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Some of my Whitetail Bucks

On November 5, 1999 I had seen this buck at around 7:00 AM with two other bucks at about 300 yards away in a picked cornfield chasing does and fawns. I tried to rattle and grunt him in, but NO LUCK. At around 8:15 AM, I had spotted him at around 200 yards away and running towards my treestand. At 100 yards I grunted and bleated and he stopped. He slowly made his way to my treestand. At 7 yards and slowly walking broadside I drew back my recurve bow and watched as my cedar arrow disappeared behind his left shoulder. He ran about 80 yards and fell down. When I came upon him, I could not believe my eyes. 15 points, 27" inside spread, 182" Gross, 318# live weight!! A TRUE Ohio Hog of a Whitetail Buck!!

On October 28, 2000 After watching this buck come in behind me and mill around for about 35 minutes, I shot this buck at 3 yards!! He was almost straight below me. I was 18 feet up in a cherry tree. My arrow missed his spine and centered his heart; he ran 40 yards before piling up. 8 points, 18" inside spread, 255# live weight. Good Luck and Skill in All of Your Hunting Adventures!!