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Match Report below

Match Stats:

Croatia 0-1 Mexico
  Blanco 60


             1-Stipe Pletikosa
             6-Boris Zivkovic
           21-Robert Kovac
             3-Josip Simunic
           17-Robert Jarni
             4-Stjepan Tomas
           14-Zvonimir Soldo
           10-Niko Kovac
             8-Robert Prosinecki (5-Milan Rapaic 46)
             9-Davor Suker (15-Daniel Saric 64)
           11-Alen Boksic (13-Mario Stanic 67)

1-Oscar Perez
             5-Manuel Vidrio
             4-Rafael Marquez
           16-Salvador Carmona
             7-Ramon Morales
           19-Gabriel Caballero
             6-Gerardo Torrado
           11-Braulio Luna
           13-Sigifredo Mercado
            10-Cuauhtemoc Blanco (17-Francisco Palencia 79)
              9-Jared Borgetti (15-Luis Hernandez 68)

Referee: Jun Lu (China)
Linesmen: Komaleeswaran Sankar (India) Taoufik Adjengui (Tunisia)


Match Report: -

 A single goal from Blanco 15 minutes after the restart was enough to ensure 3 points for mexico in their opening group match. The match seemed very close as both teams couldn't open the scoring within the first half of play. The teams were evenly matched and croatia never seemed to be at their best, as the match saw 3 changes to the croatian attack. Mexico will welcome these 3 points as they may prove worthy in the closing stages of the tournament.