Kinship Report for James Gordon Taylor
Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
Anne 1652 7th great grandmother
Thomas Hebden 1598 9th great grandfather
(Bernice's 1st Husband), ? Husband of wife of 1st cousin
? 8th great grandmother of wife
? Wife of 5th cousin 1x removed
? Wife of nephew of husband of 4th cousin
2x removed of wife
? Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 1x removed of
? Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 1x removed of
wife of 2nd cousin of wife
? Wife of 5th cousin
? Husband of wife of uncle of wife
? Wife of 1st cousin 1x removed of wife
? Mother-in-law of aunt of wife
? Wife of 4th cousin 2x removed of wife
? Wife of 1st cousin 5x removed of wife
? Wife of 4th cousin 2x removed of wife
? Mother of 2nd cousin 1x removed of
? Wife of 2nd cousin 4x removed of wife
? Wife of 4th cousin 2x removed of wife
? Wife of 3rd cousin 3x removed of wife
? Wife of 4th cousin 2x removed of wife
? Wife of 4th cousin 2x removed of wife
? Wife of 1st cousin 1x removed of wife
? Wife of 2nd cousin 1x removed
? Wife of 2nd cousin
? Husband of 2nd cousin 1x removed
? Wife of 2nd cousin
? Wife of 2nd cousin 1x removed
? Wife of 1st cousin
? 3rd great grandmother
? Wife of 2nd cousin 1x removed
? Wife of 2nd cousin
? Wife of 3rd cousin 3x removed of wife
? Wife of 3rd cousin 3x removed of wife
? Wife of great grandfather
? 6th great grandmother of wife
? Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
? 1st cousin 2x removed
? Wife of 2nd cousin
Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
? Wife of 2nd cousin 2x removed
? 1st cousin 2x removed
? Husband of sister-in-law of 1st cousin 4x
removed of wife
? Husband of wife of 2nd cousin 2x
? Wife of brother-in-law of great grandfather
? Husband of 1st cousin 1x removed
? Mother-in-law of 2nd cousin of wife
? Wife of husband of 1st cousin 1x removed
? Wife of 1st cousin 1x removed
? Wife of 1st cousin 1x removed
? Wife of 1st cousin 1x removed
? Wife of 1st cousin 1x removed
? Husband of 1st cousin 1x removed
? Wife of nephew of wife of 2nd cousin 2x
? Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed of wife of
2nd cousin 2x removed
? Wife of 1st great grand uncle of wife
? Mother of 3rd great grand aunt of wife
? Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
? Husband of 3rd cousin 2x removed
? Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
? Wife of 1st cousin 4x removed
? Wife of 1st cousin 5x removed of wife
? Wife of 2nd cousin 4x removed of wife
? Wife of 1st cousin 3x removed of wife
? Wife of 4th great grand uncle of wife
? Wife of 2nd cousin 4x removed of wife
? Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 4x removed of
? Wife of 2nd cousin 3x removed of wife
? Wife of 2nd cousin 4x removed of wife
? Wife of 2nd cousin 4x removed of wife
? Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed of wife
? 3rd great grandmother
? 3rd great grandmother
? 3rd great grandmother
? 3rd great grandmother
? 3rd great grandfather
? Husband of wife of 1st cousin 1x removed
? Wife of half 2nd cousin 2x removed
? 3rd great grandmother
Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
? Wife of brother-in-law of 1st cousin 2x
?, ? 2nd cousin 3x removed
?, ? Wife of grand nephew of husband of
grand aunt of wife
?, ? Husband of 2nd cousin of wife
?, Adrienne Wife of 2nd cousin 1x removed of wife
?, Agnes 7th great grandmother
?, Alex Stepson of 1st cousin 1x removed
?, Alice Great grandmother of husband of sister
?, Alice 1803 Mother-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
?, Alice Mar 1843 Mother-in-law of aunt of wife of 2nd cousin
2x removed
?, Alyssa Sister of 1st cousin 3x removed
?, Amanda Wife of 1st cousin 1x removed of wife
?, Amanda 1998 1st cousin 3x removed
?, Amber 2004 1st cousin 3x removed
?, Andrea Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
?, Ann Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed of wife
?, Ann Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 3x removed
?, Ann 1781 4th great grandmother
?, Ann 1792 Paternal grandmother of wife of 1st cousin
3x removed
?, Ann 1808 Paternal grandmother of husband of aunt
of wife of 2nd cousin 2x removed
?, Ann 1820 3rd great grandmother
?, Ann 1826 Wife of uncle of husband of grand aunt
?, Annie Wife of 1st cousin 1x removed of wife
?, Ashley 2000 1st cousin 3x removed
?, Audrey Wife of brother-in-law of 1st cousin
?, Audrey Wife of 1st cousin
?, Avery 16 Sep 2006 1st cousin 3x removed
?, Barbara Wife of 4th cousin 2x removed of wife
?, Barbara 03 May 1987 Wife of 1st cousin 1x removed of wife
?, Beatrice Wife of 5th cousin
?, Beatrice Wife of 3rd cousin 2x removed
?, Bernice Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 1x removed of
?, Bernice Wife of 1st cousin
?, Bertha Wife of 4th cousin 1x removed
?, Beth Wife of uncle of wife of 1st cousin 2x
?, Betty Wife of 1st cousin 1x removed of wife
Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
?, Betty Wife of brother-in-law of 2nd cousin 1x
removed of brother-in-law
?, Bev Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
?, Blair Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
?, Brenda Wife of husband of 1st cousin
?, Carleigh 11 Mar 1986 Wife of 1st cousin 1x removed of wife
?, Carol Wife of uncle of wife of 1st cousin 2x
?, Catherine Paternal grandmother of husband of sister
-in-law of grand aunt of wife
?, Catherine 1787 4th great grandmother
?, Cheryl Wife of nephew of husband of 4th cousin
2x removed of wife
?, Christine Wife of half 2nd cousin 1x removed
?, Cindy Wife of 2nd cousin of wife
?, Clara J 1889 Wife of 1st great grand uncle of wife
?, Cora Mother-in-law of 1st cousin
?, Courtney Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
?, Daisy Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed of wife
?, Dave Husband of 2nd cousin of wife
?, Deanna Wife of uncle of wife of 1st cousin 2x
?, Deb Wife of brother-in-law of 2nd cousin 1x
removed of brother-in-law
?, Deb Wife of brother-in-law of nephew of
husband of 4th cousin 2x removed of wife
?, Deborah Wife of 8th great grand uncle of wife
?, Delilah Wife of 2nd great grand uncle of wife
?, Denise Wife of brother-in-law of brother-in-law
?, Dianne Wife of brother-in-law of 3rd cousin 1x
removed of brother-in-law
?, Donna Wife of nephew of husband of 1st cousin
?, Donna Wife of 2nd cousin 1x removed of wife
?, Dora May 1873 Mother-in-law of 2nd cousin 3x removed
?, Dorothy Wife of brother-in-law of 2nd cousin
?, Dustin 1983 1st cousin 2x removed
?, Elena Wife of 2nd cousin 1x removed of wife
?, Eliza 01 Jul 1833 2nd great grandmother of wife
?, Eliza Maude Mother-in-law of uncle
