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Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Navy Vets on the Comeback Trail?

Could there be a return of the Woodstock Navy Vets to junior hockey?
If the city wants it, Woodstock Renegades Owner Bill McLeod is ready to grant that wish. "The Navy Vets are Woodstock. We had a reason we had to be the Renegades, I think we've had a fair buffer of time now that we can start looking at the change. I'm all for it, it's the city's team, so let's do it."
But McLeod wants to hear and see the support for the Navy Vets first. He's hosting a Navy Vets alumni night at the Community Complex on August 26th. The 70's Navy Vets will play the 80's, 90's will play the 2000's and the current Renegades will play an exhibition game against Burford that night. There will also be an opportunity to meet the alumni and current players in Goff Hall.
Former Navy Vet from 1986-88, Bob Langdon explains why it's important the Navy Vets name returns to junior hockey in Woodstock. "I think it's really important. You have a community with a history of hockey and it goes back a long time with many great players who have gone onto bigger and better things in hockey come through the Navy Vet organization. I think to uphold that tradition of hockey in Woodstock is a great thing."
Tickets for the Alumni night are on sale now at Intersport in downtown Woodstock for $10.

(Source Sentinel-Review)