1970-71 NAVY VETS



Played in the OHA Intercounty Jr C: Ingersoll, London, Dundas, St George

Won the Intercounty Title from Ingersoll in 4 games ...
Won the OHA Super C championship from Kitchener in 6 games

Names on the roster:

Cam Roberts, Jim Papodopoulos, Ron Keleher, Al Harmer, Ted Long, Jim Racknor, Tom Arnot, Jim Wilks, Jim Wilkins, Tim Doyle, Warren Smith, John Yeoman, Ken Yoeman, Paul Dunn, Ray Tilley, Bill Birch, Jack Birch, Barry Bragg, Tim Springstead, Doug Cain, Pat Sobeski, John McIver, Dave McIntyre


MVP: Pat Sobeski
Top Defenceman: Jim Racknor
Top Rookie: Tom Arnott
Top Scorer: Ted Long
Most Improved: Ted Long


Vets had 6 of the league's top 10 scorers -

2 Ted Long 52 pts (tied for most goals with 24)
5 Ray Tilley 42 pts
6 Jim Wilkins 40 pts
7 Jim Racknor 40 pts
8 Jim Wilks 37 pts
9 Pat Sobeski 31 pts


Note: ... information courtesy 1970-71 Vets team alumni Jim Racknor