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Monday, January 25th, 2010

Record crowd comes out to help Brown

Linesman Kevin Brown will soon receive the benefits from the Renegades' family night held Friday at the Southwood Arena.

With attendance estimated at almost 900 Friday -- a record for this 2009-10 regular season -- half of the gate revenues will go to a fund established to help Brown and his family through his recovery. That's in addition to any donations collected by the team, which will also be forwarded to the linesman through the Renegades.

"It's the least we could do," Renegades owner, manager and coach Bill McLeod said.

The Woodstock event mirrored one held in Mitchell recently, where the organization donated its share of the night's 50-50 draw to the linesman.

Given the usual gate revenues are over $1,000, McLeod later said, half of Friday's should help make up for some of the costs Brown and his family have incurred during his recovery. The team has been tracking individual donors so they can be acknowledged when the cheque for those donations is presented.

McLeod explained the Renegades have a liaison -- a nurse who works at the same London hospital where Brown is recovering -- who sees the linesman once a week and will be delivering the local donations. He said the players remain anxious to see Brown as well.

"They'd like to get a chance to see him. They're looking forward to that chance to get together and talk to him," McLeod said.

The crowd was bolstered by family night's various events. McLeod explained many of the night's sponsors purchase tickets for employees' families. The evening also featured several pre-game booths and raffles, along with recognition of the minor midget and minor atom Silver Stick champion Jr. Navy Vet teams.

(Source Sentinel-Review)