near it. The whirlwind was alive and flowing. The wind was blowing in it and it was speaking. I tried to understand what the Whirlwind was saying but I could not. It was a very powerful voice and it was Spirit. I knew it was Spirit. I knew it was the Lord. I knew it was speaking, but it was not open to me. I began to grieve, that I could not understand the Voice. I looked all around me, hoping to find someone who could tell me what the Voice of the Whirlwind was saying. No one moved.
>I cried out to the Lord, and wept. “Lord, help me to understand what you are speaking. For I know that you have called me. I know that you have made me your own, yet I cannot understand what is being spoken.” Then, I felt a touch on my right arm. Beside me was the Most Holy Spirit. I knew Him! I was so overwhelmed that I cried and felt very weak. I sat down and wept. He touched me on my head and I felt strength come back into me.
>He said to me, “ Your journey has been long. You have gone through the Valley of the Shadow of Death and you have come into the Glorious Light of My Truth. I led you through the Corridor of Light so that you could see Me and know the True from the False. The Corridor of Time is where all of My Prophets walk. Each prophet has a chosen path and time to fulfill. You have come to yours.”
>“When you came to your destiny, I brought you through into My Chambers. Here I comforted you and brought you into My Love. That is why you were drawn there and desired it so much. You felt the Tapestries of My Love and began to partake of it’s comfort. As you became one with Me and with My Love I began to lead you into My Presence here. It is here that all of My Prophets receive their Portion and their Mandates.”
>As he spoke to me, I felt strength pouring into me. It was as if I was alive for the first time. I felt a surging force pulsing through my veins and I felt light and like I was shining inside of me. I could not see it, but it was there. I had become new and was living with Him flowing through me, in a way that I had not known before.
>Then He said to me, “Today, I brought you here. I have called you to speak My Truth. You now have your Portion and your I am giving you your Mandate. Each of My Prophets receives His Mandate from Me, and they only come as I draw them here. What you have seen are those who are chosen by Me and who wait before Me. They wait upon Me and they do not go forth on their own. When I call them, they come forward and receive from Me their assignments and they go forth in My Name.”
>“For many have tried to come on their own and with their own purposes, but I do not know them. They do not walk in My Light of Truth, nor have they been in My Chamber. They do not have the Token of My Covenant upon them, nor do they walk in My Love. You will know them by their fruit and by the spirit that they carry. I say carry because they do not have My Holy Spirit living within them, but they have given themselves over to other spirits that drive them. What they bring forth does not give Life nor does it illuminate the darkness, nor set does it set My People free, but brings greater bondage and confusion.”
>“The Light of My Truth burns within you. Speak My Word. Time stands before you, and it awaits your coming forth. Your destiny is to speak My Word and to set My People free.” As I was listening to Him, someone came up to me. A man handed me a box. It was a gold box with ornate carving on it. I trembled as I took the box from him. I was afraid to open the box, and I felt the fear rising up inside of me. I knew there was a high cost that came with this box. I shook, but I said to myself that I am the Lord’s and I will not fear. So I slowly opened the box.
>Inside of the box was a single scroll. It was a pale brown color and it was tied with a gold cord, as well as having a red seal on it. I touched it and I felt my hair begin to stand on it’s end. Instant fear overcame me, and I nearly dropped the box. I looked wildly around me, and saw that the man was still there. I was overcome with relief that he was there, but I was afraid of the scroll. He said to me, “ What you feel is right. You should feel fear, but what you feel is the Fear of the Lord. It is a Holy Fear that all of God’s Prophets will know. What you will walk in and what you will speak is Holy. The Lord’s Word is Holy. Man will know that the Lord is Holy. Man will reverence Him as such.”
>I felt comfort then, and I began to relax some. I picked up the scroll and the man took the box from me. I held it in my hand and it fit like it was made for my hand. It was a small scroll yet it was weighty and full. I was thinking about the scroll when the man beside me spoke. He said to me, “Take the scroll and eat it. I looked at him and I laughed. I thought about Jeremiah and his eating the scroll. The man said,” All of the Prophets of the Lord must partake of the Word before they can give it. You must eat it, and the Word will live within you, and you will release it at the Lord’s Command.”
>So, I ate the scroll. It looked like paper, but it was not. It was alive, yet it was not. Somehow, it contained the same Living Essence that everything had, and yet it could be partaken of. So I ate it and it tasted like sweet bread. After I ate it, I became aware of a great surging inside of me. I felt great strength and yet, great grief building up within me. I began to tremble and to feel very heavy with burden. I did not understand why I was feeling this.
>The Holy Spirit came near me again, and touched my shoulders. He said to me, “You feel what I feel. You are beginning to feel My Heart, and My Pain. You must know both to be able to speak for Me. What you have partaken of will be your companion as you walk the earth. You will know My Love and My Pain. You will partake of My word and it’s fullness and you will speak to My People.”
>“Many claim to know Me. They have never partaken of My Life nor have they known My Sufferings. They cannot know the depths of My Love nor the complete surrender that comes from Sacrifice. What is Holy can never be understood in the flesh. They have never allowed me in to confront their darkness and to bring them the Truth. They have chosen to remain in the darkness. It is time for the Truth to come forth.”
>“You will know My Love and My Pain. You will know My Truth. You will walk with Me and will keep My Word. I have chosen you and you will walk in Me. My Word is Alive. Few reverence My Word. Few show any respect for My Word. Few accept My word as True and walk in it. But I have brought you here, and now you will begin to Live My Word. You will speak what I will bring forth through your Life. All of My Prophets live My Word. It is a part of them that they cannot separate. What you speak, will be performed by Me. For I AM the WORD. I AM the TRUTH. I AM the LIFE of men.”
>I felt comfort fill me as He spoke. I felt His touch and it gave me Hope. I was so overwhelmed with the whole event that when his peace ran through me, I felt weak. I sat down and waited for the emotions to settle within me. I looked at all of the people that stood before His Throne. I felt a love for them that I had not felt before. I felt one with them.
>Everything faded before me………and I was alone.
>Susan Cummings
>10:30 pm

