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Character List

Here's the full list of all the characters in Little Fighter 2, complete with the special move list.
D = Defense, J = Jump, A = Attack
> = Left or Right, ^ = Up, v = Down
Commands that follow another command are in the parenthesis.
The dots after the command means it can be repeated as many times as possible. For example, D + > + A (+A..) means you can tap Attack key to repeat the moves as long as your MP lasts. Please note that some special moves have been renamed (without permission) from the original games. This is intentional.

Below the names of each character is a simplified stastistics of the character. The top three indicate the character's abilities, with five stars being the highest rating. The bottom three indicate the character's fighting style.
Power is the ability to damage opponents. Characters with high power can deal high damage.
Speed is the ability to move quickly. This includes running quickly and attacking with little delay in time.
Special Moves rating is the value of special moves. Higher ratings will mean the special moves deal high damage, or are very flexible to use.
Combo is the ability to execute a combo. Characters with more stars can hit many times, while characters with less stars deal high damage in one hit.
Range is the ability to attack distance. Fist fighters tend to have shorter ranges than those of the mages or archers.
Melee is the ability to attack multiple opponents. If a character has less stars, he has a better chance to win in an 1 on 1 battle.

Power ***** Speed **--- Special Moves ****-
Combo ***-- Range **--- Melee ***--
Aero Cutter (D + > + A (+A +A), MP15-45):
Swings with a middle-ranged energy blast. Tap A to refire up to three times.
Champ Strike (D + v + A (+A..), MP15..):
Swings with full force. Tap A to repeat, or J to execute Rock Crusher.
Rock Crusher (D + ^ + J, or Champ Strike + A, MP15):
Slams an airborne enemy back to earth.
Heaven & Earth (D + > + J, MP40):
A deadly charge with four consecutive powerful slashes.
Long time a famed swordsman, Deep is the ultimate at melee warfare.
With the sword as his weapon, he can deliver a wave of painful strikes, especially with all the powerful special moves.
On top of all, he is quite confortable to control, making him an excellent character for beginners!
Deep somewhat lacks speed, but his strength more than makes up for it.
Power **--- Speed ***-- Special Moves *****
Combo *---- Range ****- Melee ***--
Force Shot (D + > + A, MP15):
Fires a blast of energy with the staff.
Sacred Shield (D + > +J, MP20):
Creates an energy force that reflects projectiles. Can also damage when hit.
Slicer (D + ^ + A, MP50):
Fires a magical homing disk. This pierces through any obstacles.
Mystic Heal (D + v + J, MP70):
Creates a sphere of healing. Press up to heal others, or down for yourself.
John is the legend among the wizards - most often called the "Genius".
Although he isn't a good attacker, his various spells are one of the most powerful in the game.
Any of the choice is in his hands - attack, protect, or heal.
Despite being a perfect team maker, remaining MP is always to be forewarned, or else he is just a wimpy meatbag,
Power ***-- Speed ***-- Special Moves ****-
Combo *---- Range ***** Melee *****
Dragon Palm (D + > + A, MP30):
Creates a powerful shockwave. Only hits opponents on ground.
Shotgun Arrow (D + K + A (+A..), MP30..):
Shoots five arrows at once. Tap A to repeat.
Fatal Arrow (D + > + J, MP40):
Shoots a deadly arrow that penetrates through enemies.
Sonata of the Death (D + ^ + J, MP70):
Plays a forbidden sonata to create a wide forcefield that sucks life energy.
Rumored to have "hunt"ed lives of one hundred men, Henry the archer is a superb long-range fighter.
Although none are useful in hand-to-hand combat, his special moves can deal with many opponents - at once.
With super-long ranged moves, he's also an invincible dueller, as Henry is capable of sniping opponents afar.
They also, however, consume a lot of MP, so use sparingly, or your blue bar of fate will go empty in no time.
Power ***-- Speed ***** Special Moves ****-
Combo **--- Range ***-- Melee *----
Shadow Edge (D + > + J, MP0):
Leaps and gives a quick slash. Stuns an opponent with one hit.
Storm of Stars (D + > + A (+A), MP20..):
Throws five shurikens at a time. Tap A to repeat.
Transform (Grab, D + J + A, MP30):
Transforms to grabbed opponent. Type D + J + A to transform back.
Hide (D + ^ + J, MP70):
Becomes invisible and invulnerble for a duration of time. This also hides clones.
Double (D + v + J, MP70):
Creates two clones of Rudolf. Clones die when hit.
Almost nothing is known about Rudolf, except that he is the descendant of the Samurai who also practiced in the arts of Shinobi.
Being a hybird of Ninja and Samurai, his spells are an excellent feint and great when surprising enemies.
His primary attack is shuriken, though his twin katanas are most deadly.
Take some distance when fighting 1-on-1; his indirect attacks can slow you down a bit.
