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Enter Sandman

Welcome to Karasu's Nest, the place for Karasu fans to gather. This little spot on the internet is where Karasu fans can share their fanwork, discussions, ideas and so forth. The mailing list is the body of this project, with this site being a pretty shell to please the eye....and relief a little stress off of Yahoo. I will try to spell out everything I possibly can to make this experience easy for you and everyone else.

Special thanks to Karasu-Chan for allowing me to use screen captures from her site as well as making those lovely banners and of course helping me out with my site. Between the two of us, this oughta be good. WARNING: This site may..and probably will/does contain works and discussions involving nudity, sexual situations and yaoi/yuri and/or shounen/shoujo-ai, which are same-sex relationships. This is not a porn site nor do I support sensless and tactless porn sites. I try to maintain a site that has some degree of class and the work here I place, for the most part, is done tastefully and not in a smut manner. Again, I'll say it, NO porn allowed, no porn advertised, no porn accepted. This is a Fanwork, Fan-Run anime site. Warnings are placed in different locations and I, nor my fellow Karasu fans are responsible for your immaturity.

If any of the topics involved with this site bother you, perhaps this is not the site for you. However, not everything is questionable and there is some very fine work that is very G and PG material and suitable for everyone. You could either choose not to enter Karasu's Nest, which I respect as your choice, or choose to enter and venture the site as you see fit. You've been warned and I say these things with the highest respects. I just hope the same respect is returned. I do not accept sensless flames, bashing, or anything tastless/tactless. I am an artist, as are many members of this online society...all we ask is for we have generously given to non-members and possible members reading this site. Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu.

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