Susan E. Pattishall, BFA Graphic Design, M.Ed. Learning and Technology
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From Susan E. Pattishall, BFA Graphic Design, M.Ed. Learning and Technology:

          Hello, I am Susan Elizabeth Pattishall. When I found my alma mater, I knew I was serious about designing and education's design. Art has always intrigued me because my family said I was a little like my great-grandfather. I don't know why they knew it; he was an interior decorating muralist and painter of all things. I tried to respect this idea of theirs and I grew to love art history, painting, and design. I loved my great-grandfather's work in spite of having never known him personally. I want to establish people awareness and trustworthiness to share in the experience of providing our brand and feeling it serves the purpose of design when it gives back that pride with peak feeling. As brand usefulness is based on insight into the audience need to exemplify something relevant to their being, whether tangible or intangible, I want to be known for that insight. A brand should provide usefulness. My own brand would contain identity as well as reliability. It's all I could think would help others find theirs, or help businesses find their brand and their certain appeal to others, or make the reason people purchase their brand important. It is my pleasure to introduce to viewers this web site to display my work just to help recognize me and to enjoy at

         I was born in Washington, DC. I graduated from Montgomery Community College (AA), International Academy of Design and Technology, now Sanford-Brown University, (BFA), and Western Governors University (M.Ed).