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             BROKEN FEATHER LEATHER                                                                                                                         
made in the U.S.A    We've got what's HOT     Thanks Babe...
                Quality Hand-made Leather Goods and Accessories that fit!
Halter Tops,Bikinis,Dance Costumes,and matching accessories.

   Custom Orders: E-mail your desires   One of a Kinds...This one's airbrushed by Kram   Too many choices...Hey, I need customers   Complete dance costumes...with matching accessories   Full V-cut fits (38-44DD)   Inspired? Plant your fantasy on a Dream Halter

   It's a jungle baby   Yes, real snake skin   the real Captain America, thanks Pete   Hot stuff..(the halter) lol   No wanton machination of semantics could intrinsically enhance this one   You have reached the end of the more leather before you go back

                      Jewelry: Earrings,Bracelets,etc. 

   Braided Earrings $5.00 Pair   Heart Fringe Earrings $5.00 Pair   Photo Earrings with Metal Feathers $5.00 Pair   Coin Earrings $5.00 Pair   Photo Earrings with Leather Feathers $6.00 Pair   Photo Earrings with Braids $8.00 Pair

   3 Strand Wrist Braid $3.00 Each   4 Strand Wrist Braid $4.00 Each   Coin Bracelet $3.00 Each   Ankle Bracelet $4.00 Each   Slave Bracelet $5.00 Each   Unlimited color variety

          Accessories,Keyrings,Jewelry bags,Lighter cases,etc. 

   $5.00 and up   Small $3.00   Medium $5.00 (add $2.00 for graphics)   Large $7.00 (add $2.00 for graphics)                      Make Money...Check out Wholesale Specials

   Braided Keyring $4.00   Fringe Keyrings $5.00   Custom $5.00 and up   Clip Braid $3.00

      Leather patches: High-resolution printing on leather...Cool!

    We print anything legal    Events,clubs,runs,rallies...send artwork for a quote    Turn your GF/BF/Bike into a permanent Patch    E-mail for custom sizes    Sew-On patches, waterproof, even washable

        1 in. x 3 in. $2.00            2.25 in. x 3.5 in. $4.00
        3.5 in. x 2.25 in. $4.00          2.5 in. x 8in. $8.00  

100's of Order by Number Stickers and Patches
in 3 catagories: Clean, Mean, and Naughty Check it out!    Stickers: Laminated High-resolution in-door/out-door Stickers.

     $1.00      6/$5.00  


   We print anything legal. No Trademark infringement please. Don't ask.

   Model Photographs copyright: Bill Tinney 'EASYRIDER' Freelance, Houston TX.


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