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Born Quentin Brewer, 2/4/80, IQ 184 Gerryfax test, son of the owner of a herbalist shop.
The herbalist in Seattle is now founded on infusions (shop sells holistic Indian tea)! Before entering school, this naturally observant toddler accrued commendable commitment, exploring physics, trigonometry and latin literature yet observed unadulterated recreation, episodically and daily!
QBrute showing an early curiosity
At school, he unfortunately learnt little, instead seeking his education learning latin, Indian and mathematics with elaborate library learning schedules - library learning and not writing rote, this yields development. In four years of University, Brewer engaged little in education, vetoing everything the holy inquisition suggested, yet once unbridled, avidly read everything and made up ground.
QBrute and Teddy, his only childhood friend