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October 17 2002


-Bill Burns <>

The following is a warning that I gave on the Feast of Conclusion
on October 21, 2000:
"Satan will intensify his assault against truth, and false doctrine
will be reinforced and promoted by those who are taken by the
spirit of deception. The spirit of deception (error) will find a
stronghold in all of those who hold to any position of self-agenda
and self-promotion."

That prophetic warning has already come to pass as false doctrine
has infiltrated the Third Day Church.


These three polluted streams (doctrines) that have begun to flow
out of the prophetic ranks are:

1. Those who are flowing together and teaching that there is no
such thing as the catching away of the Church (rapture). In order
to do this they have to "spiritualize" the scriptures that Paul
wrote in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 and 1 Corinthians 15:35-37.

These are the same people who are also teaching that the Book
of Revelation doesn't have to do with the events of the last days.
Instead, they are spiritualizing these scriptures in such a manner
that events, which are clearly outlined in the Book of Revelation,
are reduced to allegories that pertain to the Christian life.

2. Another stream that is also flowing out of the prophetic is that
of legalism. These people are declaring that we must keep the
Saturday Sabbath. Again, these people are clearly ignoring the
true meaning of the word of God. The apostle Paul clearly
addresses the law in Galatians chapters three through five. The
Sabbath that we keep is the seventh day of God, which we are
now in, and every day is a holy day in which we honor the
Lord and live for Him.

3. The third false doctrine that is flowing in these days is
coming from those who espouse the doctrine of universal
reconciliation, also called the gospel of inclusion. This doctrine
states that God will save everybody, and that includes those
who don't receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Most
of these people do not believe in eternal punishment. Again,
they are forced to deny the written word of God and refrain
from a literal interpretation of the Word.


These doctrines seem to be growing in strength, and the streams
are becoming rivers as they gather those who are being seduced
by the spirit of error. I believe that doctrine will be that which
separates the true worshipers of God from the false - those who
promote the lies of the enemy. Beware of those who say all of
these streams must flow together. Beware of those who say that
we must lay aside what we believe for the sake of unity. This is a
pseudo-unity and would be powerless because the Word of
God would be compromised.