?, Elizabeth Spouse of 2nd cousin of wife
?, Elizabeth 3rd great grandmother
?, Elizabeth Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 4x removed
?, Elizabeth Great grandmother of husband of aunt
?, Elizabeth Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 3x removed
Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
?, Elizabeth 9th great grandmother of wife
?, Elizabeth Mother-in-law of 2nd great grand uncle
?, Elizabeth Mother-in-law of half grand aunt
?, Elizabeth 1803 Paternal grandmother of wife of brother-in-
law of grand aunt
?, Elizabeth 1812 Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 4x removed
?, Elizabeth 1817 Paternal grandmother of husband of 2nd
cousin 3x removed
?, Elizabeth 1857 Wife of grand uncle of wife of 2nd cousin
2x removed
?, Elizabeth 1859 Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 2x removed
?, Elsie Wife of 2nd cousin 1x removed
?, Emily Feb 2009 1st cousin 3x removed
?, Emma C 1862 Wife of brother-in-law of 1st cousin 3x
?, Emma Jean Wife of 1st great grand uncle of wife
?, Evelyn Alvina 1908 Mother-in-law of 1st cousin
?, Fanny 1849 Mother-in-law of 2nd cousin 3x removed
?, Florence Wife of 4th cousin 1x removed
?, Fran Wife of 1st cousin 1x removed
?, Gertrude Paternal grandmother of wife of 1st cousin
2x removed
?, Gwen Wife of 1st cousin 1x removed
?, Hannah 7th great grandmother of wife
?, Hannah Mother-in-law of brother-in-law of great
?, Harriet 1765 4th great grandmother
?, Hattie Apr 1868 Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 1x removed
?, Heather Stepdaughter of 1st cousin
?, Hellen 1890 Wife of 2nd cousin 2x removed
?, Hilda Mother-in-law of 1st cousin
?, Hilery Wife of brother-in-law of 2nd cousin of
?, Irma Jean Wife of 4th cousin 1x removed
?, Isa Wife of uncle of wife of 2nd cousin 2x
?, Isabel Stepdaughter of 1st cousin
?, Isabelle Mother-in-law of brother-in-law
?, Ivana Wife of 1st cousin 1x removed of wife
?, James Husband of 2nd cousin 1x removed of
?, Jane Wife of 1st cousin 6x removed
?, Janet Wife of 2nd cousin
?, Janice Wife of sibling of husband of niece of wife
?, Jay Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
?, Jean 26 Jul 1926 Mother-in-law of 2nd cousin 1x removed
?, Jeanette Stepdaughter of 1st cousin
?, Jeff Father of 1st cousin 3x removed
?, Jeff Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
?, Jen Wife of 2nd cousin 2x removed
?, Jennifer Wife of nephew of husband of 5th cousin
?, Jennifer Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
?, Jennifer Wife of 2nd cousin 1x removed of wife
?, Jeraldeen Mother-in-law of 1st cousin
?, Jerica 2000 1st cousin 3x removed
?, Joanne Wife of 1st cousin 1x removed
?, Joanne Wife of 1st cousin 1x removed
?, Jo-Anne Wife of 5th cousin
?, Jody Wife of 2nd cousin 2x removed
?, Judy Wife of uncle of wife of 1st cousin 2x
?, Julia Wife of 5th cousin
?, June Wife of 5th cousin
?, June Wife of 1st cousin
?, Kal 1979 Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
?, Karen Wife of 1st cousin
?, Kathleen Mary 21 Apr 1926 Mother-in-law of sister-in-law
?, Kathy Wife of 2nd cousin of wife
?, Kay Mother-in-law of brother-in-law of sister-in-
?, Kerlyeen Wife of 1st cousin 1x removed of wife
?, Kim Wife of brother-in-law of 5th cousin
?, Kristen Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
?, Krysta Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
?, Laura Wife of 1st cousin of husband of sister-in-
?, Laura Wife of 5th cousin
?, Laura Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
?, Laura Anne 08 Jul 1992 Stepdaughter of 2nd cousin 2x removed
?, Laurie Wife of 1st cousin of wife of 1st cousin 1x
removed of wife
?, Leona Wife of half 3rd cousin 1x removed
?, Leva Wife of 1st cousin 1x removed of wife
?, Linda Wife of 1st cousin of husband of sister-in-
?, Lisa Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
?, Lisa Wife of 2nd cousin of wife
?, Lorrie Wife of 5th cousin
?, Louisa Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 3x removed
Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
?, Louise Wife of nephew of husband of grand aunt
of wife
?, Lucinda Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 3x removed
?, Lydia Wife of 8th great grand uncle of wife
?, Lynda Wife of brother-in-law of 2nd cousin 1x
removed of brother-in-law
?, Mande 1880 Wife of 1st cousin 3x removed
?, Marcy Wife of 2nd cousin of wife
?, Marg Wife of brother-in-law of uncle
?, Marg Wife of brother-in-law of 2nd cousin 1x
removed of brother-in-law
?, Margaret Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 1x removed
?, Margaret Maternal grandmother of wife of nephew
of wife
?, Margaret Wife of grand uncle of wife of nephew of
?, Marie-Line Wife of step grandson of aunt
?, Marilyn Wife of step grandson of aunt
?, Marilyn Wife of father-in-law of brother-in-law
?, Marilyn Wife of 1st cousin 1x removed of wife
?, Marion 1902 Wife of 2nd cousin 3x removed
?, Marlene Wife of uncle of wife
?, Martha 1847 Mother-in-law of sister-in-law of 1st cousin
3x removed
?, Mary 6th great grandmother of wife
?, Mary Mother-in-law of 1st cousin
?, Mary 4th great grandmother
?, Mary Wife of 2nd cousin 1x removed
?, Mary 1800 Mother-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
?, Mary 1844 Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 2x removed
?, Mary 1845 Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed of wife of
2nd cousin 2x removed
?, Mary Ann Maternal grandmother of husband of aunt
?, Melanie Wife of 5th cousin
?, Melanie Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
?, Melissa Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
?, Michele Wife of brother-in-law of 1st cousin
?, Mildred 1819 Mother-in-law of grand aunt
?, Myrtle Wife of stepson of 1st great grand aunt of
?, Nancy Wife of 1st cousin 1x removed
?, Nellie Niece of wife of 1st cousin 4x removed of
?, Nikki Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
?, Pam Wife of 5th cousin
Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
?, Pearl E 04 Sep 1901 Wife of 3rd cousin 2x removed
?, Phyllis Wife of 1st cousin
?, Priscilla Wife of 1st cousin 7x removed of wife
?, Robert Stepson of 1st cousin
?, Ronee Wife of brother-in-law of 5th cousin
?, Rose 2010 1st cousin 3x removed
?, Rosemary Wife of 1st cousin
?, Ruth Wife of brother-in-law of uncle
?, Sarah Wife of 3rd cousin 7x removed of wife
?, Sarah Wife of 1st cousin 7x removed of wife
?, Sarah Wife of 1st cousin 7x removed of wife
?, Sarah 1800 Great grandmother of husband of 1st
cousin 1x removed
?, Sarah 1815 Maternal grandmother of wife of uncle of
wife of 2nd cousin 2x removed
?, Sarah B 1824 2nd great grandmother
