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Men's Auxiliary



Article X-Posts

Add Section 2 Pertaining to Men's Auxiliary

Section 2 Men's Auxiliary

A. A Post in the Department may form a Men's Auxiliary in accordance with Article XIII of the National By-Laws, Manual of Procedure, and procedures and rules established by the Department.

B. Each Men's Auxiliary shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Post under which it is affiliated. It shall also be subject to the jurisdiction of the Department Commander and the Council of Administration of the Department of Ohio.

C. Each Men's Auxiliary shall function in accordance with the By-Laws of the Department of Ohio and the Post with which it is affiliated or lawful orders issued by the Department Council of Administration or the Department Commander.

Passed at the State Convention held in Columbus, Ohio, June 28, 2002

VFW Department of Ohio

Amendment B-15 (Summery)

  • Establishes a Men's Auxiliary to VFW.
  • If Post members choose to have a men's auxiliary for their Post, they must approve it by a two-thirds majority, according to the amendment's wording.
  • Eligibility is limited to husbands, widowers, fathers and sons of eligible VFW members.
  • Prospective members of a men's auxiliary must be at least 16 years old.

    VFW Post 8673 Mens Auxiliary

    All Interested and Elligible Men contact VFW Post 8673

    VFW Post 8673
    2825 E Leffel Ln
    Springfield, OH 45505-4537
    Phone: 937-325-5047
    Fax: 831-307-7235

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