Satan is also trying to muddy the pure waters that flow from the
throne of God by causing people to prophesy out of their own
spirits rather than by the Holy Spirit. These words can be
doctrinally correct, but they are not coming from the throne of
God. In like manner some are prophesying judgment out of a
spirit of bitterness. God will not allow His prophets to speak
judgment unless they are willing to carry the burden of those
who are to be judged. In other words, the prophet will be required
to pray extensively for those who will become victims of God's
judgment. This pattern is set forth in the scriptures, and God
will not allow His patterns to be broken. What is happening was
prophesied by the apostle Paul:

1 Timothy 4:1-2: "Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter
times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving
spirits and doctrines of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy,
having their own conscience seared with a hot iron."


The year 2003 will be an extremely significant year for the Third
Day Church because it is the third year from the birth of the
Third Day Church.

The Warfare:
The Church has been involved in unusually intense warfare for
two years as Satan has tried to abort God's purposes for His
Third Day Church. In the year 2003 those who have persisted
in the battle will begin to experience tremendous victories over
the kingdom of darkness. The justice of God will prevail over the
enemy... Expect an escalation in the war, but also expect to
be victorious over every attack of the enemy.

A Time of Prophetic Release:
2003 is the year of prophetic release into the fullness of the
Third Day anointing. Resurrection power will begin to be
demonstrated in this, the third year of the Third Day Church.
The first two years have been for the purpose of imparting the
vision of the Third Day. These have been days of preparation
so that we are equipped to enter into the fullness of God's
purposes in the Day of His Power.

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October 05 2002

This nation will be propelled into war.

I pray that these prophetic messages will bring life and illumination from the Father unto you; give glory back unto Him, and help us in this hour. His servant---Stephen Hanson


Oct. 5, 2002

ISA 2:4 He will judge between the nations and will settle disputes for many peoples. They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore.

(I send out this word realizing that it is one that is not certain yet. I send it out also with a certain about of trepidation and thought. All prophetic words need to be tested and this one probably even more. It isn't difficult to test a word that concerns something that is of a comforting nature or one that builds us up and edifies us. God also wants us to be forewarned and to be ready in the face of danger as well. This one speaks of the future. I realize the implications of it and trust that God will fulfill His word. We live in perilous times, and because of that, He has called us to be strong and to have fortitutude of character and resolve. )

"This nation will be propelled into war. The events that are leading up to the decisions of the United States will be clearly seen by all. There will be ramifications of this decision. For this nation will face a myriad of things because of it. The ruthlessness of this leader and his persistence to carry out his crime, will test the people of the United States more than anything it has yet faced. The fortification of buildings and the strength of your resolve will not save you. But there is a strength and a resolve that will run much deeper than this."

"Your high tower will not be your nation but it will be Me, says the Lord. Through sorrow and through grief, you will still be sustained. You America have stood the tests of many things. Even though you have been ravaged you will not fall. You will spring forth from the ashes of this war. You will not be utterly cast down, says the Lord. But there will be captivity given to those who have gone into their country."

"The land of ancient Babylon will fall, says the Lord, and this ruler will come unto captivity as well. But even as this ruler falls there will be others who rise up. In the mist of the turmoil and in the midst of the bloodshed, there will be alliances formed with new partners. You will know who your friends are and you will know who your enemies are as well. You will know those you can trust. You will know those nations by their standards, says the Lord."

"Oh America, you are a nation that has faced many wars, but this one will propel you into many things. You will not escape the onslaught and you will not escape the crisis, but you will rise above it. And it will come unto a great end, the great end of the ages, says the Lord. And it will be the end of all wars at that time, says the Lord. That will be the end of all suffering and that will be the end of all pain. And you America, will be sustained through the battle, says your God. You will be found in freedom after this. You will not escape the sword entirely, but you will find peace afterwards."

Stephen Hanson

***I would like to thank those who have contributed to this ministry at this time. Your giving is important, whatever it has been. Would you consider a monthly amount to help out with this ministry? Thank you.