?, Shannon Clare 2nd cousin 2x removed
?, Sharla Wife of grand nephew of husband of 4th
cousin 2x removed of wife
?, Sharon Wife of brother-in-law of uncle
?, Sheena Wife of grand nephew of husband of 1st
?, Sheila Mother-in-law of sister-in-law of 1st cousin
1x removed of wife
?, Shelly Wife of 2nd cousin of wife
?, Shirley Wife of nephew of husband of sister-in-law
of grand aunt of wife
?, Shirley Wife of 1st cousin 1x removed of wife
?, Shivonne Wife of grand nephew of husband of 1st
?, Stacii Wife of grand nephew of husband of 1st
?, Stella Niece of wife of 1st cousin 4x removed of
?, Stella Wife of brother-in-law of brother-in-law
?, Steph Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
?, Susan 1832 Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed of wife of
2nd cousin 2x removed
?, Suzanne Wife of 1st cousin
?, Tabitha Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
?, Tamara Wife of 5th cousin
?, Terri Wife of brother-in-law of 1st cousin
?, Tisha Wife of grand nephew of husband of 1st
?, Tracey Wife of 1st cousin 1x removed
Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
?, Travis 1st cousin 2x removed
?, Unjoo Wife of brother-in-law of 2nd cousin of
?, Velma Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed of wife
?, Vera Mother-in-law of 3rd cousin 1x removed of
?, Verna Mother-in-law of uncle
?, Vicki Wife of uncle of wife of 1st cousin 2x
?, Victoria Wife of 2nd cousin of wife
?, Viola Wife of 1st great grand uncle of wife
?, Wilda Wife of husband of aunt
?, Yvonne Wife of 2nd cousin of wife
Abbott, Clarence Husband of grand aunt of wife
Abbott, Kenneth 1st cousin 1x removed of wife
Abbott, Mason E Husband of grand aunt of wife
Abbott, Robert 1st cousin 1x removed of wife
Abbott, Thelma Evelyn 30 Jul 1924 1st cousin 1x removed of wife
Adair, Clara Frances 19 Dec 1904 Wife of 1st great grand uncle of wife
Adams, Carl Husband of 1st cousin 1x removed
Adams, Elizabeth 1739 5th great grandmother
Adams, Jamie 1978 1st cousin 2x removed
Adamson, Hannah 4th great grandmother
Addison, Ann 1794 Aunt of wife of 1st great grand uncle
Addison, Ann 1838 Sister-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
Addison, Arabella 1789 Aunt of wife of 1st great grand uncle
Addison, Arabella 1836 Sister-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
Addison, Ellen 1832 Sister-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
Addison, Francis 1788 Aunt of wife of 1st great grand uncle
Addison, Henry 1807 Uncle of wife of 1st great grand uncle
Addison, Mary 1848 Sister-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
Addison, Sarah 1792 Aunt of wife of 1st great grand uncle
Addison, Sarah Hutchinson 1827 Wife of 1st great grand uncle
Addison, Thomas 1760 Paternal grandfather of wife of 1st great
grand uncle
Addison, Thomas 1795 Uncle of wife of 1st great grand uncle
Addison, Thomas 1829 Brother-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
Addison, William 1801 Father-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
Addison, William 1845 Brother-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
Aesie, Jill Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
AileenTaylor, Helen 1927 2nd cousin
Albeitz, Susan 06 Jun 1851 Wife of 2nd great grand uncle of wife
Alexander, ? 3rd cousin 1x removed
Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
Alexander, ? Grand niece of wife of 2nd cousin 2x
Alexander, ? Husband of niece of wife of 2nd cousin 2x
Alexander, ? Grand niece of wife of 2nd cousin 2x
Alexander, ? Grand nephew of wife of 2nd cousin 2x
Alexander, Earl Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Alexander, Jesse Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 3x removed
Allen, Jenny Hazel Wife of 3rd cousin 2x removed
Allen, Mary 6th great grandmother
Allen, Mary Edna Wife of 2nd cousin 3x removed of wife
Allen, Mike Husband of sister-in-law of 1st cousin 1x
removed of wife
Allin, Carol 16 Feb 1957 2nd cousin of wife
Allin, Darlene 17 Jul 1950 2nd cousin of wife
Allin, Irvin 22 Nov 1933 Husband of 1st cousin 1x removed of wife
Allin, James 16 Sep 1963 2nd cousin of wife
Allin, Jesse Husband of 4th cousin 2x removed of wife
Allin, Larry 17 Dec 1953 2nd cousin of wife
Allin, Lynda 17 Dec 1953 2nd cousin of wife
Alward, Margaret Wife of 3rd great grand uncle
Amey, Rose Hannah Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed of wife of
2nd cousin 2x removed
Anderson, B Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Anderson, Brian 1965 Grand nephew of husband of sister-in-law
of grand aunt of wife
Anderson, Carol 1964 Grand niece of husband of sister-in-law of
grand aunt of wife
Anderson, Debbie 5th cousin
Anderson, Doug 5th cousin
Anderson, Fred Husband of niece of husband of sister-in-
law of grand aunt of wife
Anderson, Gail 1966 Grand niece of husband of sister-in-law of
grand aunt of wife
Anderson, Gordon 3rd cousin 1x removed
Anderson, Harry 3rd cousin 1x removed
Anderson, Jeannette 3rd cousin 1x removed
Anderson, John 1795 Father-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
Anderson, Katherine 4th cousin
Anderson, Myrna 5th cousin
Anderson, Ray Husband of 4th cousin 1x removed
Anderson, Rebecca Mother-in-law of grand aunt
Anderson, Susannah 1827 Wife of 1st great grand uncle
Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
Andre, Moses 03 Mar 1968 Husband of 1st cousin of wife
Andrews, Brad Husband of 1st cousin of wife of 1st
cousin 1x removed of wife
Andrews, Sarah 1717 6th great grandmother
Anger, ? Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed of wife
Anger, Bill Grand nephew of husband of 4th cousin
2x removed of wife
Anger, Bill 18 Sep 1948 Nephew of husband of 4th cousin 2x
removed of wife
Anger, Brad Grand nephew of husband of 4th cousin
2x removed of wife
Anger, Carl Nephew of husband of 4th cousin 2x
removed of wife
Anger, Carol Niece of husband of 4th cousin 2x
removed of wife
Anger, Charlotte Niece of husband of 4th cousin 2x
removed of wife
Anger, Cindy Niece of husband of 4th cousin 2x
removed of wife
Anger, Debbie Niece of husband of 4th cousin 2x
removed of wife
Anger, Elish Fox 1821 Maternal grandfather of wife of 2nd cousin
3x removed
Anger, John Nephew of husband of 4th cousin 2x
removed of wife
Anger, Julie Grand niece of husband of 4th cousin 2x
removed of wife
Anger, Julie Niece of husband of 4th cousin 2x
removed of wife
Anger, Keyvan Grand nephew of husband of 4th cousin
2x removed of wife
Anger, Kim Grand niece of husband of 4th cousin 2x
removed of wife
Anger, Mary 06 Feb 1956 Niece of husband of 4th cousin 2x
removed of wife
Anger, Minerva Sarah 1856 Mother-in-law of 2nd cousin 3x removed
