Thursday, April 01st, 2010

Woodstock Navy Vets are back

The Woodstock Renegades are ready to return to their roots.

Next season, the city's Jr. C Hockey team will be the Woodstock Navy Vets once again.

Owner Bill McLeod has been thinking about making the change back for the last couple of years. "It's not something we've talked about publicly necessarily, you've gotta support the 'Gades when that's who you are. But in the big picture, 41-years of Navy Vets, 3-years of 'Gades, it's a small hiccup. It was a repair-type deal, it's done, it's now back to what it's supposed to be."

McLeod had to relaunch the team 3-years-ago when he took over a debt-laden hockey team.

He says he wants to emphasize developing Oxford County hockey players, much like last season's Rookie of the Year, Jordan Minello, who could wind up playing in the OHL next season.
He's also looking to hire an executive to run the day-to-day operations of the team.



(Source HeartFM)