Power ****- Speed ***-- Special Moves ***--
Combo ***-- Range **--- Melee ****-
Thunder Punch (Run + A / Dash + A, MP10/15):
Blows multiple enemies away with a thunder-coated fist.
Thunder Kick (D + J + J, MP10):
A five-hit combo suplex kick into multiple enemies.
Phoenix Swing (D + ^ + J (+J..), MP15..):
Grabs an enemy and swings him around before throwing him away.
Phoenix Palm (D + > +A MP30):
Creates a powerful shockwave that runs both to left and right.
Protected by an enchanted armor, Louis the knight is a martial art master.
His powerful special moves and the armor make him good at both combos and rushing charges.
Despite his looks, Louis can jump higher than the other characters, giving him more time airborne to evade attacks.
It is, obviously, not a good idea to overtrust the armor protection. Try not to dive into waves of enemies without precautions!
Power ****- Speed ***-- Special Moves *****
Combo **--- Range ***-- Melee *****
Fireball (D + > + A (+A +A), MP15-45):
Fires a blast of fire that torches its prey. Tap A to refire up to three times.
Blaze (D + > + J, MP15..):
Flames self and charges, leaving a trail of fire.
Inferno (D + v + J, MP30..):
A powerful breath of fire that burns anything in its way.
Explosion (D + ^ + J, MP60 + HP8):
Creates an explosion that destroys anything within its blast radius, including self.
It is rumored that his art of fire symbolizes insanity. That's Firen the "Arsonist".
His special moves are capable of dealing much heavier damage than the most, making him already powerful by themselves.
Don't forget that enemies on fire can ignite others that touched them. Set one on fire and watch the show.
Like all the other magicians, Firen isn't all that special without his spells. If you do run out of MP, rush toward the weapon around you!
Power ***-- Speed ****- Special Moves *****
Combo *---- Range ***-- Melee ****-
Ice Blast (D + > + A, MP20):
Fires a blast of ice that freezes its prey.
Summon Sword (D + v + J, MP30):
Creates a sword of ice that, when hit, freezes opponents.
Icicle (D + > + J, MP30):
Creates three icicles from the ground. Frozen icicles can be used as a shield.
AZ Blizzard (D + ^ + J, MP60):
Creates a tornado that freezes everything. AZ stands for "Absolute Zero".
"Man of Ice" - a nickname they have given him. No one knows his real name nor true identity, nor even if "he" is really a man.
His spells resemble those of Firen's, except Freeze's spells are a little more indirect and flexible.
Apparently, any frozen one won't be able to move, making him almost invincible in 1-on-1 duels.
You would still want to watch out for remaining MP, because without that, Freeze is in a big trouble.
Power ****- Speed ****- Special Moves ***--
Combo ***** Range ****- Melee **---
Boom Shot (D + > + A (+A..), MP10..):
Fires a small blast of energy very rapidly. Tap A to refire.
Leg Storm (D + v + A, MP15):
Quickly rushes an opponent with four kicks, finishing off with a slam.
Tiny Bomb (D + ^ + A, MP20):
Fires a homing energy blast.
Wyvern's Claw (D + > + J, MP15..):
Levitates and kicks repeatedly while spinning.
Decendant of the art of the Dragons, Dennis is one fast-paced fighter.
Although single hits aren't strong, he is a skillful combo fighter, making him capable of draining health in a very short time.
If you chose him as your character, there is no choice but to combo, combo, then combo again!
A great character to use, with no significant disadvantage and well-balanced abilities.
Power ***-- Speed ****- Special Moves ****-
Combo ***** Range **--- Melee **---
Heel Cutter (D + ^ + A, MP0):
A samersault kick from a back flip, sending multiple opponents flying in the air.
Breakdance (D + v + A, MP10):
A painful breakdance with three quick kicks into enemies.
Hot Shot (D + > + A, MP25):
Fires two blasts of energy one after another.
Teleport (D + ^ or v + J, MP10. Can be used airborne):
Teleports to enemy with up, or friend with down. Faces toward destination.
Tiger Dash (D + > + J, MP40):
Lunges into the air and give a powerful knee kick into enemies.
The rival of the Dragon, Woody practices in the ancient arts of Tiger.
Though his abilities are on par with Dennis and Davis, Woody is more flexible; his moves are both quick and painful.
With the use of Tiger Dash at a correct timing, combined with feints from teleport, he is untoubtedly superior at combo warfare.
His normal punches are kind of slow, but that's not much of a problem once you get used to it.
Power ****- Speed ***-- Special Moves ****-
Combo ***** Range **--- Melee **---
Rapid Shot (D + > +A (+A..), MP10..):
Fires a small blast of energy very rapidly. Tap A to refire.
Thousand Knuckles (D + v + A, MP20):
Four combo punches into enemies. Press J to execute Brain Ripper.
