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Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Hockey Linesman Remains Critical In A London Hospital This Morning (Update)

A 25 year old Sebringville linesman seriously injured in a hockey game in Woodstock Tuesday night remains in critical condition in hospital.

Kevin Brown, had his throat slashed with a skate while he was breaking up a scuffle between two hockey players at Woodstock's Southwood arena between the Renegades and the Firebirds.

The Woodstock Renegades had just tied the game at 4-4 late in the third when a scrum broke out.

Two players tussled each other to the ground, with one of the skates coming up, cutting Brown's throat.

The Toronto Star indicates Brown's family spoke with hockey officials and were told that a vein specialist informed them Brown had received four units of blood, and that he was sedated.

Renegades owner Bill McLeod says Brown then made a dash for medical help.

McLeod says the nurse was a spectator and mother of Renegades Calvin Thomson who was a tremendous help and took control of the scene.

Renegades Trainer Danny Dukes says it was a scary scene, but cool heads prevailed.

The game was halted with 11-minutes to go in the 3rd period.

OHA Officials say the incident was an accident and are awaiting reports from the referees.


(Source HeartFM)