Anger, Russell 03 May 1957 Nephew of husband of 4th cousin 2x
removed of wife
Anger, Shirley Niece of husband of 4th cousin 2x
removed of wife
Anger, William Husband of sister-in-law of 4th cousin 2x
removed of wife
Ann 1674 8th great grandmother
Ann, Julia Mother-in-law of 1st great grand aunt of
Ann, Mary 3rd great grandmother of wife
Anne Wife of 5th cousin 1x removed of wife
Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
Anne, Ruth Mother-in-law of brother
Anscomb, ? 3rd cousin 2x removed
Anscomb, ? 3rd cousin 2x removed
Anscomb, ? 3rd cousin 3x removed
Anscomb, ? 3rd cousin 3x removed
Anscomb, ? 3rd cousin 2x removed
Anscomb, ? 3rd cousin 3x removed
Anscomb, ? 3rd cousin 3x removed
Anscomb, ? 3rd cousin 1x removed
Anscomb, ? 3rd cousin 3x removed
Anscomb, ? 3rd cousin 2x removed
Anscomb, ? 3rd cousin 1x removed
Anscomb, ? 3rd cousin 2x removed
Anscomb, ? 3rd cousin 2x removed
Anscomb, ? 3rd cousin 2x removed
Anscomb, ? 3rd cousin 3x removed
Anscomb, ? 3rd cousin 3x removed
Anscomb, ? 3rd cousin 1x removed
Anscomb, ? 3rd cousin 3x removed
Anscomb, ? 3rd cousin 3x removed
Anscomb, ? 3rd cousin 1x removed
Anscomb, ? 3rd cousin 1x removed
Anscomb, ? 3rd cousin 2x removed
Anscomb, ? 3rd cousin 3x removed
Anscomb, ? 3rd cousin 2x removed
Anscomb, ? 3rd cousin 3x removed
Anscomb, ? 3rd cousin 3x removed
Anscomb, ? 3rd cousin 2x removed
Anscomb, David Alan 28 Jan 1950 3rd cousin 1x removed
Anscomb, Ernest Graham George 05 Mar 1919 Husband of 3rd cousin
Anscomb, George 1861 Paternal grandfather of husband of 3rd
Anscomb, Graham Henry 1888 Father-in-law of 3rd cousin
Anscomb, Robert James Dec 1944 3rd cousin 1x removed
Antell, George 27 Apr 1857 Husband of 1st great grand aunt of wife
Anthony, David Half 4th cousin
Anthony, Joyce Half 4th cousin
Anthony, Leonard Riggle 16 Apr 1911 Husband of half 3rd cousin 1x removed
Anthony, Maryetta Half 4th cousin
Anthony, Peggy Half 4th cousin
Anthony, Phyllis Half 4th cousin
Apfelbeck, Shawn Husband of grand niece of husband of 4th
cousin 2x removed of wife
Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
Appleford, George Husband of sister-in-law of 1st cousin 4x
Appleton, Jean Wife of 4th cousin 2x removed of wife
Armstrong, B Wife of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Armstrong, Catherine Wife of 3rd great grand uncle
Armstrong, James Husband of 3rd great grand aunt
Armstrong, Robert Husband of half 2nd great grand aunt
Arn, Harold Grand uncle of wife of nephew of wife
Arn, Keith Grand uncle of wife of nephew of wife
Arn, Mildred Mother-in-law of nephew of wife
Arn, Opal Edith 09 Aug 1926 Wife of 4th cousin 1x removed
Arn, Pearl Grand aunt of wife of nephew of wife
Arn, Sarah Wife of 1st cousin 4x removed of wife
Arn, Theodore Great grandfather of wife of nephew of
Arn, Willon Maternal grandfather of wife of nephew of
Arnott, Karen Ruth Swerdfinger Wife of 5th cousin 1x removed
Ashbury, Jean Wife of 3rd cousin 3x removed of wife
Ashcroft, Alice 1899 Sister-in-law of 1st cousin of wife of 2nd
cousin 2x removed
Ashcroft, Elizabeth 1865 Aunt of husband of 1st cousin of wife of
2nd cousin 2x removed
Ashcroft, James 1869 Uncle of husband of 1st cousin of wife of
2nd cousin 2x removed
Ashcroft, James 1894 Husband of 1st cousin of wife of 2nd
cousin 2x removed
Ashcroft, John 1873 Father-in-law of 1st cousin of wife of 2nd
cousin 2x removed
Ashcroft, Margaret 1870 Aunt of husband of 1st cousin of wife of
2nd cousin 2x removed
Ashcroft, Mary 1892 Sister-in-law of 1st cousin of wife of 2nd
cousin 2x removed
Ashcroft, Richard 1841 Paternal grandfather of husband of 1st
cousin of wife of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Ashcroft, Thomas 1877 Uncle of husband of 1st cousin of wife of
2nd cousin 2x removed
Ashcroft, William 1901 Brother-in-law of 1st cousin of wife of 2nd
cousin 2x removed
Ashfield, Charles 1839 Maternal grandfather of husband of aunt
Ashfield, Emma Jeanette Jun 1872 Mother-in-law of aunt
Ashley, Edward 1819 Father-in-law of sister-in-law of grand aunt
Ashley, Ted 1849 Husband of sister-in-law of grand aunt
Aspden, Victor 27 Jun 1948 Husband of 1st cousin 1x removed
Atkinson, Christina Zepeda 1st cousin 2x removed
Atkinson, Deloss Father-in-law of 1st cousin
Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
Atkinson, Donald Wesley Guy 31 Jan 1939 Husband of 1st cousin
Atkinson, Eileen 2nd cousin 2x removed
Atkinson, Ian Donald 27 Nov 1966 1st cousin 1x removed
Atkinson, J Husband of 1st cousin 3x removed
Atkinson, Leona Alberta Feb 1882 Wife of 2nd cousin 3x removed of wife
Atkinson, Lily Sister-in-law of 1st cousin
Atkinson, Ronald Brother-in-law of 1st cousin
Atkinson, Ruby Sister-in-law of 1st cousin
Atkinson, Ruth Sister-in-law of 1st cousin
Atkinson, Thomas Richard 16 Oct 1970 1st cousin 1x removed
Atkinson, Wilfred Brother-in-law of 1st cousin
Attwell, Grace 1710 6th great grandmother
Attwooll, Henry 1725 6th great grandfather
Attwooll, Jane 1754 5th great grandmother
Attwooll, Katherine 5th great grandmother
Atwater, ? Sister-in-law of 1st cousin
Atwater, ? Brother-in-law of 1st cousin
Atwater, ? Brother-in-law of 1st cousin
Atwater, Malcolm W 1929 Father-in-law of 1st cousin
Atwater, Patricia Darlene 25 Jun 1955 Wife of 1st cousin
Audas, Elizabeth 3rd great grandmother
Austin, Amanda Annetta 1867 Wife of 1st cousin 3x removed
Austin, Benson John 1846 Father-in-law of 1st cousin 3x removed
Austin, Morley G 30 Jul 1872 Brother-in-law of 1st cousin 3x removed
Austin, Osker W 04 May 1876 Brother-in-law of 1st cousin 3x removed
Austin, William Gage 1811 Paternal grandfather of wife of 1st cousin
3x removed
Avery, Lily Wife of 5th cousin 5x removed of wife
Axford, Clarabelle Wife of grand uncle
Axford, Lila Wife of 3rd cousin 3x removed of wife
Axtell, Ethel 1892 Mother-in-law of 3rd cousin
Ayles, Elizabeth Wife of 3rd great grand uncle
Ayling, ? Husband of 3rd cousin 2x removed
Ayres, Jane Mandeville 1849 Mother-in-law of 1st great grand uncle
Ayres, Joseph Maternal grandfather of wife of 1st great
grand uncle
Babcock, Agnes 1922 Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed of wife
Babcock, Donald Edward 12 Aug 1969 3rd cousin 2x removed
Babcock, Frederick Husband of 4th great grand aunt of wife
Babcock, George Edward Husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Babcock, Lori Ann 26 May 1971 3rd cousin 2x removed
Bacon, Lydia Wife of 4th cousin 6x removed of wife
Bagley, Thomas Husband of grand aunt
Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
Baigent, Alexander Stephen 06 May 1995 Grand nephew of wife
Baigent, Andrew Nephew of husband of niece of wife
Baigent, Charlotte Grace 20 Mar 2017 1st great grand niece of wife
