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Game Concepts

Rising Moon

Rising Moon is something I schemed up one night when I couldn't sleep. Also, I think playing too many video games might have helped. I'm actually hoping to pitch this to a game design company some day. Here's a bit of the info on the game and characters so far.


Millenia ago an ancient cult known as the No-cho'ken (Shadow Walkers) wished to rule the world. Gathering and Plotting for months, the No-cho'ken rallied their troops to prepare for battle on the eve of the summer solstice.

Fearing the fate that would surely await them, a small band of preists of the tribes - Human, wolf, Monkey, Eagle and Tiger - had pleaded with the Great Spirits for the strength to defeat the growing masses of No-cho'ken.

On the eve of the solstice, the No-cho'ken attacked with fury. Cities were seiged and fell within hours. The people of the tribes had lost hope - the No-cho'ken were too strong.

Gazing up at the sky the moon was bright and round. A perfect night for such a conquest, the No-cho'ken thought. Then a blast of light burst forth from the pale disk in the sky. The No-cho'ken screamed and howled in pain. Their bodies twisted and contorted and began to change. Clothing being torn as bodies grew into grotesque beasts, eyes burned with hatred, and bodies became black and soft - as if no longer solid.

The priests of the tribes had used the last of their strength to cast this spell and fell into despair upon seeing that their enemies had only grown stronger, their gods had forsaken them thought the priests.

As dawn approached the defeated preists hoped that they would be able to see the sun one last time before they would surely be executed. As the first rays of sun broke the horizon, horrible bellows rang out amongst the No-cho'ken - the sun burned them!

The No-cho'ken ran for cover from the burning sun. Cursing their defeat, they took refuge in the caverns underground.

- Gherube, Wolf tribe elder


There are seven tribes on Geia. Wolf, Tiger, Human, Eagle, Monkey, Komodo and the No-cho'ken. While these tribes have different goals and agendas they try to work together to solve common problems.


Physically, the wolves are fast and agile, which makes them adept as hunters. They are bi-pedal, but if the need arises they will move on all fours. Wolves are very social with their own kind, but are wary of outsiders. Their settlements are usually on the fringes of the wilderness.


Eagles are one of the smaller tribes on Geia, and were once considered angels by ancient humans because of the large wings on their backs. Eagles have a more serious nature than other tribes and are often philosophers. Socially the Eagles are accepted by every species and often dwell in the settlements of humans. They are at home on the rocky cliffs of the eastern side of the continent where most of their settlements are located.


The most curious of the species, Monkeys love to joke. They are quite nimble and use this to thier advantage if ever confronted. The Monkeys live in the jungles in small treetop villages, but can be found almost anywhere.


Humans are a rather new species to Geia, and the other tribes have taken it upon themselves to protect this young race and teach them the way of the world.


The Tigers are the strongest of the tribes and also the most headstrong. They usually dwell in the dense jungles of Geia, but in recent times they have begun to populate the towns and villages near by. The Tigers and the Wolves have many rivalries since their niches are very similar, but most of the disagreements are quickly resolved. At the same time it is common to find Tigers and Wolves working and living together in fringe settlements.


The Komodo are an ancient race that has come to live in solitude. It was thier tribe who founded the cult of the No'Cho-ken, and those who were not corrupted by its power live in shame for the trouble their species has caused. They hope to one day clean the name of the Komodo and walk with pride once again.


The No'Cho-ken are an evil and twisted race Comprised of every tribe on Geia. Originally a cult created by the Komodo, they are a mere shadow of thier former selves, and a stain on Komodo history. No'Cho-ken live in the caverns beneath Geia, and can only venture to the surface at night, if they are caught in the sun they quickly perish.

Concept Art

Monkey Clan

Tiger Clan

Wolf Clan

More Wolf Clan



MECHS! is another game concept I've been working on. It's about mechs (go figure). At this point in time, it's going to be designed as a fighter. I think the idea for this was partly spawned from playing to much Virtual On (Sega), and I thought, "hey, there aren't too many mech based fighters out there...and mechs are cool" and so MECHS! was born.

The game is based on the idea of battling mechs in tournements for cash to upgrade your mech. I'm thinking of adding side missions, and the possibility that this might become an action or RPG genre also.

Here's some of the info I've got so far for the game. It's not much right now since I'm kinda busy with work and school.

Phantom Class Mech

Phantom Class

Name: Phantom
Model: X-7
Height: 2.5 Metres
Weight: 3 Tonnes
Speed: 7/10
Armour: 6/10
Weapons: 4/10
Comments: Medium sized mech with a fair amount of armour and slightly above average speed. Weapons consist of a light ion blaster and a beam blade.

Gremlin Class Mech

Name: Gremlin
Model: N/A
Height: 2 Metres
Weight: 2.25 Tonnes
Speed: 8/10
Armour: 6/10
Weapons: 8/10
Comments: A medium sized heavily armed mech with above average attributes. Weapons consist of 2 shoulder mounted particle cannons, an arm blaster and large claws on the forearms.

Bear Class Mech

Name: Bear
Model: Z3
Height: 1.75 Metres
Weight: 3.3 Tonnes
Speed: 4/10
Armour: 10/10
Weapons: 4/10
Comments: This Smaller sized mech is rather slow and not heavily armed. Its armour is incredibly tough which makes up for its shortcomings in other catagories. It is armed with a Gun-arm and mace.

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