Multimedia Instructional Materials

  • Watch the video "Brightness" to learn how to brighten your images if they are too dark.
  • Color Wheel Exposure - Watch the entire spectrum of colors emphasize the RGB primary additive colors and then secondary subtractive CMYK colors.
  • Changing Man Drawing
  • Watch the eyes express feeling.

       Multimedia seems in inexhaustible state-of-the-art today, as new ways of communicating and viewing keep arriving. An important thing to note is one can make a video with several of today's mix of multimedia devices. Videos are made using different media. Some videos are made using a laptop computer, some are made with a cellphone's camera and video software, some are made by a digital camera's video mode, and some are made using a regular video camera. It is also possible to make videos using video-making software and in Adobe Flash. Adobe Flash videos are .SWF. They can be very animated.

      As well as how to make videos, how to display and view them is also assorted. The videos to the left on the vertical menubar are at When you click on the links you will go to the pages at Click on a thumbnail image to watch a video.