Baigent, Christine Mary 28 Aug 1996 Grand niece of wife
Baigent, Darren Sibling of husband of niece of wife
Baigent, Heather Niece of husband of niece of wife
Baigent, Owen Alexander 06 Oct 1964 Husband of niece of wife
Baigent, Sarah Niece of husband of niece of wife
Baker, Cheryl Lynn 11 Jan 1952 Wife of 1st cousin 1x removed
Baker, Jackson Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed of wife
Baker, Jim Father-in-law of sister-in-law
Baker, John 16 Jun 1952 Husband of sister-in-law
Baker, Lynn Sister-in-law of sister-in-law
Baker, Steve Brother-in-law of sister-in-law
Bakker, Harry 25 Nov 1966 Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Bakker, Mitchell Ryan 08 Nov 1999 2nd cousin 3x removed
Balcom, Evelina Wife of 6th cousin 4x removed of wife
Balderston, Arthur 05 Mar 1882 Husband of 2nd cousin 3x removed
Balderston, Florence Laura Bell 18 Dec 1896 3rd cousin 2x removed
Balderston, Frances Gertrude 22 Apr 1908 3rd cousin 2x removed
Balderston, Jennie 13 Feb 1906 3rd cousin 2x removed
Balderston, Stella Maud 22 Sep 1910 3rd cousin 2x removed
Balderston, Thomas William 1856 Father-in-law of 2nd cousin 3x removed
Balderston, William 1807 Paternal grandfather of husband of 2nd
cousin 3x removed
Balderston, William Thomas 1855 Uncle of husband of 2nd cousin 3x
Baldwin, C B Husband of 3rd cousin 3x removed of wife
Bale, Wilfred Husband of 1st cousin 1x removed
Ball, B Husband of 2nd cousin 1x removed of
Ball, Charles Henry Husband of 2nd cousin 4x removed of
Ball, Charles Oliver 13 Feb 1923 4th cousin 2x removed of wife
Ball, Charles Upper 06 Nov 1946 5th cousin 1x removed of wife
Ball, Colonel Wilbur 04 Sep 1892 3rd cousin 3x removed of wife
Ball, Edith Merle 23 Oct 1917 4th cousin 2x removed of wife
Ball, Edna Margaret 04 Apr 1925 4th cousin 2x removed of wife
Ball, Elizabeth Ann 14 Apr 1931 4th cousin 2x removed of wife
Ball, George Laverne 06 Nov 1893 3rd cousin 3x removed of wife
Ball, George Laverne Jr 28 Aug 1916 4th cousin 2x removed of wife
Ball, Jean Ruth 04 Mar 1943 5th cousin 1x removed of wife
Ball, Jessica Lynn 03 Nov 1991 1st cousin 3x removed
Ball, Kenneth Osmond 21 Jan 1921 4th cousin 2x removed of wife
Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
Ball, Lela Frances Fay 29 Oct 1899 3rd cousin 3x removed of wife
Ball, Minnie Ellen 21 Nov 1920 4th cousin 2x removed of wife
Ball, Nathan 2nd cousin 2x removed of wife
Ball, Perca Leola 03 Jul 1891 3rd cousin 3x removed of wife
Ball, Randy Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
Ball, Ruth Jean 28 Jun 1919 4th cousin 2x removed of wife
Ball, Ryan 2nd cousin 2x removed of wife
Ball, Sarah Ellen Wife of 2nd cousin 4x removed of wife
Ball, Shirley Margaret 27 Dec 1925 4th cousin 2x removed of wife
Ball, Sophia Wife of 2nd cousin 3x removed of wife
Ball, Wiliam Douglas 01 Feb 1928 4th cousin 2x removed of wife
Banfic, Mariana 17 Dec 1980 Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
Banyster, Gennett 1527 12th great grandmother
Barletta, Paul Husband of niece of husband of 4th
cousin 2x removed of wife
Barnes, ? Husband of wife of 2nd cousin
Barnes, Beulah Floretta Lily 1904 Wife of brother-in-law of uncle
Barnes, Brad Stepson of 2nd cousin
Barnes, Kevin Stepson of 2nd cousin
Barnes, Mark Stepson of 2nd cousin
Barraclough, ? 1st cousin 2x removed
Barraclough, ?? 1st cousin 2x removed
Barraclough, Clara 1st cousin 2x removed
Barraclough, Gertrude 1st cousin 2x removed
Barraclough, Thomas H 1838 Husband of 1st great grand aunt
Barraclough, William H 1st cousin 2x removed
Barrus, Grant Wilbur 02 Sep 1947 5th cousin 1x removed of wife
Barrus, John Husband of 4th cousin 2x removed of wife
Barrus, John Nelson 09 Apr 1946 5th cousin 1x removed of wife
Barrus, Lynda Charlene 17 Sep 1942 5th cousin 1x removed of wife
Bartlett, Donald Husband of 3rd cousin 3x removed of wife
Bartlett, Francis Garnet 03 Apr 1925 4th cousin 2x removed of wife
Bartlett, Randy 5th cousin 1x removed of wife
Bartlett, Ross Willard 12 Mar 1921 4th cousin 2x removed of wife
Barton, Catherine Jane 09 Jan 1956 Wife of 1st cousin of wife
Bass, Sarah 6th great grandmother of wife
Bassett, Alma Jun 1894 Sister-in-law of 2nd cousin 3x removed
Bassett, Edward P Feb 1871 Father-in-law of 2nd cousin 3x removed
Bassett, Leona 1896 Wife of 2nd cousin 3x removed
Bassett, Mabel 1902 Sister-in-law of 2nd cousin 3x removed
Basto, Gilli Husband of niece
Bates, Ellen 1766 Paternal grandmother of wife of 1st great
grand uncle
Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
Batty, Margaret Alice Wife of 4th cousin 1x removed
Batty, William Great grandfather of husband of sister
Bauslaugh, Ada Beatrice 1884 Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 1x removed
Baxter, Gertrude Ethel Jun 1908 Wife of 1st cousin 1x removed
Baxter, Julia Wife of 4th cousin 6x removed of wife
Baxter, Sarah Wife of 4th cousin 6x removed of wife
Beacham, ? Husband of sister-in-law of 1st cousin 1x
Beacroft, John Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
Beacroft, Mabel Alice 2nd cousin 1x removed
Beacroft, Rose 2nd cousin 1x removed
Beare, Anna Marie Sep 1840 Mother-in-law of uncle of wife of 2nd
cousin 2x removed
Beare, Edward 1814 Maternal grandfather of wife of uncle of
wife of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Beare, Ellen 1839 Aunt of wife of uncle of wife of 2nd cousin
2x removed
Beare, Ellen 1846 Aunt of wife of uncle of wife of 2nd cousin
2x removed
Beare, George 1847 Uncle of wife of uncle of wife of 2nd
cousin 2x removed
Beare, Martha 1843 Aunt of wife of uncle of wife of 2nd cousin
2x removed
Beare, William H 1849 Uncle of wife of uncle of wife of 2nd
cousin 2x removed
Bearss, Jim Grand nephew of husband of sister-in-law
of grand aunt of wife
Bearss, Lorelei Grand niece of husband of sister-in-law of
grand aunt of wife
Bearss, Mack Husband of niece of husband of sister-in-
law of grand aunt of wife
Bearss, Mike Grand nephew of husband of sister-in-law
of grand aunt of wife
Bearss, Rhonda 04 Mar 1971 Wife of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Beattie, Bridget Dawn 27 Sep 1976 2nd cousin 1x removed of wife
Beattie, Carolyn Jean 04 Jul 1948 2nd cousin of wife
Beattie, Charles Edward 16 Sep 1924 Husband of 1st cousin 1x removed of wife
Beattie, Charles Stewart 1858 Paternal grandfather of husband of 1st
cousin 1x removed of wife
Beattie, Deborah 07 Feb 1958 2nd cousin of wife
Beattie, Donald 19 Dec 1951 2nd cousin of wife
Beattie, Ernest 24 Sep 1886 Father-in-law of 1st cousin 1x removed of
Beattie, Pamela 16 May 1963 2nd cousin of wife
Beattie, Troy 13 Nov 1971 2nd cousin 1x removed of wife
