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Ver 1.08 now Released


This is the final ver of the series


UMSSpaceMaine contains all new animation sequences for a new scriptedpawn ver of the spacemarine which can be placed into existing games with "monsterspawn".


A new type of armor "MarineSuits" which has 4 variations. Jungle marine suit, Arctic marine suit,

Desert marine suit and SpaceMarine Suit. Unlike other armors, the marinesuits are actually worn by the player or bots and contain radar and marine voice ability.

Select voices from the voice menu or use hotkeys which can also be created from within its own menu system.

Each suit also comes with its own special abilities, self recharging armor and power supply.


Duke Nukem style tripwire mines and a mutator that places the suits and tripwires into any map.


Supports both Unreal1 and UT 99


Works in just about any Unreal1 or UT game type an has team support.


Is to be released in Firestorm and RTNP2U projects but thought it might be enjoyed also as a stand alone mod.


Available in the Mods section


Jurassic Dinosaurs monsterpack


Jurassic is a monsterpack that comes with 9 new models of dinosaurs that were back in the jurassic age. Jurassic is a free to use monsterpack that you can add to your maps or mods.


Some of the classes included are a T-rex, velociraptor, triceratops, pteradactyl and several others.


Due to their leathery skin these guys are tough. Best you get your running boots on or take the chance you become one of the hunted.


Jurassic is compatiable with both Unreal 1 and UT and comes with all new sounds.    




New : MonsterSpawn ver 3.04 now available in the mods section


MonsterSpawn is a Mutator designed to add just about any type of Monster to just about any type of Unreal 1 or Unreal Tournament type game.


Features include adding Modded Monsters or Standard Unreal Monsters. Monsters can be set to respawn after the amount of time you choose, starting a new wave of monster attacks. Up to 60 monsters at a time of your choice can be added to any map of a possible 6000 random choices from 100 monster lists. Monsters always Spawn in random places. You make your own lists or comes with lists pre-configured.


Add monsters to CTF, DM type games, Co-op etc. Try holding onto that flag with a bunch of Skaarj chasing you down, or adding new or Extra monsters to co-op style game etc


Monsterspawn comes with its own version of the default monsters found in Unreal and UT.


New monsters will attack bots. Monsterspawn will replace any default ver of Unreal and UT's monster classes with its own version. This is to fix some of the bugs that the standard monsters come with and to allow monsters to attack bots.


Queen support, Monsterspawn's version of the Queen can teleport in any level.



AKcoop2 released


Akcoop version 2 has been released :) Available in the mods section.


AKcoop2 is a coop game mutator designed for Unreal 1, that makes the standard game much harder and includes new monsters, new weapons and a couple of new pickup items.

Rebelskaarj and spitfire fight on your side to help combat all the new enemies which were released in the original AKcoop along with a couple of new ones


To a certain extent you can design your own monsters and add modded things to the game itself. Too many features to explain them all here Download in the MODS section and view the readme


Coming soon  (latest)




The final map is almost complete, expect RTNP2U to be relesed some time soon


Why is RTNP2U taking so long?? Well it's a big project and many bugs had to be fixed, There will be a couple of new things a new map or 2 plus a few new suprizes.. If you enjoyed RTNP then you should enjoy this also. Well in other words the longer it takes the more features and better gameplay..Dont underestimate this, it'll be a great add on for your current Unreal and more involved than was originally anticipated :) Yeah, even mac machines will see a RTNP hybrid for the first time.



Unreal - The new ending maps - Available in the Maps section


The *NEW* ending ... currently being run at


DARK TROOPER : Man and Machine


Booda's Arsenal

The Starter



Just to name a few



Unreal RTNP2U- Coming soon

Whats new?? :) Well coming soon there will be around an additional 17+ maps you can add to your existing coop game


The latest project by dinwitty is the conversion of all the Return To Na Pali maps so they work in Unreal 1.


The rtnp game was riddled with bugs and the maps were always great but weren't done to support coop play, only half done. Along with the maps will be a new story line for those that like single player or enjoy following a theme. Maps will run on Unreal but will also be able to be used on a gold server and finally Mac users will be able to play a version of RTNP .


The current project is well on the way..and is being beta tested and should be ready to use real soon.. Links to the maps will be available from here as soon as its released.



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