Fri Oct 15, 2010 @ 7:45

Paris Mounties @ Woodstock Navy Vets


Paris won the 1st game between these teams 2-1 at the Navy Vets home opener back in September.

The Navy Vets are still winless this season in 6 games, while the Mounties are much improved and have a record of 3-3.


Navy Vets lineup

1 Neil Pittock G
29 Trevor Neabel G
2 Addison Alexander D
3 Jamie Newell D
4 Brynn Schultz F
7 Bryce Cadwell D
9 Kyle Robertson F
10 Spencer Sweazey F
11 Chase Thornton F
12 Andy Fallowfield D
14 Kyle Morris F
15 Devon Young D (Captain)
16 Tyler Lyons F
6 Chance Hasenbacher D
18 Tyler Vandenbussche F
21 Dylan Lazarus F
22 Travis Horvath F
26 Christian Crossett F
23 Derek Cowing F