I think an astronaut is so lucky to be grooving on the human being meaning in space atmosphere, or by his human biologic discernment occultating and revealing his view in relation to the universe. This is the magic of philosophy and science. It isn't necessarily a logic of science that is mechanical. The beauty of logic might be magic given an explanation for use of logic is it follows something definite and understood to be true when it is understood. I swear it. There is something magical to understand. Philosophy sometimes does overrule science.

      It is challenging to hear the deafening noise of space. It is logical to confound the issues of today with strategy for making people think.

      In space, people have more potential to surmise because the epistemology of it is for pioneering. There is the unknown where it can be generally accepted as unknown. Geesh, and the astronauts have more oxygen with which to think! So, I think they'll be trying to think.

      I am using the slang meaning the same as “grooving”, where a lot of feelings conveyed people were thinking in an expanded way or 'out in space'. To be serious and within the scope of this discussion, when people introduce they have seen a vision of the extraordinary, it is weighed logical or epistemological. No one says magic because magic is not supposed to be logical. Is philosophy logical? Yes, because philosophers strive and strive to make it so with various concepts. Philosophy is also magic. It is very magic. Philosophy is the meaning of itself; a philosophy is whatever belief one may have or hold to cherish.

      So-ooo, human extrapolated meaning (and given stargazers have made vehicle after vehicle of thought with the roots of their homelands under the stars, and considering the celestial hemispheres have mirror constellations in the other celestial hemisphere, where the logic is making the design become ecumenical to travel) is what I consider thought that resembles biological design and means more advanced discovering for future philosophy (id est, an eyeball is a stalwart to this envisioning because it is itself comprised of lenses and seeing where no one has gone before is possibly a situation in which the viewer is having the sight explained more than being able to explain it.

      For instance, the planet Saturn. Envisage the after-image that is memory and see the message is the spectrum of organized colors blending into material places and material objects, where the sense of the image because of the colors becomes reality--organized reality. Saturn, a planet surrounded by rock and ice reflecting refraction, bent light, or color by refracted light, is one of the most important planets to organize our thought on discovery.

      Its message there in space, because we see from a distance, is seen by telescopic experience.

      Organizing things arriving and settling into safe havens and things departing into realized distances has portrayed a captured moment in our time for earthlings when space discovery goes up.

      Nevertheless, we would need more of the 'from where and whence' color came to understand where we need to go. The good spaceman documents his insights.

      Even though it came from light, the material we see and know as tangible can explain to our mind's power of thought. I found this thought about thought appealing in our situation on Earth, because I found it more and more often through tears, mirth and laughter. Though when a lot explains is true--sadness, fear, mirth, confusion, loss, bliss--so it is this latitudinarian, or all-embracing, thought. If I saw Saturn and I realized I was looking at this, if I was lucky enough to see this that is, it would be all there is to see there until the sight is closer.

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