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September 25 2002

the wrath of God is about to
fall on America

The prophecy number refers to: year month date.number that day

2002 09 24.1

Thus says the Lord. Watch and wait for the wrath of God is about to
fall on America. Stay fast on Me, says the Lord. Watch and wait for
My deliverance; but not the world's!

There is coming a time when My people will only be able to walk with
Me by My power. There will be such disaster and persecutions that
they can only be saved by daily walking with the Lord. Any turn to
the world, to depend on it for their needs, will result in much
trouble. For I am the Lord and they must depend on Me.

Listen and learn. When you see the next judgment on the U.S., both
Canada and the United States will be in fear for their future. For
they will turn to evil more and more; therefore, I will judge them
more and more.

Thomas S. Gibson <>
1125 - 6 Ave, Wainwright, AB, T9W 1G2 Canada
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September 11 2002

"Your nation will initiate attacks against Iraq," the Lord said to me. "

Euroclydon - by Hollie L. Moody
Sep 11, 2002

Published by Pam Clark
Web Site: Email:

by Hollie L. Moody (
(September 7th, 2002)

Knowing how and when to proceed to share these things has been difficult. I have proceeded cautiously and with much prayer and fasting. I pray that those of you who read these words, do so prayerfully. May each of you have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying.


Acts 27:14 ~~ "But not long after there arose against it a tempestuous wind, called Euroclydon."

As the Lord and I were in the little wooden boat, a storm arose against us from the East. In the natural, there's nothing I love more than a thunderstorm. This storm, however, was extremely unsettling to me. I sensed it was not only a storm in the natural realm, but in the spiritual realm also. I felt there were actual demonic influences working in and through this storm.

"I want My children to know when to sleep through a storm and when to be awake and prayerful through a storm," the Lord said to me. "This storm in particular is a time of high alert. It is not a time for My children to be asleep. Look closely at this storm, child."

As I looked closer into the storm, I began to see the shapes of the demons I had at first only suspected were there. To my surprise, these demons were wearing clothes pertaining to religions and religious denominations from all the nations of the world. Some of these items of clothing appeared to be of the occult.

"This is a perverse spirit of religion," the Lord said to me. "A wave of false religion is being unleashed against your nation and all the nations of the world. At first, it will give the appearance of being Truth, or being new revelations coming from Me.

"There will be a tremendous interest generated into all things spiritual. There will be a revival both of that which is Truth, and that which is false. This will be closely followed by attacks against that which is truly the Truth of My Word.

"In your nation and in many other nations in particular, this wave of false religion will be directed mainly towards younger people. These young people who will be susceptible to this spirit are those who greatly desire a cause to commit themselves unto. If My children do not give them a cause to serve Me, the enemy will."

The Lord and I watched as the storm of demons swept past us. I was able to somehow see as this storm of perverse religious demons struck and entered every nation of the world.

Even though the storm of demons had left the Lord and I, the water our little wooden boat was upon continued to churn.

Suddenly, I saw the head of a large golden dragon push itself up out of the sea. I had seen this dragon in previous visions, and recognized it. The Lord and I watched silently as the dragon emerged fully from the depths of the sea. The dragon was floating upon the surface of the water. I could see that its tail was extremely long. Its tail had coiled around many nations of the world. I saw with horror that the golden dragon's tail was also partly in my nation and was beginning to try to coil completely around my nation.

I then noticed the talons of the golden dragon. These talons were long and sharp and were plunged into the midst of many nations. I saw the tip of one of the dragon's talons embedded in my nation. The dragon was trying without appearing to do so to embed more of its talons into my nation.

Even though they were aware that the dragon was in their midst, few of the nations seemed to comprehend that they were under the complete control of this golden dragon .

"What is this golden dragon?" I asked the Lord.

"It is the spirit of a nation," the Lord replied.

"Which nation?" I asked the Lord.

"China," the Lord answered me.

"China has for the most part been working in secret and unseen ways," the Lord continued. "With China, there is always more than is at first apparent. At this time, China has made pacts with the enemies of your own nation and also of other nations. They are and have been secretly training and financing these people. These people are unaware that they are only a tool and a pawn in the hands of China. They are dispensable to China and she will not be loyal to them when that need arises for them to have her aide.