Beattie, William George 16 Feb 1947 2nd cousin of wife
Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
Bechard, ? Husband of step granddaughter of aunt
Beckwith, James Edward Husband of 6th cousin 4x removed of wife
Belknap, William Husband of 1st cousin 5x removed of wife
Bell, Art Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Bell, Clarence Earl 07 Sep 1898 3rd cousin 2x removed
Bell, Hazel Madeline 01 Nov 1902 3rd cousin 2x removed
Bell, Laverne 3rd cousin 1x removed
Bell, Mitchell 18 Mar 1863 Husband of 2nd cousin 3x removed
Bembridge, Glen Husband of 2nd cousin
Benedict, Abagail 5th cousin 1x removed
Benedict, Kaitlin 5th cousin 1x removed
Benedict, Megan 5th cousin 1x removed
Benedict, Paul Husband of 5th cousin
Benfield, ? Wife of 3rd cousin 1x removed
Benner, Earl 3rd cousin 3x removed of wife
Benner, Edna 3rd cousin 3x removed of wife
Benner, Leander Husband of wife of 3rd great grand uncle
of wife
Benner, Mary Temperance Wife of 2nd cousin 4x removed of wife
Benner, Minerva Wife of 2nd cousin 4x removed of wife
Benner, Shirley 4th cousin 2x removed of wife
Benner, Vera Wife of 3rd cousin 3x removed of wife
Benner, Wesley Husband of 2nd cousin 4x removed of
Bennett, Agnes May Jan 1876 Wife of 2nd cousin 3x removed
Bennett, Ann 11 Feb 1832 Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 3x removed
Bennett, Bella 5th cousin 2x removed
Bennett, Eliza Ann 1893 Wife of 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bennett, Frank E Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
Bennett, Joseph Husband of 2nd great grand aunt
Bennett, Joseph 1753 5th great grandfather
Bennett, Maddi 5th cousin 2x removed
Bennett, Mary 1st cousin 3x removed
Bennett, Mary 1784 4th great grandmother
Bennett, Matt Husband of 5th cousin 1x removed
Bennett, Owen 5th cousin 2x removed
Bennett, Robert 1807 Maternal grandfather of wife of 1st cousin
3x removed
Bennett, William 1722 6th great grandfather
Benson, Michelle 17 Aug 1954 Wife of 2nd cousin of wife
Bentley, Alice Wife of 3rd cousin 7x removed of wife
Benwell, Heidi 20 Aug 1968 2nd cousin 1x removed of wife
Benwell, Holly 16 Feb 1972 2nd cousin 1x removed of wife
Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
Benwell, Richard 04 Dec 1973 2nd cousin 1x removed of wife
Benwell, Wayne Kenneth 18 Jan 1948 Husband of 2nd cousin of wife
Berry, Alice Wife of 1st great grand uncle of wife
Berry, Barbara Marie 21 Aug 1919 Wife of 3rd cousin 2x removed
Berry, Elizabeth Great grandmother of husband of 1st
cousin 1x removed
Best, Daniel Husband of 6th cousin 4x removed of wife
Best, Elizabeth Maude Ker Wife of 1st cousin 4x removed
Best, John B Husband of 6th cousin 4x removed of wife
Best, Wallace H 1910 Husband of 3rd cousin 2x removed
Bethke, Helmut Husband of aunt of husband of 1st cousin
Betten, George 1878 Husband of 1st great grand aunt of wife
Betten, Nora 11 Oct 1907 1st cousin 2x removed of wife
Bettinson, ? Husband of 3rd cousin 2x removed of wife
Betts, Caroline Wife of brother-in-law of 1st cousin 3x
Bevans, Courtney 1987 1st cousin 2x removed
Bevans, Eric Frank 30 Nov 1989 1st cousin 2x removed
Bevans, Michael 1986 1st cousin 2x removed
Bevans, Robin Husband of 1st cousin 1x removed
Beynen, Elizabeth Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed of wife
Biggs, Eliza Wife of 6th cousin 4x removed of wife
Bill, Zerviah Wife of 4th great grand uncle of wife
Billington, Harry Husband of 1st cousin of wife of 2nd
cousin 2x removed
Bilton, ? 3rd cousin
Bilton, ? 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, ? 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, ? 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, ? 3rd cousin
Bilton, ? 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, ? 3rd cousin
Bilton, ? 3rd cousin
Bilton, ? 3rd cousin
Bilton, ? 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, ? 3rd cousin
Bilton, ? 3rd cousin
Bilton, ? 3rd cousin
Bilton, ? 3rd cousin
Bilton, ? 3rd cousin
Bilton, ? 3rd cousin
Bilton, ? 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, ? 3rd cousin
Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
Bilton, ? 3rd cousin
Bilton, Ada Sep 1863 1st cousin 2x removed
Bilton, Alfred 29 Jan 1898 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, Ann Mar 1856 1st cousin 2x removed
Bilton, Annie 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, Annie 1892 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, Arabella 1859 1st cousin 2x removed
Bilton, Arthur 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, Arthur 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, Betsy 1830 1st cousin 3x removed
Bilton, Caroline E 1864 Aunt of husband of 1st cousin 1x removed
Bilton, Charles 1836 1st cousin 3x removed
Bilton, Charles Jun 1891 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, Charles Anderson 13 Mar 1857 1st cousin 2x removed
Bilton, Edith 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, Edith Mar 1904 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, Edward 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, Edward 1866 1st cousin 2x removed
Bilton, Elizabeth 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, Elizabeth 1823 Great grandmother
Bilton, Elizabeth 1863 1st cousin 2x removed
Bilton, Elizabeth 1870 1st cousin 2x removed
Bilton, Ethel Sep 1896 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, Frances Mary Mar 1864 1st cousin 2x removed
Bilton, Frederick 1875 1st cousin 2x removed
Bilton, George 1797 2nd great grand uncle
Bilton, George 1835 Great grand uncle
Bilton, George Dec 1900 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, George Edward 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, Grace M 3rd cousin
Bilton, Harriet 1857 1st cousin 2x removed
Bilton, Harriet E 1869 1st cousin 2x removed
Bilton, Harrison 23 Feb 1868 1st cousin 2x removed
Bilton, Ivy Dec 1902 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, John 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, John 1743 4th great grandfather
Bilton, John 1796 2nd great grandfather
Bilton, John 1821 Great grand uncle
Bilton, John 1832 Maternal grandfather of husband of 1st
cousin 1x removed
Bilton, John 1866 1st cousin 2x removed
Bilton, John Adamson 1771 3rd great grandfather
Bilton, John R 1871 1st cousin 2x removed
Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
Bilton, John Thomas Dec 1884 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, Laurence 1828 1st cousin 3x removed
Bilton, Louisa Sep 1868 1st cousin 2x removed
Bilton, Mabel 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, Mary 1803 Wife of 2nd great grand uncle
Bilton, Mary 1832 Great grand aunt
