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Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Serious injury: Junior hockey linesman in hospital after skate cuts neck

Last night at the Firebirds game in Woodstock, a linesman's throat was cut by a player's skate when he and his partner were attempting to break up a scrum.

Assistant Trainer Rob Swartz and Bert Cowell (Woodstock's Trainer) stablized the linesman while I applied many towels to help control the bleeding. I applied pressure to his wound until we got him on the ambulance where the paramedics assumed control. Both Bert and myself kept talking to him to keep him conscious and calm. An off duty nurse (who was sitting in the crowd) came down to the bench area and assisted as well.

The linesman's name was Kevin Brown from Sebringville. He is in London Health Sciences Centre - Victoria Hospital branch.

I received news that Kevin was initially taken to Woodstock hospital where he had immediate surgery. His carotid artery had been severed. After the surgery Kevin was transfered to London Health Sciences Centre - Victoria Hospital where he had a neuroscan done. A vein specialist informed the family that Kevin had received 4 units of blood, that he was in stable condition and was able to give the "thumbs up" signal when a nurse asked him to try and do that.

Kevin's condition remains stable but critical. The game was tied 4-4 in the 3rd period when the incident happened. The OHA will rule later on the status of the game (whether or not it will be re played, continued, etc.)

Greg Henning Head Trainer, New Hamburg Firebirds Jr. C Hockey Club

(Source www.firebirds.ca)