Urea Nitrate



Urea - 54g
Potassium Nitrate - 100g
Hydrochloric Acid 31.45% - 100mL


1) Prepare two separate solutions. Dissolve 54g of Urea in 70mL water. Dissolve 100g Potassium Nitrate in 60mL water. If not all dissolves it is ok.

2) Mix solutions together in a glass container. Place onto a boiling water bath. Heat until all product dissolves. Add 100mL Hydrochloric Acid to solution in segments, stirring between the additions. After all HCl is added allow to heat until steaming.

3) Remove the solution from the water bath. Allow to stop steaming and air cool. When able to be handled by bare hands place into the freezer.

4) Stir every couple hours to break up the layer of crystals at the bottom. After 24 hours the precipitation should be complete. Filter through a fast filter as crystals are fairly large. T-shirt or paper towel work just fine. Use the filtrate to rinse remaining crystals from jar. Squeeze the filter to remove as much liquid as possible. Allow to air dry.