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Friday, December 18th, 2009

Langdon looking forward to opportunity on Renegades coaching staff

Woodstock Renegades' owner and general manager Bill McLeod is going to have some company behind the bench.

The Niagara Junior C club recently announced on its website that Bob Langdon was joining its coaching staff, which has consisted only of McLeod for the past nine games.

Dave McLaren and Dave Frey started the season as head coach and assistant, respectively, and were later joined by McLaren's son, Jack. The entire staff was asked to take some time off in November.

"I really wouldn't mind coaching (Woodstock) again but not under those circumstances," McLaren said. "Anybody who knows me and someone tells them I am taking a break (to find out) whether I can coach or not, doesn't know me."

What was expected to be temporary hiatus, however, turned into a permanent leave.

"I'm not sure what his (McLeod's) expectations were at the start of the year," McLaren said. "Our opening record was very promising. A couple of players really played well at the start.

"It's great to see the kids have really rallied around themselves. They're taking ownership of the team."

McLeod has coached the team alone beginning with a 4-2 win in Dunnville Nov. 19 and becomes the franchise's six different head coach since 2004-05. He recently asked Langdon, a former NHL referee, to join him behind the bench.

"I would love to bring back a giant fan base and make it Woodstock's team again," Langdon said. "From getting alumni involved, marketing , promoting and selling, (there are) so many ideas I have learned from all levels of hockey that could be used to make this team a huge success."

Langdon has begun working with the team at practice and will join McLeod behind the bench Dec. 27 in Simcoe. The Renegades are 4-2-3 under McLeod.

"I have been on the ice the last few practices and see so much potential," Langdon said. "(It's) a great group of guys with a strong work ethic. Bill has some systems in place, and I will offer some suggestions to help if I can. I wouldn't want to come in now and change everything ... some things are really working for them and some need to be tweaked."

This will mark Langdon's second stint as a junior coach. He spent a brief period as an assistant in Junior B while recovering from an injury.

Langdon will continue to referee OHL and AHL games in the short term, but his future seems fixed on making the most of his opportunity with the Renegades.

"I would love to progress from the ice to behind the bench," he said. "I have arranged my schedule so starting at the end of the month I will only miss a few games and would love a shot at being a full-time guy for next (year)."

(Source Sentinel-Review)