Saturday, September 6th & Sunday, September 7th, 2008


The Aylmer Spitfires won the Shoot-out at the Plex tournament for the second year in a row.

The Spitfires won a 4-3 overtime shootout game against the Woodstock Renegades Sunday at the Southwood Arena. The tournament featured these two teams along with the Paris Mounties, Simcoe Storm, Caledonia Corvairs and the Wallaceburg Lakers.

The consolation final also featured a shootout, with Wallaceburg winning 4-3.

"I was pleasantly surprised with everyone's performance," Aylmer coach Mike Shewan said. "This has basically been a measuring stick for our guys. Four games in such a short period of time is great."

Shewan said the Aylmer bench staff hope to use what they saw this weekend at the Southwood Arena to trim back 25-player roster to 20 before this coming weekend. Winning the tournament again was a bonus.

The weekend was also an extended tryout camp for the Renegades, who rostered 30 players.

"We'll make some decisions on Tuesday night," GM and head coach Dave McLaren said. "This tournament showed us a lot of things both good and bad. We played pretty solid."

Woodstock went 2-2 in its own exhibition tournament, losing a 4-3 shootout game to the Paris Mounties to open the tournament Saturday, followed by a 6-1 win -- coached by Wayne Maxner -- against the Simcoe Storm and a loss against Wallaceburg.

McLaren was impressed with the play of goaltender Chris Lee, who played in the final against Aylmer.

"He played better than last year and that's exciting," McLaren said.

When it comes to finalizing a roster though, McLaren said he hopes to have 20 to 22 players signed the home opener later this month, and has about half that number already signed.

"There's no big rush to do so," McLaren said. "It'll take some time to sort out the rest of the field."

The toughest decision would be the team's over-agers, which McLaren said he also wasn't in a rush to settle soon.

McLaren said he didn't see too many surprising teams or players at the tournament, in contradiction to Shewan.

"Paris looks greatly improved. They had excellent work ethic and have picked up a few pretty skilled guys and a goaltender," Shewan said. "They look like they're going to have a good year."


9:15 am Woodstock vs. Paris 3-4 (SO)
11:00 am Simcoe vs. Aylmer 3-5
12:45 pm Caledonia vs. Wallaceburg 1-3
2:30 pm Woodstock vs. Simcoe 6-1
4:15 pm Paris vs. Caledonia 3-2
6:00 pm Wallaceburg vs. Aylmer 2-5


9:00 am Caledonia vs. Simcoe 2-1
10:45 am Paris vs. Aylmer 1-2 (SO)
12:30 pm Wallaceburg vs. Woodstock 1-6


Final Round-Robin Standings

Aylmer 3-0-0
Woodstock 2-0-1
Paris 2-0-1
Wallaceburg 1-2-0
Caledonia 1-2-0
Simcoe 0-3-0

Consolation Game (3rd vs. 4th)
2:30 pm - Paris vs Wallaceburg 3-4 (SO)

Championship Game (1st vs 2nd)
4:30 pm 2nd vs. 1st Woodstock vs Aylmer 3-4 (SO)