Bilton, Mary Jun 1850 Half great grand aunt
Bilton, Mary Ann 1849 1st cousin 2x removed
Bilton, Maud 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, Maud 1893 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, Minnie 1880 1st cousin 2x removed
Bilton, Olive Jun 1843 Half great grand aunt
Bilton, Olive 1852 1st cousin 2x removed
Bilton, Olive Mar 1894 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, Rebecca 1828 Great grand aunt
Bilton, Robert Mar 1846 Half great grand uncle
Bilton, Robert J 1867 Uncle of husband of 1st cousin 1x
Bilton, Rosanna E 3rd cousin
Bilton, Sarah Ellen 1868 1st cousin 2x removed
Bilton, Sarah Jane 1862 Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 1x removed
Bilton, Thomas 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, Thomas 1819 Great grand uncle
Bilton, Thomas 1888 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, Thomas Henry 13 Aug 1910 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, Tom 1839 1st cousin 3x removed
Bilton, Tom Mar 1862 1st cousin 2x removed
Bilton, Violet Maud 09 Jun 1923 3rd cousin
Bilton, Walter 1873 1st cousin 2x removed
Bilton, William 1802 2nd great grand uncle
Bilton, William 1825 Great grand uncle
Bilton, William 1853 1st cousin 2x removed
Bilton, William 1861 1st cousin 2x removed
Bilton, William Sep 1895 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bilton, William H 1860 Uncle of husband of 1st cousin 1x
Birchall, Bette Mary 24 May 1949 5th cousin 1x removed of wife
Birchall, Sue Ellen 30 Aug 1944 5th cousin 1x removed of wife
Birchall, Thomas John Husband of 4th cousin 2x removed of wife
Bird, Brad Husband of 2nd cousin of wife
Bird, Isaac 2nd cousin 1x removed of wife
Bird, Loretta 2nd cousin 1x removed of wife
Bird, Rose Mary 2nd cousin 1x removed of wife
Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
Bird, Thomas 2nd cousin 1x removed of wife
Birrell, Muriel Grace 1918 Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 1x removed
Birrell, Thomas Great grandfather of husband of 1st
cousin 1x removed
Birrell, Wesley Victor 1887 Maternal grandfather of husband of 1st
cousin 1x removed
Bishop, David Calvin 20 Oct 1977 Husband of 1st cousin 1x removed of wife
Bishop, E Wife of 1st cousin 3x removed
Bishop, Judy Wife of 3rd cousin
Bishop, Mayim Sylvia Irwin 05 Jul 1999 1st cousin 2x removed of wife
Black, Bruce Husband of 3rd cousin 3x removed of wife
Blackburn, Ella Wife of 1st cousin 1x removed
Blaich, Lee Ann 17 Jun 1966 Wife of 1st cousin 1x removed
Blair, Lois Gertrude 1933 Mother-in-law of 1st cousin
Blakey, Elizabeth 1595 9th great grand aunt
Blakey, John 1553 10th great grandfather
Blakey, John 1594 9th great grand uncle
Blakey, John 1675 7th great grandfather
Blakey, Lydia 26 Oct 1704 6th great grandmother
Blakey, Major 1645 8th great grand uncle
Blakey, Margaret 1597 Half 9th great grand aunt
BLAKEY, Jane Mrs Walter 1605 9th great grandmother
BLAKEY, John 1641 8th great grandfather
BLAKEY, John 17 May 1713 6th great grand uncle
BLAKEY, John 17 May 1713 Half 6th great grand uncle
BLAKEY, Walter 1605 9th great grandfather
Blancher, John Husband of 1st cousin 1x removed
Blancher, Pheobe Mother-in-law of 1st cousin 1x removed
Blankenship, Allen Husband of 1st cousin 1x removed
Blaschke, ? 2nd cousin 3x removed
Blaschke, Calvin Robert Keith 18 Jun 1995 2nd cousin 2x removed
Blaschke, Heather Helena 11 Apr 1993 2nd cousin 2x removed
Blaschke, Melanie Dawn 29 Jan 1987 2nd cousin 2x removed
Blaschke, Robert Edman 19 Mar 1961 Husband of 2nd cousin 1x removed
Blaschke, Robert James 19 Nov 1988 2nd cousin 2x removed
Blodgett, Mary Maternal grandmother of wife of 1st great
grand uncle
Bobier, Margaret 1853 Wife of 1st cousin 3x removed
Bodwell, Greeta Marion 14 Aug 1899 Wife of half 1st cousin 1x removed
Bogart, Brian Brother-in-law of niece of husband of 4th
cousin 2x removed of wife
Bogart, Dale Brother-in-law of niece of husband of 4th
cousin 2x removed of wife
Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
Bogart, Judy Sister-in-law of niece of husband of 4th
cousin 2x removed of wife
Bogart, Leo Father-in-law of niece of husband of 4th
cousin 2x removed of wife
Bogart, Madeline Wife of 4th cousin 2x removed of wife
Bogart, Mark Brother-in-law of niece of husband of 4th
cousin 2x removed of wife
Bogart, Paul Husband of niece of husband of 4th
cousin 2x removed of wife
Bogart, Reg Brother-in-law of niece of husband of 4th
cousin 2x removed of wife
Bojda, Tony Husband of sister-in-law of 1st cousin
Bollert, Helen Amelia Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
Bolton, Jean Wife of brother-in-law of aunt
Bond, Dale Charles 01 Sep 1997 2nd cousin 2x removed
Bond, Devin James 11 May 1991 2nd cousin 2x removed
Bond, Scott Charles 24 Jul 1965 Husband of 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bond, Sydney Michelle 01 Jan 1999 2nd cousin 2x removed
Bonnington, Agnes Louisa 07 Nov 1877 Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed
Bonnington, Ann 1873 Sister-in-law of 1st cousin 2x removed
Bonnington, Elizabeth 1869 Sister-in-law of 1st cousin 2x removed
Bonnington, Robert 1848 Father-in-law of 1st cousin 2x removed
Bonnington, Rose 1876 Sister-in-law of 1st cousin 2x removed
Boocock, Anne 1581 9th great grandmother
Booth, Ann 2nd cousin 1x removed
Booth, Annie Elizabeth 3rd cousin
Booth, Arabella 2nd cousin 1x removed
Booth, Fanny Norton 3rd cousin
Booth, George Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
Booth, George Edward 2nd cousin 1x removed
Booth, Harry 3rd cousin
Booth, Herbert 2nd cousin 1x removed
Booth, James 3rd cousin
Booth, John Thomas 2nd cousin 1x removed
Booth, John William 3rd cousin
Booth, Joseph 2nd cousin 1x removed
Booth, Rose 2nd cousin 1x removed
Booth, Sarah Ellen 2nd cousin 1x removed
Booth, Willie 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bos, Brendan Kyle 03 Jul 1999 2nd cousin 3x removed
Bos, Cameron Brett 03 Jul 1999 2nd cousin 3x removed
Bos, Taylor Alicia 12 Dec 1996 2nd cousin 3x removed
Bos, William Dalton 10 Dec 1997 2nd cousin 3x removed
Bos, William Glen 15 Feb 1971 Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
Bostock, Chad Avery Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
Boston, ? Wife of half 2nd cousin 1x removed
Boucher, Mary Wife of 4th great grand uncle of wife
Bouck, Rozelle Mother-in-law of grand uncle
Bowes, Karen Laila 10 Jan 1948 5th cousin 1x removed of wife
Bowes, Murray Husband of 4th cousin 2x removed of wife
Bowes, Norma Elaine 04 Oct 1938 5th cousin 1x removed of wife
Bowes, Pamela Wife of 1st cousin 5x removed of wife
Bowes, Sandra Gaile 09 Apr 1944 5th cousin 1x removed of wife
