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Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Cut Linesman Forces Suspension of Gades vs. Firebirds

A scary incident on the ice forced the suspension of last night's Woodstock Renegades Game at Southwood Arena.

With the game tied midway through the 3rd period, one of the linesman was severely cut with a skate blade and had to be taken to hospital.

The Renegades had just notched the tying goal when a scrum broke out. Two players fell to the ice when one of their skate blades cut the neck of a nearby official.

He collapsed making his way to the bench. He would be stabilized by both training staffs before being rushed to hospital.

There's no details on his name or condition this morning.

The game was tied 4-4, midway through the 3rd period. The outcome of the game will be later decided by the Ontario Hockey Association

(Source HeartFM)


Linesman badly injured

Game suspended due to linesman injury

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Serious injury to linesman

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