Brain Ripper (D + ^ + J, or Thousand Knuckles + J, MP5):
Slams an airborne enemy back to earth.
Dragon Fang (D + ^ + A, MP40):
A powerful punch with fist of Dragon.
The one of the two children of Dragons, Davis is a young, yet gifted warrior.
Just like Dennis, he can barrage enemies with combos of extremely fast punches, before they have a chance to retaliate.
He also has a powerful finishing move, making Davis a great winner in battles.
Being young, however, also means inexperienced; he can give away some opportunity to retaliate at some point.
Power ***-- Speed ***-- Special Moves ****-
Combo ***-- Range ****- Melee *****
Sonic Straight (D + > + J, MP10):
Gives an extremely fast straight to surprise opponents.
Eye Laser (D + > + A, MP25):
Blasts a penetrating laser to crisp multiple enemies.
Summon Bats (D + ^ + J, MP40):
Summons a few bats and fly them towards opponents.
This handsome fighter is the master of the bats. Of course, that does mean something in battles.
What makes him a good character is his special moves; all are useful at almost any situations.
He can fight 1-on-1 or multi-man battles, melee or long-range, all equally well!
The only thing this master of battle is missing is power, but that's not a big problem.
Power **--- Speed *---- Special Moves N/A
Combo **--- Range *---- Melee *----
No Special Moves
Just as the name suggests, he's the template character for your homemade characters.
Edit the BMP images inside "sprite\template1" directory, and you can move your very own character in LF2!
Template's abilities are at its minimum; he's weak, slow, and have no special move. You'd want to hunt for weapons when using him.
On the other hand, he's a good practice character, so it's recommended that you first play with this guy.
Power **--- Speed *---- Special Moves N/A
Combo **--- Range *---- Melee *----
No Special Moves
This little fellow is the common foe you encounter in Stage Mode.
His physical abilities are on par with Template, there is nothing significant about him.
This can be also said that his strength depends on your pure skills.
Remember this useful formula: Your score using Bandit = Your skill rating.
Power **--- Speed *---- Special Moves N/A
Combo *---- Range ***** Melee **---
No Special Moves
The Hunter is another common enemy in Stage Mode.
He is armed with a bow, making him a good long-range character, but still has no special moves.
In close-quarter combat, Hunter is nearly useless.
It is, however, still a tough fight when fighting with a large groups of Hunters.
Power ****- Speed **--- Special Moves **---
Combo **--- Range **--- Melee **---
Crash Punch (D + > + A (+A), MP0):
Punches multiple opponent with full force. Press A again for second punch.
Muscle Crusher (D + > + J, MP10..):
A powerful rush that blows any unfortunate guy in its way away.
This super-macho powerhouse is a mid-boss in Stage Mode.
Although he doesn't have any projectiles, his powerful grapples in melee is a threat to the heroes.
His special moves are very useful as they use little or no MP, so you can keep using it over and over.
The muscle may be too heavy to move fast, however; his heavyweight can slow him down a bit.
Power ***-- Speed ***-- Special Moves ***--
Combo ***-- Range ***-- Melee **---
Burst Bomb (D + > + A (+D + > + A...), MP10):
Fires a charged energy ball from the palm. Retype the command to repeat.
Flash Kick (D + ^ + A, MP25):
A somersault kick that sends an opponent flying in the air.
Another mid-boss class fighter is a well-balanced all rounder.
With the decent combination of power and speed, you'll find him very confortable to move around.
The special moves for both melee and long-range makes him good in any 1-on-1 range.
If you recognize him in "Fight 1994", you'll find him easy to use.
Power *---- Speed ***-- Special Moves *****
Combo **--- Range ****- Melee ***--
Fireball (D + > +A, MP15):
Fires a blast of fire that torches its prey.
Ice Blast (D + > +J, MP15):
Fires a blast of ice that freezes its prey.
Mystic Heal (D + ^ or v + J, MP70):
Creates a sphere of healing. Press up to heal others, or down for yourself.
This follower of the dark path is another enemy you will face from Stage 3 and later.
One significant thing about Sorcerer is that he can use both Fireball and Ice Blast, giving you the choice of burning or freezing.
With the precious Mystic Heal of his, Sorcerer is an excellent supporter in a team.
One thing you'd want to watch out is the remaining MP. Without all the spells, you'd better be prepared...
Power ***-- Speed *---- Special Moves **---
Combo **--- Range **--- Melee **---
Shaolin Palm (D + > + A (D + > + A), MP20):
Creates a powerful shockwave. Shorter range than the other palm moves.
The practicer of the holy martial arts, Monk is your main friendly character you'll meet in Stage Mode.
Being a powerful guy as he looks like, he can deal a decent damage even with basic moves.
His power somewhat sacrifices speed, but not too slow that he is useless.
