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Match Report below

Match Stats: -

Japan 2-2 Belgium
Suzuki 59
Inamoto 68 
Wilmots 57
Van Der Heyden 75

Man of the Match: Junichi Inamoto (Japan)


           12-Seigo Narazaki 
             3-Naoki Matsuda 
             4-Ryuzo Morioka (17-Tsuneyasu Miyamoto 72) 
           16-Koji Nakata 
           22-Daisuke Ichikawa 
             5-Junichi Inamoto 
           21-Kazuyuki Toda 
             7-Hidetoshi Nakata 
           18-Shinji Ono (14-Alex 64) 
           11-Takayuki Suzuki (8-Hiroaki Morishima 70) 
           13-Atsushi Yanagisawa
1-Geert De Vlieger 
           16-Daniel Van Buyten 
             4-Eric Van Meir 
           15-Jacky Peeters 
           12-Peter Van Der Heyden 
           18-Yves Vanderhaeghe 
             6-Timmy Simons 
           10-Johan Walem (9-Wesley Sonck 70) 
             8-Bart Goor 
           11-Gert Verheyen (20-Branko Strupar 83) 
             7-Marc Wilmots

Referee: William Mattus (Costa Rica)
Linesmen: Haidar Koleit (Liberia) Yuri Dupanov (Belarus)


Match Report: -

After a not-so-exciting 1st half, it all kicked off in the 2nd, with the opening goal coming from Wilmots of Belgium, only for his goal to be cancelled out 2 minutes later from a strike from Suzuki. The match was tense and close throughout and then it only needed Japan to take the lead for the first time in the 68th minute from arsenal's Inamoto, who scored a cracker. But all credit to Belgium as they equalised through Van Der Heyden 15 minutes from time. It was end to end stuff in an explosive 2nd half which proved the game a real classic.