Bowles, Elizabeth Wife of 1st cousin 5x removed of wife
Bowles, George Husband of 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bowles, Margaret Wife of 1st cousin 5x removed of wife
Bowles, Sarah A Wife of 6th cousin 4x removed of wife
Bowman Father-in-law of 1st cousin 5x removed of
Bowman, E Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Bowman, Juliana Wife of 1st cousin 5x removed of wife
Bowman, Leslie 3rd cousin 1x removed
Bowman, Morley 3rd cousin 1x removed
Bowman, Phoebe Wife of 1st cousin 5x removed of wife
Boyd, Earnest 3rd cousin 1x removed
Boyd, Jura 3rd cousin 1x removed
Boyd, Marion 3rd cousin 1x removed
Boyd, Robert Husband of 4th great grand aunt
Boyd, T Husband of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Boyse, Abrahm 1846 Father-in-law of grand aunt
Boyse, Brian 1950 2nd cousin
Boyse, Carolyn 2nd cousin
Boyse, Charles Maurice 1916 Husband of 1st cousin 1x removed
Boyse, Clayton Brother-in-law of 1st cousin 1x removed
Boyse, Craig 1960 2nd cousin
Boyse, Darcy Brother-in-law of 1st cousin 1x removed
Boyse, Donald Newell 27 Dec 1935 2nd cousin
Boyse, Eve Elmrora Sister-in-law of grand aunt
Boyse, Harley Epenetuis 1883 Husband of grand aunt
Boyse, Jennie Holmes Wife of husband of grand aunt
Boyse, Karen 1946 2nd cousin
Boyse, Larry 2nd cousin
Boyse, Lorne Newell 1912 1st cousin 1x removed
Boyse, Mary Lynn 1956 2nd cousin
Boyse, Maurice Durham Brother-in-law of grand aunt
Boyse, Nancy Kae 16 Nov 1944 2nd cousin
Boyse, Pamela 1958 2nd cousin
Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
Boyse, Rueben Henry Brother-in-law of grand aunt
Boyse, Susan 1949 2nd cousin
Boyse, Wallace Brother-in-law of grand aunt
Brackenbury, Barb Niece of husband of sister-in-law of grand
aunt of wife
Brackenbury, Betty Niece of husband of sister-in-law of grand
aunt of wife
Brackenbury, Bruce C 1893 Brother-in-law of sister-in-law of grand
aunt of wife
Brackenbury, Cindy 1970 Grand niece of husband of sister-in-law of
grand aunt of wife
Brackenbury, Clara 1895 Sister-in-law of sister-in-law of grand aunt
of wife
Brackenbury, David 1963 Grand nephew of husband of sister-in-law
of grand aunt of wife
Brackenbury, Deborah 1964 Grand niece of husband of sister-in-law of
grand aunt of wife
Brackenbury, Diane 1932 Niece of husband of sister-in-law of grand
aunt of wife
Brackenbury, Dorothy Niece of husband of sister-in-law of grand
aunt of wife
Brackenbury, Eric 1909 Brother-in-law of sister-in-law of grand
aunt of wife
Brackenbury, Erie Belle Wife of 3rd cousin 2x removed
Brackenbury, Eva 1908 Sister-in-law of sister-in-law of grand aunt
of wife
Brackenbury, Frank V 10 Oct 1899 Brother-in-law of sister-in-law of grand
aunt of wife
Brackenbury, Gerald Nephew of husband of grand aunt of wife
Brackenbury, Geraldine Niece of husband of sister-in-law of grand
aunt of wife
Brackenbury, Gloria 1928 Niece of husband of sister-in-law of grand
aunt of wife
Brackenbury, James A Jun 1863 Father-in-law of sister-in-law of grand aunt
of wife
Brackenbury, Jessie 1897 Sister-in-law of sister-in-law of grand aunt
of wife
Brackenbury, Karen Grand niece of husband of grand aunt of
Brackenbury, Larry 1936 Nephew of husband of sister-in-law of
grand aunt of wife
Brackenbury, Leo Matland 24 Jul 1901 Husband of sister-in-law of grand aunt of
Brackenbury, Linda 1962 Grand niece of husband of sister-in-law of
grand aunt of wife
Brackenbury, Lloyd 1903 Brother-in-law of sister-in-law of grand
aunt of wife
Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
Brackenbury, Lois Niece of husband of sister-in-law of grand
aunt of wife
Brackenbury, Mary Niece of husband of sister-in-law of grand
aunt of wife
Brackenbury, Pat 10 Apr 1956 Niece of husband of sister-in-law of grand
aunt of wife
Brackenbury, Paul 1935 Nephew of husband of sister-in-law of
grand aunt of wife
Brackenbury, Reid 1st great grand nephew of husband of
grand aunt of wife
Brackenbury, Robert Nephew of husband of grand aunt of wife
Brackenbury, Ron 1940 Nephew of husband of grand aunt of wife
Brackenbury, Roy 1899 Brother-in-law of sister-in-law of grand
aunt of wife
Brackenbury, Samuel Paternal grandfather of husband of sister-
in-law of grand aunt of wife
Brackenbury, Samuel 1892 Brother-in-law of sister-in-law of grand
aunt of wife
Brackenbury, Scott Grand nephew of husband of grand aunt
of wife
Brackenbury, Shaun 1964 Grand nephew of husband of sister-in-law
of grand aunt of wife
Brackenbury, Trent 1st great grand nephew of husband of
grand aunt of wife
Brackenbury, Wallace James Stewart 15 Mar 1911 Brother-in-law of sister-in-law of grand
aunt of wife
Bradfield, Ron Husband of 2nd cousin 1x removed of
Bradfield, Trevor Husband of 1st cousin 1x removed of wife
Bradley, Frederick Husband of 3rd cousin 2x removed
Bradley, Heather Elaine 08 Jul 1976 2nd cousin 2x removed
Bradley, Jeanine Patricia 08 Oct 1971 2nd cousin 2x removed
Bradley, Jim 28 Mar 1924 Father-in-law of 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bradley, Karine Elizabeth 12 Feb 1973 2nd cousin 2x removed
Bradley, Timothy John 23 Dec 1947 Husband of 2nd cousin 1x removed
Bradshaw, Clara Wife of 3rd cousin 3x removed of wife
Bradt, Betty Mother-in-law of nephew of husband of
4th cousin 2x removed of wife
Bradt, Elizabeth Anne M 1882 Paternal grandmother of husband of 1st
cousin 1x removed
Bradt, Jacob Great grandfather of husband of 1st
cousin 1x removed
Brady, Ida Wife of 2nd cousin 3x removed of wife
Brady, Minnie Wife of 2nd cousin 3x removed of wife
Brady, Vera Wife of 1st cousin 3x removed of wife
Bragg, James Husband of 4th cousin 6x removed of wife
Name: Birth Date: Relationship:
Branion, Myrtle 24 May 1880 Wife of 2nd cousin 3x removed
Brassard, Trevor Husband of 1st cousin 1x removed
Bratley, John 1785 Paternal grandfather of wife of brother-in-
law of grand aunt
Bratley, Philip Wright 1822 Father-in-law of brother-in-law of grand
Bratley, Rosanna 1860 Wife of brother-in-law of grand aunt
Bray, Megan Patricia 01 Feb 1997 1st cousin 2x removed
Bray, Nathaniel Paul 15 Sep 1994 1st cousin 2x removed
Bray, Paul William 31 Oct 1970 Husband of 1st cousin 1x removed
Briggs, Judith Wife of 3rd cousin 7x removed of wife
Brighten, Alice Elizabeth 09 Jan 1868 Mother-in-law of 2nd cousin 2x removed
Brighten, Ann 1830 Maternal grandmother of husband of 2nd
cousin 2x removed
Brighten, Frederick 1860 Uncle of husband of 2nd cousin 2x
Brighten, George 1863 Uncle of husband of 2nd cousin 2x
Brighten, Harriet 1853 Aunt of husband of 2nd cousin 2x
Brighten, Mary Ann 1871 Aunt of husband of 2nd cousin 2x
Brighten, Walter 1826 Maternal grandfather of husband of 2nd
cousin 2x removed
Brighten, Walter 1857 Uncle of husband of 2nd cousin 2x