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Carp Fever

Last summer my good friend Mike had told me about one of his farmer friends who had a 3/4 acre farm pond that was as clean as a backyard pool. I thought....hmmmnnnn, how could that be? Well, seems that this farmer had some grass carp in his pond and that these fish were anywhere from 3 to 4 feet in length and 20# to 35# in weight. I thought yeah...right!!! Well, for the last two weeks in April, Mike and I had hunted these carp with no success. We would occasionally spot them, but they were way too spooky for a good shot. On the last weekend of May, I decided to go to one of the public State lakes in our area to try my luck at some backwater carp. After 3 hours of shooting, I had shot maybe 20 carp in the 2# to 5# range. On the way home I would pass by this farm where we had seen these huge carp. I decided to stop by since it was a fairly nice day. Well, lo and behold these carp must have been on a "false" spawn (grassies are infertile), and they were not as "spooky" as previously described. The biggest carp I had shot in the past was maybe 8#'s. The first one I shot was pushing 25#'s!!!! After all the shots and misses, Mike and I managed to take 6 of these "monster" carp. Mike had shot the biggest one that was close to 42" and 38#.

Six carp and One Grizzly Recurve

Is that a Submarine?

Can Big Carp Ski?