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The world of thamizh internet is connected with lakhs of computers which are filled with lots of
thamizh fonts, whose standards are either internationally recogonised or not.This webpage is having
most of the thamizh fonts are revolving around the thamizh internet. Even internationally recogonised
thamizh glyph standards have various forms, such as Unicode, TSCII, TAB and TAM. Yet the thamizh
font users around this universe are struggling to come into a conclussion to accept and use one
common glyph standard. Anyhow currently TSCII is mostly used and this is not compatible with
the two byte Unicode which might be the future for the fonts of all the languages in this world.

We thamizh computer and internet users are also having a history about the evolution of use of
thamizh fonts in computers. Lot of thamizh-interested people around the globe developed many
softwares that astonished the users to have their computers enabled with thamizh in one way or
another. Right from my under graduation(1995), one among my basic interest is this enabling.
I developed a DOS based thamizh editor as my final year project,with having my own font standard
which was an ASCII based bilingual font scheme. When I began to walk through the internet,
I came across lot of thamizh fonts. I started to collect and categorise them. Sofar my collection
contains only TTF (True Type Font Format) fonts.

With immense pleasure I am now sharing all my thamizh font collections with you.
I trust that, you will be using the most standardised fonts among these collection and
hope that these fonts will be of great use to you.

Thank You

Hail Thamizh