"China has already placed many influential people in your country and also in other countries as sources of information. The spirit of China is a very real enemy to your nation. I would have My children to be alert and prayerful to every move China makes in the coming days," the Lord said to me.

"Behold!" the Lord said to me and pointed into the distance.

I looked to where the Lord was pointing and realized that it was the nations of the Middle East. I saw the nation of Iraq as if it were a giant booby trap.

"Your nation will initiate attacks against Iraq," the Lord said to me. "These attacks will begin a series of world wide collapses. There is much opposition to an attack and invasion against Iraq, but the opposition will greatly lessen when Iraq begins a series of actions that will be extremely troubling to many other nations. This matter is ordained of Me," the Lord continued.

I then saw a large angel holding a bottle over the nation of Israel. The angel began to pour the bottle out over Israel. I saw as a clear, thick substance came out of the bottle. When the substance struck the ground of Israel, it changed into a thick, black substance.

"What is this substance?" I asked the Lord.

"Oil," the Lord replied. "This oil represents My Spirit being poured out on Israel. It also represents the fact that there is oil in Israel. I tell you this truly, child: there is oil in Israel. It will be discovered as a result of an attack against Israel by one of her enemies. This attack will at first be crippling to Israel, yet she will recover, for I am with her."

By this time, the little wooden boat the Lord and I were in had reached the shore. As we got out of the boat, I saw that the other little boats that had been with us were also pulling up to shore. Many of the people who got out of their boat were weary. They appeared completely demoralized and depressed. Many of them simply collapsed onto the shore after getting out of their boats.

I watched as two groups of people began to form.

One group began to walk away from the beach. They were weeping and praying as they went. I saw that this group of people was warriors.

The other group of people began to gather around those who were collapsed on the ground. I watched as they began to minister to and comfort each person on the ground. After a time, they encouraged the person they were with to get back to their feet. When the person was finally able to stand to their feet again, the person who had been with them to minister to them, put their arm around that person. I saw that they were actually keeping that person from falling again by having the person lean fully upon them.

"There is a need right now," the Lord explained to me, "for many of My children to be comforted and encouraged. They are weary and frightened by many of the things happening around them and to them. They have been under severe and constant attacks and are in danger of succumbing to those attacks. I need many of My children to gather around these weary ones and sustain them with their prayers and presence. This is a time to comfort those who are in mourning.

"Many of My children are weary, and even disgusted and disbelieving, of the many warnings that have been going forth," the Lord said to me. "They are wearied of words of judgment, and are angry at those who utter them. These words are given to prepare My children for the coming evil days. They are not given to destroy My children.

"There are some who have abused My warnings and words of judgment. They know not My heart and have abused the words of warning and judgment I have given to them. I tell you truly, child, I love judgment. I have prepared My throne for judgment. Judgment is always a result of breaking My covenants. Those who have not broken My covenants have no need to fear judgment. When My judgment does eventually fall, it comes with truth, and with the promise of restoration and forgiveness if there is repentance."

I watched as the second group of people began to follow after the first group of people. I began to hear the sounds of a tremendous array of voices. I saw lightning and heard loud thunder. The earth beneath my feet was moving and splitting wide open in places.

"What is this, Lord?" I cried out. "What's happening?"

After my frightened question, there was an intense silence. Then, I heard the Lord's still, small voice behind me saying:

"I will lead My children and guide them in the way that they should take. I will be a light unto them. Fear not, My little ones. Fear not."

I became aware of small paths of light that were guiding these groups of people. These paths of light were cutting through the intense darkness of the world.

"My children have no need to be fearful or to fear the things occurring in the world around them," the Lord said to me. "For I am with them. I will never leave them or forsake them. I hold them in the palm of My hand. Their feet will not stumble if they keep their eyes on Me and not on the things happening around them. I have already told My children in My Word to expect the things that are occurring in their world. I have told them to watch and pray. Once more, I warn My children to watch and pray. Watch and pray."

In Him,
~~ Hollie L. Moody


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