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Scott Slaughter (Scotty)

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I have been friends with Scotty around 4 years, I met him through my cousin that was in the seals with him. When he came through North Carolina I got to meet him personaly and got to know him better. I'm going to miss him dearly, as well as many others.

The following words come from a friend of his in Hawaii.

Scotty was my leading PO in UDT-21's SDV platoon for a couple of years in the early 1970's.
He was, without a doubt, one of the most unforgettable people I have ever met.
One of those soft-spoken, modest types who was at the top of his field, tough as nails, and always setting a good example for the younger guys.
He had some amazing tales about Cuba and the CIA in the 1960's.
Scotty was such a good SDV pilot that we over-used him.
Had there ever been an SDV mission for us, he would have been the guy I would have had sitting in front of me.
His legacy includes the powerhead, SDV's and much diving experimental and tactical work.
His shark stories (dug out of him under pressure) would humble you as a diver.
An expert in electronics and diving systems, Scotty could design or fix just about anything.
He was such a pleasure to have around, and, for an officer, a comfort to have backing you up.
His big smile and dancing eyes were infectious.
He was conservative, yet he would (and could) "go for it" in a minute if that's what was needed.
To me, he represented all the best qualities we look for in the Teams.
I wish the guys today could have been exposed to him.