The only thing Monk needs would be more special moves, but hey, he's still a great character to fight with!
Power *---- Speed ***** Special Moves *****
Combo *---- Range ****- Melee ****-
Devil's Judgment (D + ^ +A, MP30):
Summons a few ethereal devils that chase and hurt enemies.
Angel's Blessing (D + ^ +J, MP40):
Summons a few divine angels that heal friendly characters.
The only girl in Little Fighter 2 is a cute healer, who can really turn the tables in battles.
Being a girl as she is, her attacks deal little damage, and aren't very fast, either.
Her spells, however, are devastating; the more enemy she faces, the more demons she can summon at a time!
She can run and jump very quickly also, giving her an advantage when it comes to reaching hands into that weapon on the ground.
Power ****- Speed **--- Special Moves N/A
Combo *---- Range *---- Melee ***--
No Special Moves, D + > + A for normal attack (when holding a weapon)
Making appearance in Stage 5, these Iron Dukes are literally very "hard".
Most notably, their armor allow them to ignore up to two quick punches or a heavy damage.
The longsword can hurt very much; split them into half before they can combo you!
The armor, however, isn't all that good, either, because they slow them down and limit them with very few attacks, too.
Power ***-- Speed ***-- Special Moves **---
Combo **--- Range **--- Melee *----
Pain Cannon (D + > +A, MP15):
Fires a blast of energy from the palm. Short range.
Wolf Knuckle (D + v + A (+A), MP15-30):
Punches with energized fist. Press A again for a second punch.
He is given the power of darkness, and thus his abilities are yet unknown. Also appears in Stage 5.
Though not very fast, a single punch of his can hurt pretty much.
The special moves are near useless, as they have very short ranges and low speed for their power.
If you are using one of these fighter of chaos, hit and away is your ideal combat style.
Power ***** Speed ***** Special Moves ****-
Combo ***-- Range **--- Melee ***--
Thunder Punch (Run + A / Dash + A, MP6/8):
An upgraded version of Thunder Punch that uses less MP but more damage.
Neo Phoenix Palm (D + > + A (+A..), MP20..):
This move fires only in one direction, but refires much faster.
Phoenix Dance (D + v + A, MP0):
Three powerful swings that splits matters into pieces.
A true form of Louis. He has freed the power of the enchanted armor, causing it to break into pieces and Louis gaining much energy.
Since he no longer has his armor to slow him down, LouisEX can move incredibly fast, or in fact, fastest of all the characters.
With his "Trident of Eternity" he can pierce through many enemies with a single thrust, with little or no MP consumed.
People fear him as the "Deathbringer" - an incarnation of pure power.
Power ****- Speed ****- Special Moves *****
Combo ***-- Range ****- Melee *****
Fir-zen Cannon (D + > + J, MP5..):
Blasts a hybrid laser of Fire and Ice. The first "head" deals very heavy damage.
Overwhelming Disaster (D + ^ + A (+A..), MP20):
Creates a ball that splits into Fire and Ice, and rain them towards enemies.
Arctic Volcano (D + ^ + J, MP50):
Creates a great explosions of Fire and Ice to cause ultimate havoc.
When Firen and Freeze is "fused" into one, the "Fiend" incarnates... Firzen.
Not only he can use both Fire and Ice, he combines two opposing elements to create chaotic formula of destruction.
His "Arctic Volcano" is purely apocalyptic - none can stand up to its power.
Firzen, undoubtedly, is the most dangerous and chaotic of the three Tyrants.
Power ***** Speed ***-- Special Moves ****-
Combo ****- Range ***** Melee *****
Himmelfall (D + ^ + A, MP0):
A painful uppercut that can be finished off with a kick.
Todesengel (Run + A, MP0):
A powerful lunge and a punch coated with energy of darkness.
Missgestalt (D + > +A (+A..), MP2..):
Fires homing skulls very rapidly. Tap A to refire for even more.
Schattenmirage (D + J + A (+J..), or Evade, MP5..):
A feint evasion, leaving a shadow image behind. Tap J to repeat.
Katastrophe (D + ^ + J, MP20):
Frees charged aura to create an explosion that deals very heavy damage.
Zorngeist (D + > + J, MP25):
Fires a huge, penetrating energy blast that explodes when damaged.
Once, there was a man known as the champion. Now, at the same time Firzen was born, a destructive reincarnation of his has returned...
The "Devourer", named after his ability to absorb the spirits of the dead, is gossipped to have an unlimited source of aura.
The powerless one will instantly be absorbed even when he comes close. If he starts to challenge the world, none can stop him.
No one can identify him from his looks, but very few know his former identity - his name was Julian.

One of the ultimate goal of this game is to master a character that wins - always! But it's also fun to experiment all available characters to see who you find the most confortable to use! But to conclude - the choice is yours!